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Why The Rich Get Richer and The Poor Get Poorer

Jan 04, 2021

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  • Why unlimited potential is left untapped
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Welcome to The Path To Mindset Mastery! My name is Brad Bizjack! I’m a mindset strategist and coach, inspirational speaker, and creator of Appreciation Academy. I help people to elevate their relationships, career, and mindset to the next level.


Have you ever wondered why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer? Happy people tend to get happier, sad people tend to get sadder?

It's actually really simple.

For years in my life, it felt like no matter what I did financially, things didn't improve. Making sales, working hard, and getting pay rises appeared to do nothing to my bank account, which seemed to stay exactly like it was or even go down!

Have you ever noticed, when it rains, it pours? Negative thing after negative thing happens, and your situation just gets worse and worse? These are called cycles and they can be either be a vicious cycle downwards or an empowering cycle upwards.

The Success Cycle. 
In today's lesson, I am going to teach you how to reverse negative and vicious cycles and to maximize empowering cycles.

It is important to understand where you are currently. 
Are you currently experiencing a positive or negative cycle?
Do you need to make a change?
Or are you on the right track to growth and success?

As you can see from the cycle, results stem from the level of potential we are tapping in to, and the beliefs we have. With a higher level of potential, the action you take skyrockets, and the level of our beliefs determine the level of potential we tap into.

Some common problems:

- Are you someone with high potential but poor results? Do you have the right beliefs?

- No or poor action - don't have the beliefs associated with what you are doing or you are forcing yourself to take action but do not have the beliefs (willpower.)

How to create an upward spiral?

Focus = feeling of reality to the individual even if it is not the reality in actuality.

e.g. If your spouse is late home by two hours and doesn't text or call, how do you feel? Worried? Angry? Scared? Even if your spouse is perfectly fine, the feelings you feel will feel real.

Do you notice when you are buying a car, it starts showing up everywhere? This is because of the reticular activating system in your brain! Its job is to laser focus in on the things you deem important, otherwise, there would be millions of things you would notice, like all of the objects around you, all of the time! If you tell your brain to notice why you are not enough, it will find reasons for you - it is like a google search engine, and these things make up your reality.

Our brain values certainly very highly. It would rather be in pain and feel certain than go after our dreams and feel uncertain UNLESS we retrain it and SHIFT our beliefs.

A belief is a thought habit - it is a feeling of certainty only because we have thought it over and over again and are comfortable with it!

Start with a vision - the mistake most people make is to set goals and visions based on what they've been able to do in the past because they feel certain they can achieve that, but you need to think BIGGER. You can teach your brain certainty by visualizing something regularly. You need to be driven by a compelling vision of the future rather than a defined version of the past. Most importantly - a compelling future that makes it worthwhile to break beliefs.

I'll see you next week.




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