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Why You Haven't Succeeded... Yet

Apr 10, 2019

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  • Just because you consistently take action does NOT guarantee your results. You need to consistently have a great mindset or else your action won't work 
  • CA*CM=Results
  • Don't quit before your miracle happens
  • If you stop being consistent, you go back further than the starting line
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  • This video is a must watch if you're doing "all the things" but you don't know why you're still not getting results! 

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Welcome to the path to mindset mastery! My name is Brad Bizjack! I’m a mindset strategist and coach, inspirational speaker, and creator of Appreciation Academy and I help online business owners silence the negative self-talk and limiting beliefs stopping them from creating the success they deserve. And I’m curious:

Do you ever wonder why you don’t have the success that you feel you deserve? It’s frustrating, right? You see all these other people achieving, and you’re sitting there looking at your life SO frustrated, and you don’t get what you’re doing wrong. It almost feels like you’re missing something, right? And some of them aren’t as talented as you, don’t have their focus on their business as much as you do, and even started way after you! It feels like a dagger in the heart right?

Well, first of all, that’s a comparison, and I have a whole other podcast episode on that, called, “Stop Comparing Yourself To Others!” Check that out!

But I just want you to know that I feel you. In my previous business, we had different ranks or levels within the company. I remember sitting at the same rank for YEARS, going “what am I doing wrong?” I was inviting. I was following up. I did the training. I posted on social media. I just felt SO FREAKING STUCK. But I couldn’t figure out why other people had so much more success than I did. I’d even weasel my way into successful groups of people. And they’d give me advice that I already knew!

“Just stay consistent!”
“Just keep doing your vital behaviors, and it will work!”
“You just have to be consistent.”

And I thought I was. In fact, their advice was stuff I already knew! So I got so freaking frustrated, and I started to get burnt out. So then I’d bring less positive energy to everything that I did, and it actually began to repel people from my business.

I just never felt like I succeeded in the way I deserved. So I had to figure out how to change that. And I did. I realized why I wasn’t having success!! So I’d like to shrink almost a decade of learning down for you. Because now, life is truly amazing. I’m tremendously blessed with a thriving business, financial abundance, wonderful followers, thousands of listeners and students from multiple countries! All incredible things that I’m so grateful for! And I’m genuinely happy every single day!

So while today’s podcast episode isn’t going to solve the entire thing in a brief 15-20 minutes, it WILL give you a start. If you ever want to take this education to a MUCH deeper level, then check out my program Appreciation Academy. That program is HOW I changed my entire life.

I digress, but the point is that from applying from what I’m about to teach you, really amazing things will start to happen in your life over time.

I was very very stuck until I realized something very powerful. That I wasn’t being consistent. And hear me out. I don’t mean in terms of action. I mean in terms of mindset.

Most people make the critical mistake of believing that just taking action steps consistently every day will create their dream business. Is that you? Because it doesn’t mean shit unless there is consistency in mindset.

So write this in your notes: You get rewarded in public for what you practice in private.

When you compare your business to others, you’re looking at the REWARD for what they are practicing behind the scenes.

So let’s break down the 2 main types of consistency. BOTH need to be flowing for an extended period if you want business results. And I have an equation for you to write down.

CA*CM = Results

What does that mean? Consistency in action times consistency in mindset equals your results. Let’s break down these components.

Well first, what’s consistency in action? Obvious, right?

Doing your necessary business building activities. Following up. Inviting. Sharing on social media. Personal growth and development. Being an example of your product. Meeting new people. Attending your company’s quarterly or annual events. All things you should do consistently. Absolutely! So where is your level of consistency in action? Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 right now.

And more importantly, there’s consistency in mindset. Practicing beautiful mindset strategies that allow you to feel incredible every day. And here’s the thing, if this piece of your life is off, isn’t your consistency in action so much lower? Yep. Most people just think that they need to be consistent with their activities, and they do. But if your consistency in mindset is off, nothing’s gonna happen because all of your action steps are being made from a negative mindset. This is why it doesn’t work. You have inner conflict behind each and every invite you send. You’re forcing things. And people can feel it.

