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If Your Product's So Great, Why Can't You Sell It?

May 22, 2019

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  • Successful marketing equals deep empathy.
  • If you give well, you will earn well.
  • In a world where there's so much noise, there's so little trust. So if you want to break through, you have to earn trust.
  • All successful marketing must be earned.
  • You earn trust by giving all of who you are to your customer's deepest emotional need.
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  • If you feel like your marketing is always forced and you aren't connecting with people, this is a MUST watch!
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Inspirational Quotes From The Episode:



Welcome to the path to mindset mastery! My name is Brad Bizjack. I’m a mindset strategist and coach, inspirational speaker, and creator of Appreciation Academy, and I help online business owners breakthrough all the negative self-talk holding them back from their dreams. Today is all about sales and marketing mindset. I’m curious – do you have an amazing product but it doesn’t seem to fly off the shelves?

Almost like hitting those monthly benchmarks seems so much easier for other people but not you? It’s frustrating, right? Like you know your business and products are legit! You know they change lives, but no one is buying them from you. And you see everyone else succeeding with it! You see the people who signed up way after you succeeding and you don’t know why it isn’t working for you. You’re doing the daily activities, right? You’re inviting. You’re following up. You’re posting on social media. You’re using Instagram stories. You’re checking in with your people. You’re asking for a referral. But it just seems so complicated, doesn’t it?

There’s a simpler way. There is. I faced that too! I still do sometimes! But I faced this the most when I was marketing my network marketing business opportunity to others. Everything felt so forced. I was so attached to my business that it’s all I thought about! Everything in my life became a “this would be an opportunity for a Facebook post,” and I felt that if I could prove to people that my business was legit, then they’d want to join me. But nobody joined me. I tried to show this life by design, and it didn’t work! It sucked. I just felt stuck, and I didn’t know why!

It took me a while, but I learned how to sell. I learned how to share my story authentically. I learned how to influence people from a place of integrity. And now, hundreds of clients and thousands of lives impacted from multiple countries later and my business is thriving. I don’t share that to impress you. I share that to impress upon you that understanding the limiting mindsets behind marketing is SO important.

So first and foremost, we need to eliminate the fear of selling or else what I’m gonna talk about today won’t work. So check out my podcast called, “How To Love Sales When You Hate Being Rejected.” It will talk all about it! 

Second of all, you have to know who you’re trying to reach! This is so critical. So I’ve actually included the exact customer avatar exercise I give my clients by clicking the link here. And if you’re listening to the podcast version of this, just head to my blog, and you’ll be able to find it there! The reason this is so important before we even talk about sales and marketing mindset is that if you’re in marketing and you don’t know exactly who you’re trying to reach, you’re screwed. I made the mistake of trying to market my product and business to everyone without getting into the psychographics of who I wanted to help! It did nothing because everything was so top level.

And we’re gonna assume that you’ve identified who your ideal customer is. Their emotions, their fears, their doubts, etc. The ideal customer avatar is probably the single most effective marketing tool you have.

And this is so important to understand because: To be an effective business owner, you MUST stay emotionally connected to your ideal customer’s deepest fears and highest aspirations. And your mission statement is a reminder of that!

So I’d like to take you through 1 of the biggest mistakes that I used to make as an online business owner. And it’s simple. Stop trying to prove that your business is valid. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t share social proof. Definitely do that! I’m saying that if your content is defensive or rationalizing your business or product, it’s hurting your business!

One of my biggest mistakes is bashing the corporate world! I used to basically say, “why wouldn’t you join us?” and I would make posts that were a result of my own insecurities. For example, I would say things about how people shouldn’t waste their time working for someone else. I had no empathy. And I didn’t realize that it was just a form of judgment.

When I would share #lifebydesign and #whywouldntyoujoinus and all this stuff, all it would do is cause envy in others and make them pissed at me. I was judging them for not joining me. And when the focus is on rationalizing your business or proving that it’s legit by downplaying others, it’s actually a form of judgment. It just takes all the attention off of the people you could be helping and puts the focus only on those that wouldn’t join you anyways. It doesn’t do anything besides hurt you. Share your vision and your excitement for what you’re creating. Share why it’s amazing but stop comparing it to what other people think is amazing.

Write this in your notes: share to uplift and inspire, not to defend and pass judgment.

So let’s get into marketing.

This podcast is a little bit different than what you’re used to on my podcast, but it still revolves around the same concept of helping you to think differently and in a more empowering way.

