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If You’re Done With the Struggles, Fear, and Overwhelm That Stop You Every Time You Try to Succeed…

Then It’s Time For You To Rewire Your Mind!

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If you've been spinning your wheels wondering why success seems so much harder for you than everyone else, there's a reason! And chances are, it's something you haven't ever considered before.


Most people who dream of creating a life on their terms face one major (hidden) obstacle that always keeps their dream just beyond their reach.


Wanna know what it is? First, lemme ask you a question!


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“What's the point in setting big goals? They never come true anyways.”

You feel like your sense of self-worth depends on what you achieve. So you settle for safe, realistic goals that don't actually excite you. And eventually, you stop setting goals altogether and only feel accomplished based on what you check off your to-do list.

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“I don’t know how to achieve my goals. I still have more to learn before I can start!”

You constantly feel the need to learn one more thing, so you read every personal development book known to man and you stay in a constant state of learning instead of executing. You feel constantly overwhelmed and question yourself at every turn.

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“Why is it working for everyone else except for me? I must be missing something”

You look at successful people and secretly think “they must have it easier” or "must be nice for them" and constantly wonder “Is success really possible for me?" because even though you're doing the "right things," they're successful and you're stuck. 

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“Everything needs to be perfect or it'll fall apart”

You’re overwhelmed by the uncertainty that makes every decision feel like an “all or nothing” gamble, so you sit on the sidelines and never take actionNothing feels good enough and you constantly need validation and approval or you get paralyzed by the fear of judgment and rejection before you even start. 

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“It's all on my shoulders. I just need more time in the day”

You always feel rushed and busy. You never have enough time to stay consistent. Life's all on your shoulders and you’re drowning in a sea of too much to do. Other people don't understand your situation. But you wear busyness like a badge of honor because it makes you feel significant to be busier than everyone else.  

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“I should already be successful by now”

Life doesn’t seem fair. You’re trying so hard. And even though you write 3 things you’re grateful for every day, you secretly resent your circumstances because you haven’t achieved the dreams you promised yourself 5 years ago. You feel like it's a race against the clock and you can't be happy until you succeed at the level you desire.

If ANY of these limitations sound familiar... 

Then you now know why you haven't created the 6-figure success you deserve. It's because your mind isn't wired for 6-figure success!

And until you wire your mind like a successful person, you can read every Tony Robbins book and download as many top 50 podcasts as you want, but success will feel like 1 step forward, 2 steps back.

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You'll wake up at 5am, feeling rushed and sprint through your morning gratitude and affirmations before your kids interrupt (like they always do).

You barely listen to your girls talk about Elsa over breakfast because you're nose deep in your DMs worried you might miss a sale.

And on the rare occasion you get a precious hour to yourself to build your business, you're in desperate need of a break, so you scroll IG Reels or watch Schitt's Creek reruns instead.

Your MacBook stares at you and begs you to take action. But you just don't care, even though you care so much. 

Don’t get me wrong...

You have days when you wake up and actually feel like you can Carpe Diem your life, crush your to-do list, and feel like the next Brendon Burchard.

But within a few days, you slide back into the familiarity of old routines and patterns.

Patterns where tension fills the dinner table as you complain to your spouse about how your business hasn't taken off yet.

Routines where you refresh your Instagram feed endlessly to see how many ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ your inspirational post got.

And when you see 6- or 7-figure earners pop up on your feed, you want so badly to be inspired, but instead you think, “They must have it easier…” 


When you’re not feeling constant guilt for trying to balance parenting and your dreams, you're up late at night with a pit of anxiety in your stomach as you refresh trying to figure out how you'll get out of credit card debt.

All the while… you hear that mean inner voice question you.

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Now, you may know the answer to that question is a resounding “yes”, but the sneaky voice in your mind calls B.S. each time you journal that you have your first $100K year.

The pressures of increasing your income and raising your family places a boulder on your shoulders, and you know your reality doesn’t reflect the success you dreamed of.

All you want to do is make a plate of microwave nachos, grab a bottle of Cabernet, and watch Netflix instead.

Except… you can’t.

Because you’re not a quitter.


  • Showing up and pushing yourself. Often to breaking point. Burnt out, totally exhausted, and living on 5 hours of sleep. 
  • Reading the books. Dog-earing the pages and highlighting the lines with the enthusiasm of a toddler with a crayon.  
  • Spending hours glued to your iPhone, creating content, trying a shiny new sales “strategy” you heard your coach talk about, encouraging your team… rationalizing that all this sacrifice will be worth it.

And yet...

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Something is missing

Because even though you’re "doing all the right things," you aren’t seeing the results you want. Period. 

You want to: 

  • Wake up and feel excited and optimistic about your day. Not stressed, frustrated, or worse, overwhelmed.
  • Finally hit your 6-figure income goals you put on your vision board year after year! 
  • Create the freedom to take days off literally whenever you want without feeling any guilt set in. 
  • Pay off those student loans, your mortgage, and your MasterCard… and finally live without debt strangling you.
  • Have the flexibility to spend time with your kids instead of telling them, “Sorry honey, mommy’s gotta work.”

So why does success seems almost effortless for some but most people struggle for years

You might be saying "they're lucky" or "they have it easier." 

But the high-performer in you knows that's not true. And if you use that as an excuse, then nothing changes in your life. Want to know the real reason?

Successful people have rewired their mind for success.

They don't need to try to be abundant, influential, or positive. It's their default setting.

They weren't born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Success wasn't handed to them. And if it was, you wouldn't be inspired by their accomplishments. In order to rewire their mind for success, they had to go through a transformational process where they shifted their default energy, emotions, and subconscious beliefs.

