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Winter Ends Today

Mar 04, 2020

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  • Some people hide out all winter. Some people go skiing.
  • Fall in love with the season you hate and your life will change forever.
  • If you don't plant in the spring, you'll be begging in the fall.
  • How to love where you're at even if you're not where you want to be!
  • Identify which season you're in and what to do about it!
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  • If you think where you are right now is wrong and you think you'll be happy once you have more results, you need this training!



Welcome to The Path To Mindset Mastery! My name is Brad Bizjack! I’m a Mindset

Strategist and Coach, inspirational speaker, and creator of Appreciation Academy and I

help online business owners breakthrough all the negative self-talk holding you back from your dreams so you can finally see the success you deserve!

In this episode, we're going to talk about a metaphor that has made such a profound impact in my life! As we go through life, a lot of people say there are seasons in life. “It's just the season I'm in…right?!”

It's a season with my kids…

It's a season that I'm in with my business...

It’s a season I'm in with my spouse…

This season…that season…right?

People talk about seasons all the time and it's a beautiful sentiment! I love the fact they're trying to talk about seasons, but it's much simpler than that. And this is a metaphor I learned from one of my mentors, Jim Roan, who I was introduced to about five years ago and it changed my life.

These are the seasons of life (and I want you to identify which one you’re in!)


It's freezing cold. This is where it seems like the weather is unbearable. You can't go outside, and you just want to cuddle up on the couch.  You want to hide. And it's this feeling of fear and scarcity and it's not beautiful out.

You feel inhibited in some ways. And you feel stuck and you wish things were different and you're just sitting there praying for the summertime.


After Winter always comes. Spring is a beautiful time because spring means rebirth. Spring is where you can start to see the flowers blooming.

The flowers are coming up and the plants are in the blossom. It's becoming greener, more alive! Spring is when farmers tend to plant their seeds. In spring we need to plant.

The reason it's so important that we plant our seeds is so in the Fall we have a harvest. But most people plant in the Spring.  They wish they had planted, but they didn’t. They just appreciate the beauty and move on because they're still living with a winter mindset of fear.


Summer is when you need to protect those seeds (after you plant them!) This is when rejection, doubt, and criticism happen. It's where these plants are starting to grow and all these pests are starting to attack your plants.

Anything good will be attacked! All these pests are coming to attack the plants that you planted. As the farmer, you need to protect them. You need to make sure those pesticides are there. You need to make sure that you're doing whatever you gotta do to make sure that your crop is protected all summer long.

These are the people that talk shit about you. These are the haters. These are the people in your business that come in and leave. This is when you feel like it's getting really, really HOT and you don’t know if you can tolerate the heat anymore. 


Fall is when you harvest. If you've done the work, this is when you'll be able to reap it! A beautiful harvest is rewarded to those people who go through and plant in the Spring and protect ALL Summer. However, harvest is not rewarded to those who bitch in the Spring and Summer…it just doesn't work!


So…which season are you in?!

Are you in Winter? Do you feel like everything is scarce and you're fearful…cold…wishing shit would be different?! Are you in Spring? Is there an opportunity for rebirth? You have this new idea…you have this new thing that's coming to your mind where you feel like… “Yeah, I can plant these seeds right now! I've got to go for it!” Are you in Summer? Did you plant the seeds and now you’re protecting them? Are you saying… “I gotta make sure this stays alive!” Or are you in the Fall? Are you harvesting right now? Are you harvesting where you're like, “Oh my gosh, this is freaking amazing!!”

Which are you in right now?!

I want to talk about where people go wrong in each of the seasons.


In the Winter, people stay inside.   They don’t want to go out in the freezing cold BUT there are also people that go skiing and snowboarding! They absolutely do! So, what I encourage you to do if you're in winter right now is to find a more empowering meaning to Winter.  What can you learn from this season? How can I have fun with this? How can I grow with this? You can’t just curl up on the couch and wish things were different!

One of the fastest ways to fast forward Winter is to start being grateful that you're in it! Start going skiing and snowboarding! One of the biggest mistakes people make is they complain that Winter isn’t working for them. If you're in Winter right now and you're complaining, things aren't working for you, then Winter is never going to end. It's going to drag on forever and ever. If you keep complaining about where you're at, complaining does nothing. It does not solve your business! It does not solve your life!

It keeps you in the same frick’n spot.


If you're in Spring right now, the mistake you might be making is that you’re taking the fears of Winter and you’re bringing them into the Spring season. You have this amazing idea, this amazing opportunity! You feel revitalized and motivated from a conference or a seminar, but you don't plant. You don't put yourself out there.

You live in fear and if you live in fear in the Spring, you don't plant those seeds. You will die in the Fall. You're going to wish things were different in the Fall. Some of the biggest mistakes people make in the Spring is they don't plant their seeds with everything they can. If you have an idea and newfound motivation, USE IT! Use that revitalization to plant the seeds…as many as you can! EVERYWHERE! Then you've got to pound the pavement. You've got to pound the pavement because most people in Spring, they'll hold back out of fear.


Summer is where you're putting yourself out there and you are facing rejection. What most people do in the Summer is the first time a pest comes to destroy their crop, they go “Well, I guess I’m not meant to have crop!” They give up! With the first hater, first rejection, they give up! LISTEN: You WILL be rejected! You WILL fail!!  BUT you also have to protect your crop!

You have to put yourself out there and do these amazing things to help people and make sure you're taking care of your business!  AND don’t think that other people have it easier. As entrepreneurs, we ALL have to go through the rejections and failures. We all have fear!  It’s part of the game. Stop wishing things were different and accept that you can handle it.


Some people bitch about their crops.  You need to learn how to reap in the Fall without complaint.  You did it…YOU DID IT! Stop complaining about the results you're getting in life and start accepting where you're at. When you do that you can move forward and things will get better. If you do have a great harvest, celebrate it! You deserve a great harvest. If you have amazing dollars coming in and clients coming out of every direction, you did that! You deserve it and you should be proud of yourself.

The second mistake that people make in the Fall is they don't realize Winter is coming. Most people think that Fall lasts forever. Fall does not last forever! Every single person will plateau. It's not going to be one straight shot to the top. It's not! You have to keep growing, learning, failing to get to the top!

The key is to know plateaus are coming and to do something about it. When you know plateaus are coming, that means you need to interrupt the pattern. Learn a new skill, get to a new seminar, get a coach! Get someone that can see the blind spots in your life that you can't!  That’s when the game changes forever!


Which season are you in?  And if you’re in Winter, remember…you can still go outside!! You can still go skiing and snowboarding!  Enjoy your life and whatever season you’re in because it won’t last forever. Seasons change and life changes. 

Thank you so much for tuning into the Path to Mindset Mastery today! My name is Brad Bizjack! Go out there today and every day and live your life with a genuine smile on your face, and when you do, it becomes very, very easy to enjoy the season of life you’re in!!

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Thank you so much for tuning into the Path to Mindset Mastery today! My name is Brad Bizjack!
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