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Your Season of Rest

Jun 19, 2023

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  • What’s your NASCAR experience like?
  • How your Success Archetype affects your productivity
  • Understanding the importance of seasons of rest
  • How to take breaks even when you feel like you can’t
  • Why burnout is a choice
  • Sitting down to intentionally unplug
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  • If you feel like you're hanging on by a thread with how much is on your plate, then this training is the wakeup call you need to take a break.

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If you do not intentionally and proactively rest, you will not reach your goals. Today is about how to enter your season of rest, whether it's now or scheduled for the future.


Full disclosure: I filmed this podcast back in the last week of May. Our company is completely shut down, and we are just out and about enjoying the lake and having a great time (or at least that's my intention at the time that I'm filming this.)


But today’s episode is for the person right now that feels like they can never turn off. The people with the success archetypes below have the hardest time letting go, because to them, it feels like everything is held together by a small thread. Taking time off for themselves, in their minds, would put that small thread in jeopardy. So, they don’t do it.


IDEXpeople who know they need to change, but don’t have clarity on what the change needs to be.


PMTLpeople who know what they need but can’t get themselves to do it because they’re living in perfection and afraid of failure.


ACPX people who can’t turn off and base their worth on their results.


Most people make the mistake of thinking that things need to align in their calendar and their schedule for them to rest, instead of proactively setting that time in advance.


Last year, I did a poor job of proactively setting aside protected off-time, but not this year. With all that’s been accomplished in this first half of the year—our Breakthrough Year workshop, helping to launch E+mpower, Rewired, hosting the first Rewired LIVE, launching Rewired ELITE coaching program, and straight into another partnership with James Wedmore to help him with his launch—our team is… tired. And so, time was intentionally set to shut down from mid-June to the end of June, and again in December for two weeks this year.


This is your sign to do the same. Make time for a season of rest.


It's so important to focus on things that are outside of your achievement desires and intentionally rest, because if you are busy all the time then you're depleting your energy. And if you're trying to succeed from a low energy place, it’s never going to happen. Low energy is where anxiety and depression live. High energy allows for creativity and growth, and you get that by intentionally recharging your batteries.


Most people will wait until there's a gap in the calendar to recharge their batteries. That’s a reactive measure and it's why people feel like they always need to escape from what they do. It’s what makes their business, career, or dream start to feel like a chore. When this need to escape hits, you know you’ve reached burnout. 


And this particular burnout is a choice. 


Burnout means you’re not prioritizing your energy. It means that you are giving everything but not receiving. When you are not receiving and trying to give, you are not giving, you are taking. And this happens in your personal relationships. This happens in your business or career. This happens in every area of your life.


If you feel like you need to escape, it is a sign that you are not prioritizing recharge time.


I want you to sit down after finishing this and ask yourself when you can commit completely to unplug from technology and business. Whether it’s on the weekends, monthly, quarterly, annually—set it up.


When you prioritize your energy, you prioritize fulfillment and it’s going to lead to higher energy, creativity, and productivity. Because the key to speeding up is slowing down.


At the beginning of this episode, I talked briefly about what success archetypes have trouble turning off. If you’re interested in learning what success archetype you are and recognizing what patterns keep you stuck and what you can do to succeed, take my free quiz: What’s Your Unique Success Archetype.

I hope you enjoyed today’s episode. If you found value in today’s lesson, please go to iTunes and give this podcast a rating and review. And, as always, remember you’re only one insight away from a radically different life.


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