Think about it. If the same strategies you're trying are working for others, it's not the strategy that's the problem...  

 So let me ask you a very important question.

If your mind is wired for mediocrity, how do you ever expect to become successful?

I'm honestly not trying to be insensitive when I ask you that. It's the question every aspiring high-performer needs to ask themselves. But please also remember:

This is NOT your fault. So please don't be so hard on yourself.  

98% of society operates in mediocrity. It's just cultural conditioning. You likely:

  • Saw your parents struggle when you were a kid and took on some of their limitations (e.g., scarcity mindset) as "truth." 
  • Heard your 6th grade science teacher say, “You can't fail! Get an A!" It was perfection or failure. No in-between. 
  • Learned that in order to succeed, you have to work 80-hour weeks and sacrifice time with your daughter.

But is "be perfect and work harder than everyone" a good strategy for success? 


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If that were true, then anyone who worked 40+ hours a week would be earning 6-figures!

And you already know that's not the case. 

This mindset puts aspiring high-performers (just like you) on the path to overwork, frustration, and failure from the get-go. 

It creates: 

  • Constant exhaustion and burnout where even if you're on the couch with your kids, you're too drained to be present so you put on Paw Patrol instead.
  • The pit in your stomach that comes when ignore one credit card bill so you can pay the one you put off last month... never seeing your savings account increase. 
  • A life where you're sending DM's at 7am while your kids are having breakfast. And then you'll put them in front of TV just to sneak in a couple more minutes. And all you feel is guilty 

This is the reality of most people. And if you're experiencing any of that, chances are your mind isn't wired for success. 

But that's okay! That's all you knew... UNTIL NOW!

Remember. It's not your fault that you're wired this way. But your life won't change until you rewire your mind for success. 

If you don't, you'll:

  • Put in endless effort, but results will evade you and you'll constantly try to avoid failure, tip-toeing around the edges of your dream instead of stepping up to take bold, courageous action.¬†
  • Constantly need approval, the need to "know more" before you start, and the need for constant security and certainty. Needs that'll keep you trapped.¬†
  • Be overworked, underpaid, and on a direct path to stress and burnout, with nothing to show for it.¬†¬†¬†

So if massive success seems "unrealistic" or something that "only successful people can have" then it's time to rewire your mind from mediocrity to success! 

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What's gonna happen in your life... 


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A high-performer thinks very differently than most people.

  • Most people never act on the voice that says "I know I'm meant for more" because they let fear win and end up with dull, achy regret.  
  • Most of society believes their worth is tied to a goal, so they bounce from task to task and their feeling of worthiness becomes a moving target. Nothing ever seems like enough
  • Most people constantly prepare to change their life, seek out the next invite script, and Tony Robbins book, but when the time comes to courageously act, they might dabble, but never stay consistent.
  • Average people mistakenly think they need more money and more time before they can invest in themselves, only to experience a life with very little of both. 

High Performers are very different. They're part of the select few that:

  • Looks at what most of society is doing and sprints the other way! 
  • Invests heavily into their personal growth because they trust it's the only way to reach 6-figure success. 
  • Take incredible risks because the pain of mediocrity is far greater than the pain of failure.
  • Never make decisions based on their current circumstances. They make decisions based on their dreams.

When you rewire your mind like a high-performer, you'll instantly get clear on how to create the 6-figure income you deserve. 


You'll Finally Succeed Without Sacrificing Any More Time Away From Your Family.

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  • You're adding thousands to your bank account every week.¬†Enough to retire your spouse, build a 6-figure savings account, and take that dream trip to the Amalfi Coast without even looking at your bank account.¬†
  • You¬†handle¬†challenges with confidence¬†and hard conversations with ease.
  • You¬†move forward toward your goals consistently while¬†working less than you ever have. And you even take up that Lego hobby you've¬†wanted to try for years.
  • Your family life and friendships are thriving. You're totally present and the¬†guilt is finally gone!
  • Literally say yes to anything you want.

The second your mind is wired for a life on your terms, you instantly see new solutions everywhere! 


Making this change on your own is way harder than you think.

Rewiring your mind requires you accepting help. Otherwise this could literally take decades or never happen at all. 

Unfortunately, most people believe that getting help is a sign of weakness. And nothing could be further from the truth. 


  • Pride themself on being able to handle it all and rationalize that until they can figure it out themself, they shouldn't ask for help. 
  • Feel frustrated that it's "all on their shoulders" and that their "spouse doesn't support them."
  • Read countless personal development books, pretending that it's helping them even though their results never change. 

TRUTH: Every single person on earth has blind spots they can't see. And unless you have help to point them out, you'll struggle for years and only feel like you're spinning your wheels.

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This all seems pretty straightforward though.

Think like a high-performer and you'll be successful, right? 

Unfortunately, no.

Because you can study high-performers all day long, but if your mind is wired for failure, then everything you see will be tainted by the lens of mediocrity!

You'll see high-performers: 

  • Start the photography business they've always dreamed of¬†and your default wiring will say, "Okay... once I pay off my student loans, then I'll start my Etsy shop."
  • Invest¬†$3,000¬†into a personal development¬†seminar¬†and your default wiring will say, "Okay I'm gonna work really hard for the next 6 months to save up to invest in myself"¬†

Both of which would be a huge mistake because you're saying that your circumstances need to change before you change. 

Here's the truth: 

Until your mind is wired for success, your default wiring will cloud your judgment. 

Plus, you can't "read" and "study" your way to success!

Let me explain: 

Everyone "knows" that confidence is necessary in order to succeed, right? 

But how many people "know" this and yet never increase their income? As you can guess, MOST people. 

And so what do most people do? They go out and "learn" more of what they already "know." 

