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The Identity Ladder

Jul 03, 2023

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  • Understanding how identity impacts everything
  • How to grow despite your EGO
  • Climbing the ladder of success
  • Where you’ll find the “achievement tipping point”
  • What it takes to turn the ladder into an elevator
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What if there was a way that you could predict success? A set of guidelines or rules to determine where you are and how to transcend to a more elevated level of success? 


Get ready because that’s what we’re discussing today!


We’ve even created a brand-new PDF mini eBook you can download right here to follow along with in today’s episode that will help you dive deeper into today’s topic.


Download the free PDF eBook here: https://www.bradbizjack.com/pdf


I’ve talked about archetypes several times before on this podcast and how to identify your unique success archetype with my free quiz. But what I haven’t done is shown you what every archetype is, how they fit together, and how you can aspire to reach the next level of success. Today you’ll learn which stage of success you’re in and how to catapult to the next!


But first, a quick preface, because you need to understand that our identity impacts everything. Why? 


Because the strongest force in the human personality is to stay consistent with who you already think you are.


There’s a metaphor my friend Jim likes to talk about that’s about a hermit crab. (You might have heard it before.)


Imagine a hermit crab. They have a shell to protect them. As they grow and expand, they start to reach the outer edge of that shell. That shell is a metaphor for your comfort zone, otherwise known as your ego (aka Everyone’s Greatest Obstacle). We all come up against that when we are pulled and called to grow.


Now that hermit crab has an interesting choice to make. They can stay in that safe, secure shell and experience a dull achy pain or they can leave it to find a bigger one. To choose to leave the safety of the shell doesn’t come without risk. When they leave that shell, then they're open to different exposures that feel like threats (like barracudas or other bigger fish). In your shoes, it means being seen, and open to criticism and judgment. 


However, in choosing to leave and find a new shell to grow into, you evolve. These leaps of faith require courage and letting go of what’s kept you safe. 


I’m going to take you through an identity ladder now and show you what it takes to ascend it (this is the same ladder you’ll find in the PDF and can use as a visual reference).


Every single rung on this ladder is a different archetype. We’ll go from the very bottom rung to the top. 


1: VCTM Archetype

The VCTM archetype (aka Victim archetype) represents mediocrity and the status quo. This person thinks that life is always happening to them and is attacking them. They are completely dependent on other people's choices and dependent on how other people treat them for them to be happy. They also don’t focus on growing themselves or studying personal development (and since you’re tuning into this podcast, you are not in this archetype). 


The minute someone starts trying to change their life and going after goals and dreams, they reach the next rung of the ladder.


2: IDEX Archetype

The person in the Identity Expansion archetype wants to grow and change, they might even have some ideas on how to. But whenever they start, fear dominates them. They crave guarantees and certainty. This person lives in perfection. Because of all this they stay stuck in their safe shell. 


To expand and move up the ladder, that person needs to take action.


3: PMLT Archetype

The person in the Permission to Leap archetype needs to give themselves permission to go all in on their dream because they’re living in perfection. They still crave certainty like the IDEX archetype. This person might take action, but it isn’t very big. 


It’s like they’re tiptoeing around the edges of their dream. Not only this, but they are consistently inconsistent with their level of action and constantly do tasks that don’t create massive impact in their life.


They feel stuck, even though they have the vehicle or idea to change their life in their hands. 


To breakthrough to the next level of the ladder, this person needs to get to a place of leverage. They need to realize what valuing certainty and significance is truly costing them, and how it’s impacting everything and everyone around them.  


Once that realization clicks in, the person can take massive action and reach the achievement tipping point.


*The achievement tipping point is halfway up the ladder. This is where the efforts you're putting in start working for you, and you start to achieve a little bit of success.


4: ACPX Archetype

The person in the Achiever’s Paradox faces a unique dilemma. They do have success, but they are so attached to what they're building, they feel like if I stop, it'll all fall apart. They’re always moving and can never slow down. This non-stop work ethic leads to burnout and a constant state of guilt. Yet they continue on because they think they’ll find fulfillment in achievement and worthiness. It makes their worth a moving target. 


For ACPX to expand to the final rung of the identity ladder, they need to realize the secret to life is giving. It’s about making other people’s lives better. Fulfillment is found through service, and deep love and appreciation.


5: MGPF Archetype

The person in the Magnetic Performance archetype attracts success left and right. Opportunities flow regularly into their life, and they’re living a beautiful quality of  life. They operate on a different wavelength because they focus on the two main emotions of abundance and unconditional love, which are energies of creation and giving to others. 


You'll notice the first four archetypes pull you down toward mediocrity because they are focused on yourself. The MGPF archetype is the only one that truly focuses on love and contribution, and growing so that you can give more.


And the byproduct of that is success and always will be.


If you want true lasting success, you need to be fulfilled. Otherwise, as explained in the ACPX archetype, you won’t find success. A lot of people ask, how do I get to a place where I’m truly fulfilled before I have success? 


The answer is in your energy and the level of intention you bring to what you do on a regular basis. Most people think they have to climb this ladder one after the other. But this isn't really a ladder. It’s an elevator. This is something where you choose the floor that you want to go to, based on the energy you bring to success that day.


If you want to dig deeper into how all of these archetypes flow together and ascend to the next level of success—download the PDF. It’s truly an eBook style resource!


It’s time for you to get to the top floor. I hope you found so much value in today’s lesson. Thank you for tuning in, and remember, you’re only one insight away from a radically different life!


What's your unique success archetype? Take the quiz to find out now!




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