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The Quantum Leap Formula: 3 Steps to Transformative Success

Feb 26, 2024

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  • Quantum leaping from $42k/yr and overworked to $2.2M/yr and fulfilled
  • Putting my success story under the microscope
  • The lesson found in getting laughed at (to my face)
  • Identifying the 3 elements that contribute to quantum leaping growth and success
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Want to know the element trifecta that surrounds success?


Today’s free training goes about answering the question in a different way… wherein YOU need to discover the elements from the stories I share that quantum leaped my business and beyond. 


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Story #1: Tunnel Vision

Before Rewired, and its predecessor, Appreciation Academy, I was in the health and fitness business. I poured everything of myself into it—it was part of my identity. Yet, at that time in my life I wanted to make a financial change. As I shared with my mentor all that I was doing to get my business going—invites, prospecting, sharing on social media, etc.—but seeing nothing happen (and everyone else succeeding), he encouraged me to hire a coach.


I was $92k in debt at the time… but I maxed out my last credit card to hire one. 


On the first call, my new coach said something that changed my life forever.


“Brad, you’re so attached to success that you're missing the whole point. You're under the impression you shouldn't be where you are right now. Business, success, and money is never going to make you happy. It's learning to rewire your mind for happiness, for appreciation, for joy, that's gonna lead to success. That's what you need to focus on. You need to go all in on wiring your mind.”


Our conversation led me to attending a conference to improve my business. The conference’s theme? It was all about rewiring your mind and crushing your limiting beliefs. There the instructor asked an interesting question. One that stuck with me. He asked:


How would success look if you were to do it your own way?


His words jarred something loose inside me and I realized I was so immersed in this previous environment of the health and fitness space that I didn't see anything else. I asked myself, “What do I really want?” and knew instantly that I wanted to teach people how to be happy and fulfilled. 


That one question changed the way that I looked at success and is what led me to successfully build my online course, Appreciation Academy. 


Story #2: Worth Complex

A couple of years after creating Appreciation Academy, around 2019, I was running into the same problem as I was with my health and fitness business.


I couldn’t get Appreciation Academy off the ground, and I couldn’t figure out why. I was doing everything I possibly could to sell this thing and nothing was working, and it was driving me absolutely nuts.


Around this time, I was visiting my friend Jeremy in San Diego. Jeremy in his own right was already successful. He was speaking on stages and sharing his story of how he went blind from a genetic condition and turned it into a superpower. I walked him through my marketing process and all the amazing things that Appreciation Academy would do. How it would completely shape a person’s future and give them the success they wanted faster than ever before—and more importantly—be fulfilled while doing it. 


He asked me an interesting question. 


“What are you charging for it?”

I said, “$297


And how did Jeremy respond? He laughed in my face.  


Then he explained there was no way he believed a course that would change his life so drastically would ever be priced at $297.


I’d gotten caught in tunnel vision again. My thinking was that if I hadn’t had success at $297, then why would I at $997? I was so used to looking at things a certain way that I’d also gotten used to asking myself the same questions, being in the same environment, and viewing things in the same perspective.


So, I upped the price of Appreciation Academy to $997 and in 10 days did $50,000 in sales. 


Story #3: Dreaming of Mountains

Following the success of Appreciation Academy, I started getting a lot of requests for 1:1 coaching. It was great for a time because I loved doing it. But my wife, Janiece, was about to give birth to our daughter, Lily, and I wanted more free time. I remember thinking, “How am I gonna do this? How am I gonna scale my business? If I take on more clients, I'm gonna have no free time to raise a kid.”


In 2019 I ended up at an event hosted by Brendan Burchard. I was sitting in the 3rd row and met a man named John. We were both new to business and decided to help and support each other. That relationship evolved outside of the immersive event as we both tried to build out our businesses. Eventually, I hired John for some coaching, and he asked me a question that put the world as I knew it on its head. He asked,


What are your goals?


At the time, we were doing $25k/mo. I responded with wanting to make $30k a month. He laughed at me (and no, getting laughed at is not one of the elements of success) and said,


Why would you ever set a goal you know you can hit? Why would you ever set a dream that you think is possible? You do not set dreams for the certainty of attainment. You set them to become a new person, a person that's capable of achieving those dreams. What actually sets your soul on fire?


I said, “$100,000/mo.” 


That specific conversation happened at a really challenging time. Janiece had given birth, but she and Lily almost died. It took a couple of months for me to truly revisit his coaching advice, but when I did, I came up with an idea that would allow me to impact thousands of lives at once. If I nailed it, I could serve people at a deep level and stop trading all my time for money. 


From that idea, we generated $5 million in the following years.


Story #4: One Step Farther

After finally feeling like we’d found our stride, I found myself wondering, “How can I scale this?


I was a mastermind at the time and surrounded by people asking themselves the same question. One day, the mentor of the group asked,


How are you leveraging the relationships in your life to increase your profitability?


The question seemed a little bit complex, but it sat with me. It wasn’t long until I had my next epiphany. I realized I was in a room full of people with massive email lists and all with successful businesses. Every single one of their clients could benefit from what I had to offer, which is how I ended up offering them a partnership in our launches.


Because of that one insight while immersed in a mastermind, it led to the largest launch we had to date: (almost) a million dollars in five days.


What’s the moral of these stories? What are the three elements, when combined, that will quantum leap your business?


Element #1: Coaching

Being around somebody that has what you want and can guide you on that journey, specifically a coach, allows new questions to come into your life. Those questions allow you to look at your life in a completely different way and that’s when breakthroughs happen.


Element #2: Peer Group

This element controls your ability to grow. You need to be part of a group of people that expect you to succeed. Because when that’s the expectation, you find a way to win and succeed and everything changes.


Element #3: Immersion

You need to be immersed in environments where success becomes what you live and breathe when you are in a culture and in an environment of transformational change. You can change more in a couple of days than you would in years combined.


All of these forces combined allow for success to happen faster than ever before. 


As I mentioned at the start, the doors are now open to our free 5-day challenge, The Success Accelerator. This is a program of total immersion, where you get to live and breathe all that was talked about above!


You have me, someone that's created success, asking you questions that shift your paradigm of life and allow you to see things a different way. You have a peer group to champion, support, and celebrate you so you no longer feel alone in this journey. And everything you do over that 5-day period of time explodes you out to a whole new level of success!


If you've been on a growth journey and want success to happen faster because you know you’re meant for so much more in your life… 


If you know that there are limiting beliefs and toxic thought patterns going on in your mind…


Then it's time to rewire your mind for the life that you really want with The Success Accelerator. This program has changed almost 50,000 lives from all over the world. It will transform yours too. Get signed up with the link below!


Thank you for tuning into The Rewire Your Mind podcast!


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