You'll read a book about confidence. But at the end of the book, sure you feel a little inspired, but you still don't have lasting confidence, and therefore no results.

So you think, "I'm missing something." And you'll buy another book to help you increase your confidence. 

30 self-help books later, you still don't have different results. And all you feel is behind, guilty, like a failure, and Bezos is $400 richer.  

So if you know what you're supposed to do to get the results you want, why do you still struggle to get results? 

Why doesn't reading more personal development increase your income? 

THE ANSWER: Because you can study all day long, but if your mind is wired for failure, nothing will change and you'll subconsciously use personal development as an excuse to stay in your comfort zone.   

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Your success is completely dependent on the limiting beliefs and toxic thought patterns hiding in your mental blind spots.

If you've ever had a goal that you can't seem to hit, this is why. Your limiting beliefs are sabotaging you no matter what you try. 

These limiting subconscious beliefs drive your entire life. They cause all your thoughts, actions, and results, regardless of how much personal development you read! 

They're what keep you stuck on that hamster wheel of knowledge, constantly trying to learn more, seek approval, and waiting for everything to be perfect before you act. 

And before you know it, your goals won't inspire you, you'll constantly feel rushed and behind, and you'll compare yourself to everyone else.

In order to change, you absolutely must discover those limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck. AND you need to shatter those beliefs. 

The problem is... you can't see them! That's why they're called blind spots! 

Only once you've rewired your mind by identifying and shattering those limiting beliefs is when you'll become the 6-figure high-performer you're meant to become! 

So How Do You Do It?

How do you rewire your mind and shatter all the limiting beliefs holding you back from 6-figure success? 

  • The answer is NOT in reading another personal development book! 
  • The answer is NOT setting your alarm an hour earlier just to get more affirmations and visualization squeezed in before your kids wake up!
  • And the answer is certainly NOT sacrificing more time away from the people you love most! 

The answer is…

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The 6-Step Rewire Your Mind System Guaranteed to Accelerate Your Success, Instantly Increase Your Confidence, And Finally Create The Income & Freedom You Deserve!

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You’re already putting in the work to build the life of your dreams.

Isn’t it time you pour some rocket fuel on your effort, and see your growth skyrocket?

Free yourself from self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, and that not-so-nice voice in your head.

Rewired is NOT a generic “say-a-million-affirmations” style mindset course. 


I’m not gonna sit around a campfire and “Kumbaya” you to success.


This is a strategic, 6-step action plan designed to help you completely rewire your subconscious mind, so you can accomplish those massive goals that seem so unattainable right now.

It's a complete transformational process that will change you... 



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Rewired is the step-by-step roadmap for people serious about creating 6-figure success and beyond.  

  • Those who know they are meant for so much more than mediocrity and are done with negative self-talk and self-doubt and want significant growth and success in every aspect of their life.
  • Rewired was created to help people who know they’re destined for greatness if only someone would show them HOW

Now having said that, Rewired is definitely NOT for everyone!

  • If you're looking for a quick fix, solve-all-my-problems-in-the-click-of-a-button training, this is not for you. 
  • If you're thinking that buying a course is going to solve your problems, this isn't for you either. To get the most out of Rewired, you'll need to do the exercises in the program. Simply put - there is time and effort involved. And if you're not willing to invest a small amount of time to create more freedom in your life, this isn't for you. 
  • In order to rewire your mind for success, you'll have to face all the creepy crawlies you've used to stay in your comfort zone for years. In other words, this program is going to challenge you and will get uncomfortable at times. But it's far more uncomfortable to wake up in 5 years without any growth. Wouldn't you agree?

So if you're on board and ready to challenge your comfort zone, then...

Click Here to Enroll In Rewired Now!
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Brad Bizjack is amazing!! If I need help- he’s there.. he is there in his group, and present always! This is helping my entire family becoming more positive and learn how to react better to situations. I was verbally attacked today and instead of having a complete anxiety attack that I would’ve had in the past... I used the tools I have learned to work through the situation and feel empowered! You need this!!”

- Angelica Last, Business Owner

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“This is personal development on steroids. It's not fluffy like most PD. Most PD just gives you another strategy but doesn’t solve the root of the issue. This is the only program I’ve ever seen that does that. It's so interactive and you get customized support to your specific life challenges. I'm sharing so much deeper and more authentically with my audience. 

I'm able to help my kids with their challenges better than ever before. 

The return on this investment is phenomenal. I truly believe every person needs to do this program.”

- Seay Stanford, 15 Star Diamond 4X Elite Beachbody Coach

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One of the best things I’ve ever done for myself! I’ve been struggling with negative self-talk and I knew it needed to change but didn’t know how. 

Brad is making the "how" so clear for me with his action steps. I’ve only been working with him for a couple of weeks and already things are changing. I feel happier and my days are starting out much more positive. I love his passion and energy. 

I’m recognizing my negative patterns and feel comfortable sharing the things holding me back because he is so relatable. I’m so excited to continue to dive in and change my life!”

- Laura Miller, Health and Wellness Coach and Mom of 3

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“This program is what everyone is missing in their life! In such a short time, I was able to create positive thoughts, change my energy, and create happiness.

With the tools that Brad is teaching, I was able to control my emotions even in an argument with a loved one and therefore change the outcome of it. I haven't even completed the Academy yet but the tremendous impact it has made on me, my relationships and my life are unmeasurable. 

Because of the course, I'm bursting out this newly found energy that is attracting like-minded people in my life and business. I'm already so much happier! Everyone who feels stuck in business, life and relationships need to invest today!

