The Unstuck Formula

The 5-Step Framework for Serious Business Owners Who are Tired of Self-Sabotaging Their Success (and Sanity!)
and Ready to Claim the 6-Figure Business Success They Deserve.

In this Step-by-Step Masterclass, You’ll Learn:

  • How to (finally!) silence the negative self-talk and reprogram your mind so you have the confidence and self-belief you need.
  • The 3 key strategies to let go of past hurts and misshapen patterns and step up to create the success you deserve. 
  • How to break through the belief that “success is easier for others” and start to sprint forward instead of continuing to do the 2-steps forward, 3-steps backward dance.   

✔  BONUS! A “secret system” for solving ANY problem in your business in 3 minutes flat. Easy!

Go from Stuck to Unstuck.
Get Out Of Your Own Head.
Grab an Action Plan.

You’ve stayed stuck and played small for so long. Stuffing your feelings and your dreams deep, deep down so much so “mediocrity” has become the status quo.

It’s time to change that. 

You’ve read the books, listened to the podcasts and maybe, even tried a bunch of different things. But you still feel… STUCK.


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An action plan with tangible, tactical steps you can take so you can break down the wall between your success and you, so you can finally be the person you really are, and create the business you truly want.


In this masterclass, you’ll get those steps.  

Delivered in an easy-to-understand framework so you can walk away with the confidence and clarity you need to smash through cycles of self-doubt and past hurts.

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“I’m having breakthroughs I’ve never thought possible and freeing myself of self-doubts and negative self-talk that has been with me for years! I have so much awareness and genuine happiness inside of me that doesn’t have anything to do with outside circumstances. I’m finally starting to believe in myself!”

- Laura Miller

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You Should Attend This Free Masterclass If…

  • You’re building an online business but feel like you aren’t reaching the level of success you deserve. Growth is always frustratingly out of your grasp.
  • You’re working on personal development and growth but feel like something’s missing. You feel inspired and motivated but it’s only temporary and soon you slip back into old patterns and beliefs. 
  • You want freedom from debt, money worries, anxiety and stress. You want to be the best version of yourself so you can feel alive every day instead of freefalling through a black hole of negativity, blame, and guilt.
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“I noticed after doing the exercise that my focus shifted from feeling powerless to feeling powerful. My capabilities are suddenly tested and I feel more in control of my life. When asking myself the questions, I also incorporated the word 'how' which was a game-changer, as now I have no excuses but take the stressor and put in action and build momentum. It seems so easy all of a sudden. Incredible content Brad, thank you so much!

- Trish Lechman

Hosted by Brad Bizjack:
Success and Mindset Mentor to Thousands

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 Hi there, friend!

and I’m so excited to share this all-new masterclass with you. 

I’m on a mission to give online business owners, especially network marketers, the tools and techniques they need so they can finally (and happily!) hit the “Stop” button on the negative self-talk track that’s held them back from the success they deserve. 

I’m a former network marketer myself and know the challenges you deal with when building your business and how important your personal growth is so you can navigate this challenging minefield. 

But more importantly, I know you need an action plan. 

Which is why I can’t wait to share my Unstuck Formula action plan with you!

Join me LIVE so we can smash through resistance and stop the cycles of self-sabotage.

Time for you to tap into your pure potential and unlock your success, growth, and happiness in 5 steps, flat!

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“What's exciting - what made me sit up and take notice - was the way he combined the ideas into his five steps, related them to personal events that we can at least approach and appreciate from our own experiences, and his enthusiasm. Try to ignore it: you can't."

-Michael Salisbury