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The Time Between Xmas and New Years Where Time Doesn't Exist

Dec 25, 2023

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  • Discombobulation time
  • The key to 2024 success
  • Facing off with silence
  • Listening to voices and discovering breakthroughs
  • Prioritizing reflection and silence
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  • If the time between December 26th and January 1st has always left you feeling off kilter, this short podcast will show you how to reframe it into something useful!
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Have you ever felt like this time of year isn’t necessarily “real people time”. What I mean by that is that time doesn’t really exist between December 26th and January 1st. It feels discombobulated because you don’t know what’s happening in your business during that time, and on top of that all your family is over, including relatives you haven’t talked to in a long time.


Which is why today I’m sharing insights into this time because it’s important for you and your success in 2024


Have you ever noticed that if you go and do something by yourself, there’s a need to fill that time and do something to occupy your thoughts. Because the alternative means you come face-to-face with silence, and in that silence, things can get a little weird in your head and uncomfortable. 

Why? In that silence, you are faced with some of your limiting beliefs which many people find discomforting and why they don’t like “doing nothing.”

However, in that place of silence is where you will also discover what your vision really is. In silence you get your greatest ideas and when you find what you need to breakthrough.  


My challenge to you during this time of discombobulation is to just be.


Make this a time to relax. Welcome the silence and be present. Allow yourself to do nothing. You may experience some fear during this time. Fear that if you don’t get back to work or take massive action right now things will fall apart. I’m here to tell you that no, it won’t fall apart. 

It is incredibly important to make and take the time to unplug and be present with those you love. To be able to sit in silence and reflect on what matters to you the most. When you allow yourself to do this those uncomfortable thoughts will show up. However, in acknowledging their presence, you gift yourself the awareness into what you need to do to let go of them. It is through these very insights that your life can change tremendously fast. This is what makes silence one of the greatest tools in your success arsenal


Next week we’ll dive deeper into how to make 2024 your breakthrough year and how to catapult into the next level of success, taking quantum leaps in your life, business, career, parenting, marriage, and love. But for those leaps to come, you need to embrace the silence now and make this “discombobulated” time into one of intentionality that is set up for you to reflect and be present with yourself and those you love most. 

One last piece of advice, if you’re floundering on what to reflect upon, ask yourself this: “What went really well this year and what was the lesson I learned from it?” and “What didn’t go in alignment with my expectations this year and what did I learn from it?” If you don’t take the time to measure your actions and results, you can’t improve. 

Go and enjoy this time to unplug, reflect, and be with those you love. From all of Team Bizjack and myself: Happy Holidays.


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