- Aylin Nardiran, Online Fitness Coach/ Real Estate Agent

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Inside Rewired, You’ll Get the Keys You Need to…

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Module 1: Dream

Your Compelling Vision Workshop

Without a reason to rewire your mind, you simply won't do it. Unfortunately most people don't dream big or set goals that light them up. 

But why set big goals if you haven't even hit the small goals?

Well, what if the reason you haven't hit your goals is because deep down, you don't really care about them? 

This section reignites the fire in you, instantly gives you motivation, and pulls you toward the 6-figure success you deserve!

Here's a Sneak Peek:

  • A 6-step vision workshop that instantly pulls you to action (even if you've been stuck at a plateau for years)
  • The single greatest key high-performers use to unlock instant confidence   
  • 2 enemies of an extraordinary life that keep you playing small 
  • The #1 way to surround yourself with a high-performing peer group (regardless of your current level of success) so it’s impossible for you to fail 
  • How to instantly know if your goals are the right goals for you
  • The little known secret 6-figure earners use to set massive goals that don't sacrifice their personal life


Then once you have a reason for rewiring your mind and a clear direction for all parts of your life, we'll move on to... 

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Module 2: Awaken

Rewire Your Subconscious Mind

Your beliefs are the strongest force in your life. They must be set up to support your vision otherwise you'll move 2 steps forward and 3 steps back.

This module removes any inner conflicts sabotaging your goals. For example, if you value success but also have limiting beliefs about money, that'll quickly stop you. 

I'll guide you through the exact same exercises I take my multi-7-figure clients through to identify your limiting beliefs and break them once and for all, so you can face any challenge with confidence knowing you'll come out on top!

Here's a Sneak Peek:

  • How to take 100% responsibility for your life and let go of all blame even if you feel like where you are isn't your fault
  • Beat what's actually holding you back from your scariest dream (it's not what you think!)
  • Have a bad habit or limiting pattern you can't shake? Discover the real reason you do it and exactly how to change it
  • Identify every subconscious limiting belief hiding in your mental blind spots and shatter them once and for all!
  • The real reason the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Once you know this, you'll break through scarcity forever and become the 6-figure high-performer you're meant to be
  • Rewire your subconscious mind for 6-figure success (Your brain isn't naturally programmed that way... yet)


Once you've removed any hidden mental blind spots, it's time to... 

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Module 3: Prepare

Emotional Mastery

Ups and downs on your path to 6-figure success are guaranteed. Unless you're emotionally ready, you'll quickly fall back into old patterns of fear and overwhelm. 

This module prepares you to handle every challenge no matter how big and develop such powerful emotional stamina that you literally magnetize success! 

Imagine a life where you strive for massive goals and feel alive and fulfilled before you ever get there! 

Here's a Sneak Peek:

  • A 3-step process to literally choose your emotions and turn every negative feeling into success rocket fuel
  • The secret to appreciate the life you have even if it's not the life you want (hint: this is the key to creating the life you want)
  • Easily erase the fear of judgment and be unapologetically you 
  • Overcome the 21 most disempowering emotions  (e.g., overwhelm, anxiety, and perfection) in less than 5 minutes 
  • Why negativity is actually your friend and how to use it to create 6-figure success
  • The 3 keys to create a breakthrough in every category of your life whenever you want
  • Improve your emotional "default setting" so it becomes natural to feel consistently happy, energetic, and successful


Now that you're prepared to create your vision from an empowering mental place, it's time to...

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Module 4: Drive

Productivity Mastery

Everyone has 24 hours in a day. Yet some people seem to have productivity superpowers.

Time for you to get way more done in way less time. Have you ever wondered how 6-figure earners accomplish more in a week than most do in a year? It's because they view productivity very differently than most people. 

Most people operate from a "to-do list" mindset and go through their day trying to check the boxes. They'll even write things on their list they've already done just so they can check another box! Not you. Not anymore. 

This module is all about action! You'll drive toward your unique vision of success with more speed than ever before because you'll apply productivity principles from the world's most successful people! 

Here's a Sneak Peek:

  • Increase your weekly productivity by over 30%, guaranteed
  • Ditch poisonous habits and replace them with success-focused routines and growth hacks
  • Create unapologetic boundaries with your time so you no longer feel pulled in a million different directions 
  • The right way to do a morning routine that makes you feel successful even if your kids interrupt you after 5 minutes
  • Create a customized education plan that actually leads toward your vision, instead of just buying another self-help book
  • The 5 productivity accelerants that allow you to get more done in 24 hours than most people do in 7 days
  • A practical, 5-step process to end procrastination forever. Yes. Actually forever
  • The high-performance secret to take more time off with 10x the productive output


Once you've mastered productivity, it's time to...

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Module 5: Accelerate

Vibrational Alignment and Magnetic Success

Succeed faster. And to do it while working less hours. It's the ultimate goal of every high-performer. 

This module is about momentum and the keys to become a success magnet. Have you ever noticed that successful people seem to attract opportunities that multiply their success? And it almost seems superhuman and effortless, right?

There's actually something these high-performers are doing that 99% of people don't know about. 

Uncover the secret ingredients of faster success! 

Here's a Sneak Peek:

  • Attract & magnetize success instead of trying to force it, so your dreams come to you 10x faster
  • The little known secret that causes your goals to evade you year after year (and what to do about it)
  • The reason why more effort does not lead to more success and exactly what to focus on instead 
  • 6 success accelerants that quickly increase your income (and none of them have to do with working harder)
  • The 8 levels of awareness that automatically dictate how many "aha" moments you receive on your path to 6-figures. The higher the level, the more lightbulb moments you have


And finally, it's time to...

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Module 6: Arrive

Legacy and Fulfillment

Successful people know that becoming successful isn't actually about success. It's about the feelings you experience and the person you become along the way. 

