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How To Love Sales When You Hate Being Rejected

Mar 27, 2019

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  • How to silence fears related to sales (rejection, failure, etc). 
  • Being unsuccessful is actually more relatable. Use it. 
  • Believe that your story is enough, even if you're not at your goals! 
  • Success isn't a prerequisite to success 
  • Watch the video for the full training
  • This video is a MUST watch if you struggle with fear of sales, rejection, and not believing your story is enough!

Inspirational Quotes From The Episode:



Welcome to the path to mindset mastery! My name is Brad Bizjack. I’m a mindset strategist and coach, inspirational speaker and creator of Appreciation Academy and I help online business owners overcome the negative self-talk keeping them stuck so they can finally experience the breakthrough and level of success they deserve.

And I’m curious – how many of you struggle with FEAR when it comes to what you sell? Or you struggle with feeling like an IMPOSTER like other people are gonna find you out? Or maybe you feel like a fraud. Kinda like, “I don’t have success, so why the hell would someone want to join me?” And you see successful people sharing these incredible things about her, and you’re going, “why would they listen to me? My story isn’t nearly as amazing as theirs.” – it just feels like you don’t deserve to have the confidence to share about your business, right?

Let me tell you a story. When I was starting in network marketing, I dealt with the exact same feeling. My upline coach was incredibly successful. Built a 700,000 dollar a year business, retired her husband, built her dream home. AMAZING things. And I wanted that life, but I didn’t HAVE that life. So when I started sharing my business, I felt like I had to share the type of stuff she was sharing if I wanted to build a 6 or 7 figure business. So with every post I put up, it just kinda felt dirty. It kinda felt like it was forced. It felt like I was trying to convince people to join me. And I felt weird showing my life off to the world and pretending that my life was absolutely fantastic when really it was a shit show. I didn’t have a big business. I WANTED a big business. I didn’t have a life by design. I WANTED a life by design. And I’d post things like that: I’d post things like “live a life by design” or “create your dreams” or “why aren’t you part of this team” and all this shit.

But on the inside, I felt like it was just a ploy to try to show people that what I was doing was for real. Like I felt that if I could PROVE my business to the world, then they’d join me.

Do you ever feel like you’re convincing people to do this? Like you rationalize the cost, and you almost feel like you’re begging.

I’m gonna give you a huge tip here: STOP IT.

When you lie about your business – when you exaggerate your business – when you try to prove that your business is for real – you are slowing down your business.

You hear clichés like “fake it til you make it.” All the time. NO. Face it until you make it. Be real and face what’s actually going on.

People can tell you’re full of crap. Something I learned the hard way that you need to know is that:

People do NOT join your accomplishments. They join your vision.
People do NOT join your team. They join your character.
People do NOT join because of a product. They join because of YOUR STORY.

This is ALL due to your mindset. Everything that’s slowing your business down has nothing to do with your accomplishments. It doesn’t have to do with your past failures. It has to do with your MINDSET. And you’ve heard that. Mindset is EVERYTHING. Business and success will not improve your mindset. Improving your mindset and learning how to believe that your product is a gift will bring you success.

When you are trying to prove and convince, your focus is always on exaggeration, false claims like “life by design,” and product/ business characteristics. You start DEFENDING your business instead of sharing love.

How many of you feel like you’re DEFENDING why this is a good idea? Like “it’s only 4 dollars a day,” instead of “this is how it changed my life.” I remember that I used to judge people that didn’t do this business. I was like, “why wouldn’t you!?” I was like, “you mean to tell me that you want to sit at a desk all day and not create your dreams?! What’s wrong with you!?” DEFENDING YOUR GIFT is not helping people. It’s judging people.

And it’s impossible to love and inspire someone when you’re judging them.

Proving your business = PRODUCT and BUSINESS focus.
Sharing your business = love, and authenticity.

Every problem in your business comes back to your mindset. You don’t need more skills in sales and inviting and social media. You just need to believe you’re enough. Because if you think that you’re enough, you stop apologizing for attempting to inspire. You no longer hold back. And when you no longer hold back. THAT is when people actually start to join you.


