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Unlocking YES: Mastering the Art of Persuasion w/ Brandon Lucero

Oct 02, 2023

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  • Understanding messaging at its core
  • Getting real about awareness levels
  • Solution-based copy vs. Problem-based copy
  • The List Method in action with examples!
  • 4 best types of content to use in your messaging
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  • If you’re tired of your messaging falling flat, then this training will shed a light on several areas you can work on improving!



If you’ve been struggling to master your messaging, today’s free training will show you the secrets of speaking to your prospects subconscious to create demand without having to convince them of anything. 


This lesson is where YOU become a messaging master thanks to the teachings and guidance of our expert featured guest, Brandon Lucero! He’s the founder of New Generation Mastery and a messaging genius—so buckle up and get ready to take notes!


In our conversation, we begin by discussing Brandon’s initial journey to success:


  • Dropping out of college—thanks to a broken back and Lyme disease diagnosis that ruined his full ride on a track and cross-country scholarship—Brandon worked with his dad’s company, a video ad agency. During this time in his early twenties, he ended up making $70k/year… and also put dreams of being an entrepreneur on the back burner.


  • After a time working as the vice president to his dad’s company, the business went under. Brandon found himself in a tough position: broke with no college degree and not a clue what to do next. 


  • Brandon ended up hopping from job to job on product launches and teaching others how to sell video marketing to local businesses for years (kind of like a door-to-door salesman).


  • Discovering his knack for language and messaging through various failures and successes and working with other businesses to launch their product, he turned his attention back to entrepreneurship full-time with a focus on teaching his messaging methodology. 


The most challenging days are actually the best days in disguise, because in that pain you have a gift that will lead you to what you’re looking for.” — Brandon Lucero


  • The ability to detach and prioritize his family led him to success faster. 


Brandon goes on to share his thoughts, advice, and practical tips on messaging and how to get inside the head of your prospects. 


What Is Messaging?

Messaging is your communication—not just your copy. Copy is a vehicle that delivers the messaging. Messaging is how you speak, how you talk on a podcast episode (like this!), or teach in a webinar. It’s what you say inside your content. 


Understanding The Awareness Level Of Your Audience

This is the first messaging lesson you need to understand. 

A lot of people communicate outside the awareness level of their audience. That’s why their messaging falls flat, because their audience doesn’t see how your message is relevant to them. These same people are usually so deep in their own stuff that they forget what it’s like to be on the other side. And so, they speak over the heads of people. They’re not speaking to the awareness level of their audience!

When you do learn how to communicate to the awareness level of your audience, you get into “inception” messaging

This is when you speak to the issues your audience is having in a way that connects to their subconscious mind. It typically elicits a reaction of, “That’s exactly what I’m dealing with!” and evokes a feeling of being seen unconsciously. So much so, that your audience comes to their own conclusion that it’s your product/offer/service that is the natural next step to solve their problem. 


Most Common Mistakes In Messaging

There are two very common mistakes that prevent someone from being successful in messaging.


1. Not Learning Fast Enough

You can’t be afraid to be wrong or to fail, because it’s in the mistakes that you learn the most valuable lessons. Likewise, you can’t take 3 weeks to post a video or piece of content. Post frequently and consistently so that you can see what identities, values, phrasing, topics, etc., actually work.


2. Speaking From The Solution

Oftentimes, people are so focused on their solution that they never meet their audience where they’re currently at with their messaging. That place they’re currently in is their problem. When you choose to speak to people starting from their problem instead of the solution you offer, you’re speaking to them at their awareness level. Which, as discussed, is what leads to messaging “inception.” 


The 4 Different Areas Of Content To Use In Your Messaging Consistently 

There are 4 different areas of content we recommend incorporating into your upfront messaging.


1. Diagnosing Content

The essence of this content builds on stating your audience’s problem and/or symptoms of their problem, and then stating the cause of said problem and symptoms very specifically. It comes across as self-identifying, and that’s very important because it helps build a second type of trust. What I mean by that is there’s human-to-human trust that’s based more on connection, and then there’s trusting someone’s ability to solve your problem (that’s the “second” type of trust!). 


2.Thought Reversal Content 

This is perspective shifting content that allows you to reveal mistakes your audience doesn’t realize they’re making. This also works to add value inside of your audience’s life without having to teach all the time. Consequently, thought reversal content typically gains a lot of attention because of its sometimes-polarizing nature, and can get a lot of engagement. 


3. Connection Content

Mentioned briefly above, connection content builds on human-to-human trust. Building that kind of trust, in my experience, comes down to 3 things: shared beliefs, shared values, and shared identities. Creating content that releases your values, identities, and beliefs will help you build the best tribe because you’re attracting people that are just like you. 

A lot of people who don’t have the “right audience” inside of their launches find themselves in that position because they’re not sharing their identity properly in the first place.


4.Educational Content

You don’t want to do educational content too much. When you push too much education content, you’re more likely to speak outside the awareness level of your audience. Avoid trying to be an encyclopedia of information and instead aim for TED talk value which isn’t just educational, it’s entertaining and engaging. 

Education content, when done correctly, gives you a position of authority that builds a trust (similar to Diagnosis Content) where people believe in your ability to solve their problem. 

If you have all four of these working in your ecosystem of content, you start to gain rapport with your audience, trust, and can convert them into sales!


Want to learn more genius messaging tips and strategies? Then you can download Brandon’s free guide—that was almost made into a mini-book!—that will take you deep into messaging. 


Download the free messaging guide here.


And finally, to wrap up our conversation, Brandon shares with us the one insight that radically changed his life!


“Embracing the mistakes and taking fast action... It’s led to so many ah-ha discoveries and it has led to massive personal growth because I just don’t get attached when something doesn’t go the way I want it to go.


I just really learn… I'm not immune to bad times… That's part of the [human] experience. But what you don't have to deal with is the amount of suffering when you go through those bad times, and I don't think a lot of people get that. I really had to put it to the test last year and I'm like, ‘Oh my gosh, I don't have enough money to get us through the next six months! What are we gonna do? Do we have to downsize?


And people in those scenarios, sometimes we go through so much pain and so much suffering that it paralyzes them. And for me, it was uncomfortable, and it was an unwanted experience, but I didn't have to suffer emotionally from it. And I think that was the biggest insight: that these times that are hard and not going in the way I want, they're the best thing that could have ever happened to you.


I literally live that to my core of my being. That is my truth. That is my reality. And then it just allows me to navigate hard times super powerfully. And then I let those hard times catapult me to the next level! That's been the biggest insight I think I've had over the last 11 years doing this.”

Thank you for tuning into The Rewire Your Mind podcast! Be sure to get Brandon Lucero’s free messaging guide here. If you want to bring your launch to the next level, this guide will help tremendously! 


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