"Appreciate the journey" sounds fine and dandy as a motivational quote card, but what if there was a way to live it? What if there was a way to not only achieve more but to also be fulfilled each step of the way?

Module 6 is about soaking up the little moments and the feelings of pride that come with being your best self. This module is about living the good life.

Because without fulfillment, what's the point of success?

Here's a Sneak Peek:

  • Plateau avoidance. Stop plateaus before they ever happen and breakthrough them whenever you feel "stuck"
  • How to feel fulfilled before you reach 6-figure success, so that you can get there faster 
  • The art of exceptional living. How to create a life you don't need to escape from
  • The secret to ensure your success never slows down and you consistently climb to the next mountain top
  • Define the type of legacy you want to create for your family (hint: it has nothing to do with dollars) 
  • Appreciate yourself, your character, your efforts, and be proud of the person you've become on your journey of success
  • Finally believe you're worthy of an amazing life! 

Most importantly, by the end of these 6 modules, you'll have completely transformed the way your mind is wired. You'll be able to take on any challenge because you'll literally have a new default setting of success.

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“I'm so glad I joined! It’s like when you get a new purse. When you’re switching over from the old one, you throw away all the garbage and unneeded things, so you can only put the best of the best into your new purse. Well, that’s what Brad does with your freaking life. He turns it upside down and has you FINALLY throw out all the old garbage and put only the best of the best back into your new life. 

I’m so glad I joined and can’t wait to keep growing even more. This is changing my life more than I ever imagined.

- Sarah Ottman, Home Business Owner

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“He has undeniable credit. Watch one video from Brad. You'll feel it. 

Brad is a no B.S. person. You're not about to dive into a group of warm and fuzzy motivation. 

You’re going to get action to change your life. He's actually experienced what he's teaching you, so he's not gonna blow smoke. He truly cares about you changing your life. That's rare.”

- Steph Cramm, Former Corporate Recruiter turned Full Time Network Marketer

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“While I intended for a change in just my business, this program has impacted all parts of my life because the way we think about EVERYTHING impacts all the actions we take in all aspects of life. I’ve gained an amazing toolset that I apply daily. 

When I feel stuck or unsure, I have my mindset family in a tight-knit private group. 

Other members have become close friends and true supporters who get it! Brad always provides so much support in all his personal feedback and office hours. I’ve changed the way I think about myself, I celebrate my wins, I catch myself before I find myself struggling. 

The most important to me of all though is I have literally been glowing with happiness and shining as a growing leader- and my teammates SEE it ‚̧ԳŹ. 

I hit business goals that hadn’t been hit for 7+ months all because my mindset and energy changed. 

I truly found my purpose and what sets my soul on fire to show up for others (and myself). I feel so much more confident knowing I have this access for life and that I can only keep going up!

- Rachelle Ruffner

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I Also Have Some Extra "Goodies" For You

The 6 main modules of Rewired will completely transform the default setting in your mind. But that's only the beginning. 

When you enroll in Rewired, you also get 7 MASSIVE bonuses to make your progress even faster, and your success even easier, and tools that simplify everything you do! Starting with...

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The Rewired Workbook
(Value: $97)

Discover how this program applies to your specific situation with our customization workbook. Every question is specifically crafted to rewire your subconscious mind for 6-figure success! 

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Rewired Private, Member's Only Podcast Feed
(Value: $497)

All Rewired modules are immediately available in a private, member's only podcast feed so you never have to worry about finding the time again. You can listen to every lesson while you're walking the dog or taking the kids to school! 

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The Rewired Private Community App
(Value: $997)

You won’t just get dumped into a dead-eyed group to figure it out on your own. Our super-engaged and vibrant community will be your cheerleading squad, accountability team, and safe space, all rolled into one so you'll never be alone on this journey.

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Monthly Office Hours
(Value: $7,997/ year)

I hated joining courses where the instructor dumped me in a group and disappeared. I’ll never betray your trust like that. Every month, I answer all of your questions in a members only zoom session. It’s like a session with your very own high-performance coach. Whatever roadblock, pattern, belief or challenge stares you in the face, we’ll work through it... together. 

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Shatter Your Limiting Beliefs 9-Step Workshop!

Beliefs control all your thoughts, every action you take, and every result you get in your life! If you have limiting beliefs getting in the way of your success, you'll find yourself taking 2 steps forward and 3 steps back!

This 9-step workshop is normally reserved for my multi-7-figure clients. I'll take you through the exact process to identify your most limiting beliefs and shatter them forever.

You'll go through the unforgettable experience of literally choosing new empowering beliefs that lead to your dreams and conditioning them so you don't even need to think about them anymore! They're literally wired in your brain so you can succeed faster than ever before! 

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Success Accelerator Content: Lifetime Access
(Value: $197)

Discover how high-performers build 6-figure success faster than most without sacrificing more time away from your family!

All content is being removed from the challenge group! When you enroll in Rewired, you gain lifetime access to all 5 days of training, so you can go through it as many times as you'd like! 

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Free Ticket Voucher For Our Rewired LIVE Event!
(Value: $997)

REWIRED LIVE is a 3-day completely immersive, live, in-person experience where you create exponential growth in all categories of your life! From business, career, and finances all the way to health, family, and parenting! 

And when you enroll in Rewired today, I'll pay for your ticket (normally $997)!

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Small Group Success & Accountability Pods! (Value: $997)



If you're like most of our Rewired clients, you likely can't shake the fear of "what if I sign up for Rewired and it's just another thing I don't finish?"

You need accountability. 

We've got you covered. 

When you enroll in Rewired, you'll be matched up with a small group of like-minded high-performers to regularly meet so you can hold each other accountable, help each other through hard times, and share your biggest goals and greatest aha moments. 

