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[VULNERABLE] The Gap Before The Gain w/ Lindsey Schwartz

Nov 20, 2023

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  • Digging into the idea of “taking on yourself”
  • How to evaluate and confront your limiting beliefs
  • Fighting for the possibilities instead of the limitations
  • The 4 common fears that hold people back
  • The art of doing less to do better
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You’ve consistently heard from me over the years that the degree in which you can handle uncertainty is the degree in which you'll be successful. It sounds amazing—from a theoretical perspective—but what if you could actually hear from someone who’s going through a major life transition in real time? 


Not only will you get to see how they’re navigating those feelings of uncertainty, but how to know if you're being called for more and what to do about it exactly when that happens.


You do not want to miss today’s episode as I talk to Lindsey Schwartz, founder of Powerhouse Women, as she vulnerably shares her current journey through uncertainty after deciding to drop some of her most profitable revenue streams to listen to her heart.


In today’s conversation, we begin by discussing Lindsey’s story and how she came up with the idea for Powerhouse Women:


  • One of the beliefs Lindsey’s always had is that she was meant for more. She always had a hunger inside to do something great and be someone great. On the flip side, she also had a lot of fear and imposter syndrome. She felt other people could do what she wanted, but not herself because she’d built up a lot of evidence over the years of why she wasn't qualified to do something big.


  • These feelings continued to grow leaving her restless. Then she hit a breaking point of realizing that she was the only one in her own way. She had to ask herself, “Am I really going to do this or not? Am I going to settle for a smaller life or am I going to do something about these feelings?”


  • Lindsey believes that when you’re ready, the universe shifts to test you and gives you an opportunity. For her, the opportunity presented was to write a book.


  • She went on a journey over the next year writing her book. It showed her so much about what beliefs were standing in her way, and ultimately, created a conversation that she had no idea more people than just she was craving. The idea that we already know what it is to be a powerhouse. That the power is already within us. 


Lindsey also wanted to address the idea of taking on yourself, because she’d never seen anyone talk about the number of times you have to let a part of yourself die and reinvent yourself in order to make your dreams come true.


This eye-opening journey led her to founding her brand, Powerhouse Women. 


Lindsey generously goes on to openly share more details about her journey and how she’s faced uncertainty, to show others they are not alone and how they might approach uncertainty in their own life:


You mentioned the idea of “taking on yourself”. What does that mean?

When we envision the future of what we want, we also become aware that there's a gap of who you are now, and the version of yourself that’s going to make your dream come true. There’s a quote by Dr. Joe Despenza where he says, “In order to step into that new future, you have to first confront the parts of you that aren't going there.


How I interpret “taking on myself”, is to objectively, and non-emotionally as I can, observe mentors who have what I want. I observe how they think, show up, and face challenges that are different from how I show up right now. Because that’s what gives me the clues to creating the results I want. 


In this process of taking on yourself, you’re rewiring patterns as well, which is no easy feat. There’s not a lot of people willing to do the deep transformative work into the person who’s going to have the external results they want. But that’s the key


How does one be objective instead of emotional during that evaluation process?

I was completely emotional in the beginning! Sometimes I will say it's valid to feel those “negative” emotions and anchor them, because they can become a powerful catalyst of who you don’t want to be anymore. 


When I was writing my book I allowed myself to sit in a shame spiral about the podcast I never started but had bought all the equipment for. I allowed myself to say, “I never finish things,” and “I suck.” Do you notice how that immediately changes your entire energy and being? The more I entertain and reinforce those emotions, the more I keep getting. But here’s what I also realized. 


We can fight for our limitations or we can fight for our possibilities.


When you can step back and look at your situation as almost an outside observer, it takes the power of those really strong emotions away. You can also then put into perspective how you’ve really been viewing the world. When we're in the emotion, it's harder to switch to that objective view, which is why you should practice when you’re in a neutral state of mind. That’s when you can start really poking holes in the limiting beliefs dragging you down.


What are some of the lenses or common belief systems that keep people struggling?

In my 10-12 years’ experience, I’ve come to recognize 4 commons fears:

1. The fear of criticism

2. The fear of being an imposter

3. The fear of being a beginner

4. The fear of uncertainty


I dance with all four of these, all the time. It's not like I've overcome them and now I'm successful. Nope! It's like I got four kids in the back seat, I just buckle them in the car because I know they’re going to be a part of this journey. I may as well get used to them being they're in some way, shape, or form.


What does it mean to do less but do better?

I’ve been treading a new season of life the past 6 months. One where I’ve felt called to let go of some of my programs, despite being in great flow with them. I noticed I was so on all the time that I wasn’t leaving space for the thing that is my unique edge: my creativity and time for pure creation. 


I was putting all of my worth in how hard I was working. And I noticed I kind of fell into this season where I was saying yes to more opportunities than I probably should have. Eventually I got to this point where I realized I was at the threshold of this next personal evolution and knew intuitively there was another level available for me to unlock. 


So, I decided to start saying no. I decided to sit in a season of stillness without mistaking stillness for laziness. I’m still in this season and let me tell you it is hard for someone who knows they have a big purpose and a lot of ambition. But in this place, I get to practice grounding in my own certainty. I get to practice feeling abundance, regardless of what my bank account is.


It's painful… but in the best way. 


That may make me sound like a psychopath—but anyone in love with personal development will get the humor in it. Because we know in this space of pain and discomfort, we’re growing.


Final thoughts or words that may serve someone deeply who’s tuning in?

If you start to question whether you’re cut out for this life and are facing pain and discomfort that’s isolating and lonely: you’re not alone. Everyone great that you look up to, anyone you admire online, they've gone through this too. But that place of in-between you’re in has a purpose.


And finally, to wrap up our conversation, Lindsey shares with us the one insight that radically changed their life!


“This is the moment I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I had this simple thought of, ‘Wait a minute, there are people who are compensated abundantly to do what they love every single day? To do the things that other people wait for their one week of vacation every year to go and do. Why not me?’

Why not me? That question changed everything for me.”


I hope you gained incredible insights from my talk with Lindsey today. If you want to learn more about her, or get in touch with her, you can tune into her podcast, Powerhouse Women, or check her out on Instagram @Powerhouse_Women


Remember, it’s not perfection that inspires someone, it’s progression. Thank you for tuning into The Rewire Your Mind podcast!


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