Free Mindset Masterclass! October 13th at 10am Central Time.

Discover How High-Performers Achieve Their Goals Faster And Feel Less Stressed Than All Their Peers, So You Too Can Experience More Success and Happiness In 2021 And Beyond

... Without Working More Hours! 
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"How to Accelerate Your Success Without Working More Hours" will teach you: 


Secret #1: Appreciating The Journey 101

How to 10X your level of success and feel fulfilled before you get there!  


Secret #2: Anti-Perfection

Create your happiest, healthiest, and most prosperous life without working more hours and finally feel like your efforts are enough!


Secret #3: The Magnetic Success Formula

Discover the high-performer's secret to attract the money, time, and support you desire faster than ever before!

Skyrocket your belief in possibility!

Become driven by a compelling vision of the future!

Release the limitations of the past! 


Who: You! 

What: A 90 minute FREE masterclass to where you'll discover how to achieve your goals faster, feel less stress, and make this year the most successful year of your life... without working more hours!  

When: Wednesday, October 13th at 10am Central Time! 

Where: Delivered LIVE on Zoom! Details sent in your confirmation email. 

Why: Because you deserve to achieve your goals faster, feel less stress and become the happiest and most successful version of yourself...


Join a community of high performers dedicated to maximizing their potential!

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“You’re going to get action to change your life. He's actually experienced what he's teaching you, so he's not gonna blow smoke. That's rare.”

- Steph Cramm, Former Corporate Recruiter turned Full Time Network Marketer

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“I hit business goals that I hadn’t been able to hit in 7+ months all because my mindset and energy changed”.

- Rachelle Ruffner

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“This is changing my life more than I ever imagined”.

- Sarah Ottman, Home Business Owner

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“This material is life-changing! After reading many self-help books, Brad's trainings are by far the most compelling.”

Courtney Frazee, Owner, Oleander Branding

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“This is the missing link to breaking down your walls and reaching your potential”.

- Micah Folsom - Double 15 Star Diamond, 4X Elite Beachbody Coach, Multi-Million Dollar Earner in Network Marketing

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“My life is forever changed!”

- Janelle LaBrie - Online Course Creator and Multi 6 Figure Earner In Network Marketing

Meet Brad Bizjack - Personal Development Expert, Certified High-Performance Coach, Mindset Strategist, and Inspirational Speaker

Hi, I’m Brad!

I’m so excited you’ll be joining me "How to Accelerate Your Success Without Working More Hours!" I’m on a mission to help you maximize your life and master your mindset so you can elevate your relationships and career to the next level!

If you're on this page, it means you're hungry for MORE. More happiness. More success. Better relationships. More freedom! 

To get it, you need to activate your full potential. Most people are struggling in those areas WAY more than they need to. That's where I come in. I'll help you unleash the very best parts of yourself so you can achieve the levels of success and fulfillment you're made for. I can help you. 

I'm a Certified High Performance Coach (through Brendon Burchard), personal development expert, mindset strategist, inspirational speaker, and podcast host with over 7 years of coaching experience! 

I’m incredibly passionate about taking these seemingly complex principles and breaking them down into simple, bite-sized nuggets that you can use every day. That's exactly what you'll receive with this mindset challenge! 

Thank you for the privilege of allowing me to serve you and I’ll see you in the masterclass!

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