If you're missing out on consistency in your life and can’t seem to gain the momentum you’ve been working so hard for, this bonus is for you! 

As a special "last call!" bonus valued at $997, your success and accountability pod will give you the extra boost you need to break any plateau and stay accountable to your goals on your Rewired journey.

You'll never be alone on this journey. You'll make incredible friends for life and finally have success partners that hold you to a higher standard! 

Hurry! Doors close tonight at midnight! 

Last Call to Join Rewired And Receive All The Bonuses, Including My Last Call Bonus: Success and Accountability Pods! 










You may be thinking... "That sounds like a ton of stuff!"

I know! 

And if it all seems a little overwhelming, believe me... 

It's not. 

I created Rewired to eliminate overwhelm - not create more. To make success easier for you. Not harder. 

  • It's designed to make your transformation from status quo to 6-figure high-performer simple. 
  • All the lessons and exercises are broken down into small, bite-sized chunks, averaging 20 minutes each. You won't get blasted with hours and hours of videos that suck up all your free time! 
  • More importantly, there's an order in which you go through the content, so you build momentum over time! 


So if you're finally willing to make the commitment to yourself, your family, and your dreams, I promise you Rewired is your fastest path to 6-figure success.

In fact, I'll even guarantee it! 

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You’re Protected by the “Completely Change Your Life" 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Investing in yourself can feel scary. I get it.

You may worry, “What if this program is no different?” or “What if my life stays the same?”

So, I promise that by the end of this course, you'll know exactly what you want out of your life, how to get it, and how to overcome every emotional obstacle getting in the way.

But only if you show up and put in the work.

And that’s why, if at any time during the first 90 days, you feel that Rewired didn’t live up to its promise, just email my team that you’re dissatisfied with the content and attach each of your completed assignments, and we'll refund you. The only catch is that you have to do the work. And the reason is simple... nothing works unless you use it. 

So if you're committed to taking action, then this is one of the most incredible guarantees you'll find. 

Because it gives you a full 90 days to:

  • Go through all the video lessons
  • Let the lessons sink in so you can rewire your mind
  • Get the help you need when you're stuck  

Okay... now that all the risk is off your shoulders, you're probably wondering... 


Rewired may not be cheap, but it does show you exactly how to rewire your mind for success. It's not some $249 mindset course that tells you to be happy and pretend your problems don't exist. 

It's a small investment in yourself that pays huge dividends in your future. 

One that will pay you back for the rest of your life. This is about creating lasting change. This is about creating a life on your terms by rewiring your subconscious mind. 

It's a transformation that frees you from the fear and overwhelm that stops you every time you try to succeed. 

It's EXACTLY what I teach and share in my $96,000/ year 1:1 coaching program, but only a small fraction of that for you. 

When you weigh all that against the investment and what it will do for you and your future, then it's an easy choice. 

I'm committed to making Rewired as accessible as possible, so you can use it to turn your dreams into reality. 

Rewired is usually $4,995. 

However, because you're reading this during our big promotion of the year, I've decided to take almost $2,500 OFF, for a Special Promotion investment of only twelve payments of $247. 

That's right! Until this Monday at 11:59pm, you can join us inside Rewired for just $247 today. 

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Join Rewired and I'll credit you $997!

Because I'm absolutely committed to your success, when you join Rewired during our limited time open registration, I'll credit your Rewired account a ticket to our only live event of the year! 

Here's why this is the event everyone is talking about! 

  • It's the¬†next step in your transformation¬†into a "breakthrough," "escape mediocrity," "wild success story" high-performer!
  • Exercises and activities¬†that'll uncover everything getting in your way and keeping you from life-changing breakthroughs.¬†
  • Super charged¬†rewire-your-mind closed eye processes¬†only available in person!
  • Hot seats¬†where you can bring your biggest sticking points and¬†get solutions and answers¬†from me live in person.
  • Opportunities to network with like-minded high-performers¬†where you learn how other people have broken through to their next level of success! Where you build a support network far beyond your family. All in a fun, no-pressure atmosphere.¬†

REWIRED LIVE is where you create exponential growth in all categories of your life! From business, career, and finances all the way to health, family, and parenting! 

And when you enroll in Rewired today, I'll pay for your ticket! 

Join Rewired Now!
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The 6-Step Rewire-Your-Mind System
  • Instant & Lifetime Access to Rewired¬†
  • The Rewired Workbook
  • Private, Member's Only Podcast (Audio-Version)
  • The Rewired Private Community App
  • Monthly Office Hours For Life
  • Shatter Your Limiting Beliefs 9-Step Workshop
  • Lifetime Access to Success Accelerator Content
  • Free Ticket Voucher to Rewired LIVE!





12 Payments of $247 or Click Here to Pay In Full

Join Us Now!
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*Only 12 Spots Available*
  • Instant & Lifetime Access to Rewired¬†
  • The Rewired Workbook
  • Private, Member's Only Podcast (Audio-Version)
  • The Rewired Private Community App
  • Monthly Office Hours For Life
  • Shatter Your Limiting Beliefs 9-Step Workshop
  • Lifetime Access to Success Accelerator Content
  • Free Ticket Voucher to Rewired LIVE!
  • Ticket to THREE Exclusive Elite Retreats
  • Virtual Small Group Coaching Calls Every 10 Days For A Year
  • Daily Access to Brad And An Intimate Community of Rewired ELITE Members For a Year
  • The VIP Experience At Rewired LIVE


(Payment Plans Available) 

Learn More!

Still have questions before enrolling? We've got you covered! Book a call with a real Rewired alumni! 



Here's everything you're getting when you enroll in Rewired today! 