I’m guessing… you feel that your story isn’t enough. Or that your accomplishments aren’t enough to attract people to this. If we’re being honest, all that means is that you’re afraid of being judged… you’re afraid that you aren’t enough. You’re afraid that you won't be loved by the people that you’re trying to help… and that’s okay. We’re gonna break through that right now.

Your vision and excitement and passion is what attracts people to you. IN FACT, the more successful you are in your business, the HARDER it is to relate to you. People will see the top leaders that have so much success and be like, “I could never accomplish that.” That’s a huge leadership struggle for a lot of people because it feels like an impossible mountain to climb. But if you’re new, you have it so much easier because everything you share (if done authentically) is relatable.

It’s not “I paid off my mortgage.” It’s “Oh my gosh. I feel so much less stress because I helped cover part of groceries.” And if you’re a prospect, which do they need more of RIGHT NOW? Do they need their mortgage paid off? Or do they need to keep the lights on?

When you see a leader with huge accomplishments, let it inspire you. That shows it’s possible for you.

Let their success attract people to THEM.

Let your relatability attract people to YOU.

$30 you earned shared with passion and enthusiasm is SO MUCH MORE inspirational than pretending you’re living a life by design when you’re not.

When you share how this business is ACTUALLY HELPING you instead of trying to prove how it COULD HELP SOMEONE ELSE, it’s so much easier to share. It’s so much easier to talk to people about this. Because you’re actually being REAL.

People’s bullshit meter is SO HIGH right now. You don’t have to work nearly as hard if you stop thinking that you have to pretend to be someone you’re not.

And on top of that, YOU HAVE A SPECIAL STORY that NOBODY ELSE has. I guarantee you that your story of infertility and 5lbs of weight loss will connect SO MUCH MORE DEEPLY with someone going through the same thing than a millionaire coach who doesn’t have the same struggles.

Your STORY is the biggest gift you have. It’s already more than enough. It’s real. It’s you.

When you feel like you have to be incredibly successful with this business in order to share it, that’s the reason the words, “sharing vs. selling” confuse you.

Inauthenticity = feeling like you’re selling.
Being 100% real = feeling like you’re sharing.

And you’re probably dealing with a huge fear of rejection, right? Like, “will they judge me?” or “what happens if they say no?” or “what happens if they say yes?” or “I don’t want to be a scummy salesman.” Tt all comes down to feeling like you won't be loved if you share this with people.

Let me clue ya in on something: You’re already in sales.

Every time you try to get your kids to clean their room: You’re selling them.
Every time your husband tries to make a move: He’s trying to sell ya.
Every time you’re agreeing on a budget for the month: It’s sales.

You’re already in sales whether you like it or not. Quit trying to resist it.

But let’s talk more about that fear of rejection and all other types of fears associated with your business. I’m gonna show you right now that all of those challenges come down to your mindset.

Like Rejection- knowing enough people- worried about what someone might think… all these fears come into play when you’re about to invite, right!? It messes with your consistency…

Do you ever avoid inviting because you’re afraid of what someone might think of you? Think about this- When you focus on what other people think of you, you take the focus OFF of helping them and putting it completely onto yourself! You are not doing your job as a coach if you’re focused only on yourself instead of serving them! You need to remember that people aren’t thinking about you. They’re thinking about themselves. When you share your story and your vulnerability, they are thinking about how your story relates to THEM.

Have you ever felt afraid because you think you don’t know enough people? Remember guys, you don’t know who needs you. Most people aren’t going to go and share their insecurities with the world. You don’t know about that woman on the park bench or that dude on the train. You don’t know their history. You don’t know their pain. You don’t know if they are challenged financially or if they have high blood pressure or if fitness product they’ve ever used hasn’t worked.

What I challenge you to do instead is to think about how this business and the products has impacted YOUR life.

Do you think that there are other people out there that are struggling with what you did before you started?

Think about all the beautiful ways your business, your product, your service has helped you… think about it. Feel it. Have you lost weight? Gotten off medication? Been able to have a child? Take a second and put your hands on your heart for a second… and just feel SO grateful that you got to experience that. Think of all the things exposure to this business has done for you? How is your life different now because of one simple decision that you made? Is it a sense of community, pride, love, health, vitality. What is it for you? And breathe that feeling of gratitude right now. Just take a moment and feel it.