So what is marketing? Marketing is the generous act of helping someone solve a problem. That’s what you’re doing. And to do that, you must have a consistent focus on others.

I see so many people put their focus on showing their life off on social media in the hopes that showing it off will get someone interested. Attraction marketing doesn’t work anymore, my friend. Your job is to care deeply enough about the person you’re trying to help that your consistent focus is on solving their problems.

This is why your customer avatar exercise is so important. Because if you don’t know your customers deepest fear, you won’t know what problem to solve so you won’t have anything to share about and you’ll be reaching and grasping in every direction for content. And then you see other people sharing and seem to be crushing it, and you get into the comparison game when all of this can be beaten by identifying who you want to serve.

Marketing is caring about others.

It’s not about making the most posts or having the most colorful photo. Sure, frequency and attraction play a role. But it’s about caring enough. It’s about being GIVING enough.

Marketing Is Empathy. Marketing Is Giving.

Your marketing must be earned. In a social media world that is so busy and so saturated, the only way you will ever break through is with the truth. Attention is a precious resource that you need to earn.

People are waiting for you. They just don’t know it yet. From now on, make your focus giving to others needs.

So instead of saying “How can I get more customers or coaches to join me, how can I get the word out, how can I find more followers,” just ask yourself, “What can I help someone else feel today? What change do I want to help people make?”  let THAT guide you. And your content will flow from it.

If your social media content feels forced, it’s because your focus is on yourself and how you’re being perceived instead of others and how it can help them.

Because service to many leads to greatness. If you serve more people, your life will change.

If you help enough people get what they want, you get everything you want. If you help enough people pay their bills, you forget about your bills.

Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than take in payment. So if you want to feel more alive, give more value. It’s that simple. That can be your time. That can be your attention. That can be your money. That can be your knowledge. That can be all of the above. But each day, your central theme should run around giving more value.

And if it’s not, I’m willing to bet that the results in life and business aren’t ideal. And most of the day focuses on what’s missing, otherwise known as what you’re not getting. Notice the difference. When you focus on getting, you feel empty inside. When you focus on giving you feel alive inside.

Make sure you check your emotions before you share something with your audience. Here’s why:

When you’re focused on the results you’re getting (aka what you’re getting or receiving), what typically comes up in terms of emotions when that’s your primary focus? Anger, resentment, impatience, frustration, anxiety, etc. So when you’re attached to the outcome, you’re focused on getting.

But when you’re focused on the journey and the people you’re inspiring each day (aka focusing on what you’re giving and how you’re serving others), what typically comes up in terms of emotions? Happiness, passion, aliveness, gratitude, strength, caring. The list goes on and on.

And which of those two sets of emotions, typically result in the bigger business and bank account? Obviously the latter.

Service to many leads to greatness. And you serve more by giving more.

Want to know the best way to serve people? Through consistent vulnerability!

Because the most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself. So often when we think about giving, we think about donating money or volunteering time, and those things ARE giving, absolutely. But giving isn’t just about that. It’s about giving all of who you are.

For example, if you do a post, but you hold back a little because of fear, does it help someone nearly as much? Nope. Giving is what starts the cycle. People will feel a difference! The more you give all of who you are, the more comes back to you.

Your marketing results are a result of not basing your happiness on the result. They’re a result of how much you give all of who you are.

So today, you might have entered this podcast thinking we were gonna talk about marketing strategy. But the strategies are out there. I’m not here to tell you how to build a sales funnel. I’m here to teach you how to think. I’m here to help you break through all the negative self-talk holding you back from your biggest dreams.

Use this to not only master your mindset, but instead to check your intentions in life. Make it to serve others. Make it to relate to people.

Make the purpose of your day to day actions to make other’s lives better. When you do that, very profitable things will start to happen.

But it starts with empathy. It starts with genuinely caring. It begins with giving.

I’ll do a detailed podcast in a couple weeks all focused on giving and contribution but start with this!

Because when that’s your intention, you live a more fulfilling life and that’s what it’s really all about.

The money doesn’t mean anything if you’re not happy. And this is a start to finding more happiness in your business and your life.

So thank you so much for being here today! My name is Brad Bizjack. Make sure you screenshot this podcast and share it in your Instagram Stories! Share it with your team, your downline, and encourage them to listen. It will make a lasting impact on their life.

Thank you so much for tuning in today! My name is Brad Bizjack. Go out there today and every day and live your life with a genuine smile on your face. And make sure you include that smile in your marketing.

I’ll see you next week!

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