  • Instant access to the¬†6 Rewired core training modules, videos and exercises that transform your life into the high-performer you're meant to become!¬†(Value: $9,997)¬†
  • Customization workbook¬†for every lesson so you know exactly how to apply rewired to¬†your unique situation.¬†(Value: $97)¬†
  • Rewired private, member's only podcast. Access the¬†audio version¬†of this program from anywhere in the world¬†(Value: $497)
  • Access to the¬†Rewired¬†private growth community¬†where you'll¬†instantly be surrounded by hundreds of like-minded people committed to helping you succeed!¬†(Value: $997)¬†
  • Monthly office hours¬†where you can ask me any question you have...¬†for life!¬†(Value: $7,997 per year)¬†
  • 9-Step Shatter Your Limiting Beliefs Workshop¬†¬†where you'll be able to identify, shatter, and replace every limiting belief you have!¬†¬†(Value $497)
  • Lifetime access to the Success Accelerator¬†Challenge content so you can go through the 5 day challenge as many times as you'd like!¬†(Value: $197)
  • FREE Rewired¬†LIVE Event Ticket!¬†Join hundreds of us at our annual live event where you'll bring your transformation to an even deeper level so you can turn this into your breakthrough year!¬†(Value: $997)

A total value of over $20,000! 

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The first choice is to do nothing. And as you already know, if you chose nothing... then nothing changes. 

Choosing nothing is what most people do in a situation like this. Because most people listen to their fear, refuse to invest in themselves... and then, well... They end up like most people. Average. Mediocre results. Settling for less than they deserve. 

BUT, if you already know that you want to become the wildly successful high-performer that you're meant to become, then your choice is obvious. 

JOIN US INSIDE REWIRED and start your transformation to finally build the 6-figure success story you deserve. 

Simply click the button below and I'll be waiting for you on the inside.

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But if you're still on the fence, wondering whether or not you should leap,  let me share a couple of last thoughts. 

"Rewired sounds amazing! But I just don't have the money, energy, or time right now" 

If this sounds like you...

... then you’re actually not making the choice at all.

You’re letting your circumstances make the choice for you.

You’re saying that once your situation changes, then you’ll make a change.

And as I’m sure you already know, you need to change before your time, energy, and money will ever change.

Success doesn’t care about your circumstances. And success only comes to the high-performers who do something about their circumstances.

It's time to step up and play a bigger game than most people ever play.

And just in case you’re like some people reading this and are thinking...

“I WANT to join Rewired, BUT I can’t afford it!”

Consider this.

The very fact that you're saying you can't afford it is the exact programming you need to rewire! That's your old programming running the show and limiting your success! 

  • Safe choices.
  • Avoid risks.
  • My circumstances dictate if I invest.

It's the same mindset that got you to where you are now!

And you probably didn’t even notice it was your old programming making that choice for you until I just pointed it out.

Do you think our graduates of Rewired make investment choices based on fear and their current financial circumstances? Absolutely not.

Because they’ve rewired themselves to go after opportunities that will change their life.

So let me ask you a question...

Will life ever change from this default programming?

Listen – if that’s coming up for you, it’s okay! This is just old conditioning playing out in real time that'll stop you from 6-figure success, and it’s not your fault.

But you need to see how life could end up if you keep making decisions this way.

The very fact that your mind is wired this way is why Rewired even exists.

So, you can choose to listen to that old operating system. Or you can rewrite that program now and become the 6-figure high-performer you’re meant to become.

You're on this page for a reason. It's because you KNOW you need a program like Rewired in your life and haven't found it yet, right?

If this applies to you, what you’re about to read is the most important thing you’ll ever read about creating 6-figure success.

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Nobody is coming to change your circumstances. Changing your life is 100% your responsibility. 

You have to ask yourself the one vital question that’ll determine whether you create a life that very few people ever achieve or if you’ll end up like most, average people.

“Am I going to be 100% responsible for the success I achieve in my life, or am I not?”

If you really want to create true, lasting success, you need to learn how to rewrite the narratives playing in your head.

And this means you need to ask yourself a new question. A far more important question.

“How do I be 100% responsible for my success and MAKE this investment happen?”

Or in other words… “How do I find the way to invest in this?”

If you’re on this page and you know you need to make this investment, choosing not to invest in your future means 1 thing – it means you’re driven by fear.

And again, it’s not your fault if you’re driven by fear. It’s your fault if you stay driven by fear.

So are you going to change your future, break the chains of mediocrity, and become the 6-figure high-performer you’re meant to be?

If so, enroll in Rewired!




Because I'm not leaving the doors open for long.

Successful people make decisions quickly because they know what they value and they know what they’re after.

The very act of enrolling in this program is part of your transformation. It’s literally rewiring your mind in real-time. Because when you click "submit order," you chose to do what most people wouldn't. You took a leap of faith.

You’ll experience a powerful, successful feeling in that moment because YOU are the one of the few that took responsibility for changing their circumstances to create a beautiful future.

Most people didn’t. You did!

If I were to leave doors open, fear would take over and your default programming might say something like ‚ÄúI‚Äôll decide later‚Ķ‚ÄĚ

But I care about you and your transformation too much to let you give into fear.

Which is why doors are only open until Monday at 11:59pm! 

After that, it'll be a very, very long time until you have the chance to join again.

You’ll miss out on the chance to rewire your mind and become the 6-figure high-performer you’re meant to become.

You CAN do this. When you rewire your mind for success, you’ll transform your life faster than you could ever imagine. And myself and the community of hundreds of rewired students will be there to support you every step of the way!

Don’t waste any more time rationalizing why you can’t change. Don’t let another year go by wishing life was different.