What would life be like right now if you never found it? Imagine your health being taken away from you right now? Imagine that feeling of going back to the way things were. Imagine the feeling of disgust and anger and laziness that felt before you found your health. Think of all the financial gains being ripped away from you. No more weekly paycheck. How are you struggling? What bills can you no longer pay? Do you have to go back to work? Will you ever retire from that job? Feel it getting ripped away from you right now? It’s gone. Your business is a thing of the past. Picture this sense of community and camaraderie getting pulled away… no more annual meetings… no more quarterly events… feel what your life would be like if you didn’t have this team. Do you feel alone? Are you missing purpose? What feelings or emotions are getting ripped away from you if this business and these products get taken away? Think of all the personal growth and development you’ve done and imagine your life right now without it.

Where would you be if you didn’t have this? Would you feel depressed? Sad? Overwhelmed? Anxious? Lonely? Not confident? Feel what it feels like to go back to that same state of mind before you found this community. FEEL it for a second. Feel so alone for a second. Feel hopeless for a second. And now think of the people you’d hurt. Think of your clients and customers never having these changes happen in their lives. Think of how they’d be so stuck. Think of how much you’d hurt them because they have a coach like you in their life anymore.

And let those feeling compound. Feel all the overwhelm, anger, disgust, frustration, loneliness, sadness, misery, exhaustion, lack of purpose and all the people that you’d hurt if this were ripped away from you.

IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT? DO YOU WANT THAT FEELING RIPPED AWAY? Do you want this AMAZING GIFT OF A BUSINESS ripped away from you? Do you want this no longer part of your life?

Is this business an amazing gift that has changed your world?

Are these products so special that they’ve changed your entire life?

Is every single part of this community something that the world needs so bad right now?!

Do you love every single bit of being part of this organization?

Then why the hell do you leave other people’s freedom trapped in your mouth? If this is such a gift, you don’t have the right not to share it with others. If it’s so amazing, you don’t have the right not to be consistent. If this business is so beautiful and it’s impacted your life so much, and it would cause you that much pain if this were ripped away, it’s time you share it with the world.

When you view it that way, you no longer have to worry about knowing enough people. Your prospect list just turned into millions of people that need those feelings in their life.

Your business is a gift. Don’t let fear stop you from sharing it.

Are you mad that your upline sponsor invited you to be part of this community? Then I highly doubt people would be mad at you for inviting them.

Fear of rejection is impossible when you focus on SERVING OTHERS.

And you can serve others by being vulnerable with them about where you’re at and what you want to create. You’re inspired by vulnerability. And you want to be inspiring, so be vulnerable.

Give to the needs of your target customer.
Give all of who you are to your audience.
Give everything you can to your mission.

Business will change.


Fear of rejection is IMPOSSIBLE when you’re focused on service to your mission.

If you struggle with it, stop thinking about yourself and start thinking of all the beautiful things you’re about to give this person. Health, energy, community, growth, financial gains, so much more.

If you focus on SERVING and GIVING and CARING and LOVING, you won’t feel fear because you’re excited about helping people instead of worried about yourself.

Give people the gift of the real you, not the bullshit you.

Give people the gift of your story, not the fake story you’re using to convince them.

Give people your vision for what you want out of this business and your life and invite them to join you on that journey… Don’t try to convince them based on accomplishments… try to inspire them through authenticity.

Sales become EASY when you have integrity. People just want to be part of your life. They don’t care what it costs. They just want the feelings you have. And since their bullshit meter is so damn high when you’re faking it, you’re trying to convince them to join feelings you don’t have.

I always tell people that success is effortless. It’s not easy. But it’s SIMPLE. And forcing everything is very complex because you’re always changing who you are.

The simple approach is just to be TOTALLY real and authentic about who you are, and things get so much easier.

So thank you SO much for being part of this podcast today! I truly appreciate you listening, and if you found value in this training, please share it with 1, 2, 3 people. Hell, share it with your whole team! If they can grow, your business will grow!

I’ll see you next week! Again my name is Brad Bizjack, and you can find more amazing training at bradbizjack.com. So head there now and share this podcast episode with people that need to hear it!

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