Instead, enroll in Rewired and transform your life forever!

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“This material is life-changing! After reading many self-help books, Brad's trainings are by far the most compelling. 

The training gives you tangible ways to improve your daily outlook and build the self-confidence that ties directly to your goals. 

I've already seen big strides in my abilities to grow a business and my friends and family are starting to ask what's changed about me. I'm so grateful I started!”

Courtney Frazee, Owner, Oleander Branding

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"If you feel like you're "doing all the things" and still not getting where you wanna go, you need Brad's program! This is the missing link to breaking down your walls and reaching your potential!"

- Micah Folsom - Double 15 Star Diamond, 4X Elite Beachbody Coach, Multi-Million Dollar Earner in Network Marketing

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"My life is forever changed! Absolutely blown away! This program has opened my eyes just to how different life can be! I've learned so much about myself and have noticed a mindset shift to where I am responding differently to situations and thinking more clearly in my life & my business. The support and encouragement from Brad is amazing & he means it when he says he is THERE for you the whole way!

Since I joined, not only is my business growing more in the last few months than it has in years (my checks have over doubled!!), but disagreements with my husband have ended & my marriage is thriving. I am a more present mother with my two toddlers. I am genuinely the happiest I have ever been, my anxiety no longer controls me & I have learned that I am in control of my life, success in my business & happiness at all times! I cannot tell you just how incredible I feel!"

- Janelle LaBrie - Online Course Creator and Multi 6 Figure Earner In Network Marketing

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The 6-Step Rewire-Your-Mind System
  • Instant & Lifetime Access to Rewired¬†
  • The Rewired Workbook
  • Private, Member's Only Podcast (Audio-Version)
  • The Rewired Private Community App
  • Monthly Office Hours For Life
  • Shatter Your Limiting Beliefs 9-Step Workshop
  • Lifetime Access to Success Accelerator Content
  • Free Ticket Voucher to Rewired LIVE!





12 Payments of $247 or Click Here to Pay In Full

Join Us Now!
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*Only 12 Spots Available*
  • Instant & Lifetime Access to Rewired¬†
  • The Rewired Workbook
  • Private, Member's Only Podcast (Audio-Version)
  • The Rewired Private Community App
  • Monthly Office Hours For Life
  • Shatter Your Limiting Beliefs 9-Step Workshop
  • Lifetime Access to Success Accelerator Content
  • Free Ticket Voucher to Rewired LIVE!
  • Ticket to THREE Exclusive Elite Retreats
  • Virtual Small Group Coaching Calls Every 10 Days For A Year
  • Daily Access to Brad And An Intimate Community of Rewired ELITE Members For a Year
  • The VIP Experience At Rewired LIVE


(Payment Plans Available) 

Learn More!

Still have questions before enrolling? We've got you covered! Book a call with a real Rewired alumni! 

Now that you have the answers you need...


Rewired is the missing key to your success.

You should join Rewired ONLY if… 


  • You know in your heart that you’re destined for greatness. And you’re done with the sneaky old patterns of doubt and self-sabotage that keep you stuck and playing small. You want to step up and shine and have the confidence to empower others to build successful lives too.


  • You want to break the cycle of mediocrity and let go of the pain of your past. You want to be the BEST version of you for your family. You want your kids to grow up in a positive environment and not carry on the legacy of self-sabotage and guilt.


  • You want to be happy NOW. You demand the most out of life and are prepared to play all out to get it. And you’re ready to use gratitude and love as strategic tools that help create a life on your terms.


  • You want FREEDOM. From money worries, time struggles, and living with anxiety and overwhelm. You want to create a thriving, 6-figure lifestyle, so your family has more than enough money and you have the flexibility to spend time with them.


  • You’re ready to get UNSTUCK. You feel like you’re fighting a wall and you’re excited to see your hard work pay off. You want action steps that make positive change and progress a reality.
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  • You wake up every day with joy in your heart. Not even the toughest, most explosive situation can rattle your sense of self-belief and confidence. 
  • You handle crisis with confidence and hard conversations with ease. 
  • You know that your past doesn’t define you and you move forward toward your goals consistently. 
  • Your career is at a successful 6- or even 7-figure level, your family life and friendships are thriving and you feel so grateful each day! 
  • You go through your days with a crystal clear vision for your life and peace of mind knowing your dreams are already on their way.

You maximize your potential.

You take control of your future.

You live life on your own terms.

Answers to “Will this really work for me?”
and Other Questions 

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The 6-Step Rewire-Your-Mind System
  • Instant & Lifetime Access to Rewired¬†
  • The Rewired Workbook
  • Private, Member's Only Podcast (Audio-Version)
  • The Rewired Private Community App
  • Monthly Office Hours For Life
  • Shatter Your Limiting Beliefs 9-Step Workshop
  • Lifetime Access to Success Accelerator Content
  • Free Ticket Voucher to Rewired LIVE!





12 Payments of $247 or Click Here to Pay In Full

Join Us Now!
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*Only 12 Spots Available*
  • Instant & Lifetime Access to Rewired¬†
  • The Rewired Workbook
  • Private, Member's Only Podcast (Audio-Version)
  • The Rewired Private Community App
  • Monthly Office Hours For Life
  • Shatter Your Limiting Beliefs 9-Step Workshop
  • Lifetime Access to Success Accelerator Content
  • Free Ticket Voucher to Rewired LIVE!
  • Ticket to THREE Exclusive Elite Retreats
  • Virtual Small Group Coaching Calls Every 10 Days For A Year
  • Daily Access to Brad And An Intimate Community of Rewired ELITE Members For a Year
  • The VIP Experience At Rewired LIVE


(Payment Plans Available) 

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