So real quick, what do I mean by consistency in mindset? Well, I mean practicing beautiful gratitude, stepping out of your comfort zone, investing your time and dollars into your personal growth, meditating, starting your day with a proactive morning routine, letting go of results and focusing on the journey, forgiveness, positivity. Consistency in mindset is much intangible. But it’s real. And if you have practices to better your mind (like listening to this podcast), and you do it super consistently, that will really help! So rate yourself on your quality of mindset and the consistency you have in improving it on a scale of 1-10.

Let’s do a couple of examples of this equation to show you what I mean. Both of these items are rated on a scale of 1-10, so if you multiply them together, the highest you can get is 100.

Well, let’s say you rate your CA (Consistency of action) at a 2. You’re not inviting very much. But you’re flooding your mind with positivity every day. Let’s say your CM (Consistency of mindset) is at a 6. Because let’s be honest, if you’re flooding your mind with personal growth all day and not taking action, that just means you’re procrastinating and not learning anything from the personal growth. You’re just distracting yourself, so this number can’t be that high. So let’s go. With this. 2*6. What does that give you? 12. Out of 100. If that’s you, no wonder your results suck.

But let’s say you rate your CA (Consistency of action) at a 10. You’re doing all the things! You’re working really hard. But you’re CM (Consistency of mindset) is at a 2. Meaning you’re not very grateful. You’re super attached to how your business results pan out, and you believe the myth that a bigger business will make you happy. You’re super frustrated regularly, focusing on what’s wrong. Well, what’s 10*2? 20. If that’s you, no wonder your results suck. And btw, if your mindset consistency is at a 2, and you’re not grateful and relaxed, how is it affecting your invites? Pretty poorly, right? Everything will feel forced. You’ll come off desperate and weak in everything you do. And people will be able to tell. And that’s why all those action steps aren’t doing anything for you.

But what if your CA (Consistency of action) is at a 9. You’re taking a couple breaks, but you’re working really consistently. And what if your CA (Consistency of mindset) is at an 8. You’re working really consistently on feeling great. What’s 9*8? 72. That’s a great business.

Because you don’t need to get 100 to succeed. I’ve found that if you get above a 50, you’re seeing results, which is amazing.

But here’s where you’re likely going wrong. You’re looking at the past years and thinking they count toward consistency in the future. Meaning that you’ve taken action over the years, but your mindset has been crap. It’s not fair to yourself to do that.

Your consistency in action means nothing unless your mindset is right. Because inner conflict and negative self-talk lower the energy of your action steps. And people can tell.

Remember that you get rewarded in public for what you practice in private. Well, those people that you see having success? They’re doing this. So even if they’re new and just started taking action at about a 3, but their mindset is at a 9 or 10, they’re going to get SO MUCH BETTER RESULTS than someone who’s been taking action for 3 years at a 10, but their mindset is at a 1.

Because when these two forces collide, results happen faster than you’re expecting.

So. UPGRADE whichever category you need. And if you know you need mindset work, join Appreciation Academy. That will take you from a 2 to a 10 VERY quickly. But either way, don’t quit before the miracle happens. Be honest with yourself about where you’re at because self-honesty is freedom.

But just remember that when you stop acting consistently, this equation has an adverse effect. These consistent actions are like pushing a boulder up a hill. Your goal is to get that boulder over the top, so it starts picking up speed in the correct direction. But what a lot of people do is push that boulder up a hill about a quarter of the way and then stop. And if you stop about a quarter of the way up, what happens? The boulder rolls back down. But does it roll back down to where you started? Or does it roll further back? Further back because it has momentum on its side. And then people are like, “shit okay I got this after hearing a podcast like this or going to a team meeting one night,” and then they push that boulder back to the starting line and back up that hill! But by the time they reach that quarter of the way point, they’re exhausted because it feels like they’ve been doing the same things for a longer time than before for the same minimal results. Which is TRUE. But they quit. And the boulder rolls back down. And then one day, they go, “Okay I’m gonna make some massive changes” And they get SO fired up, and they push and push and push and they get back to the starting line, back to the quarter of the way point, and even further all the way until they’re halfway up the hill. And this time they’re EXHAUSTED. They’re burnt out. They’re doing all the things, but they just don’t get why it’s not working. So they stop again. And what happens? That boulder rolls back down. But does it go to the same spot? Nope. It goes EVEN FURTHER BACK because it’s gained even more momentum going in the opposite direction.

But here’s what’s crazy. What would have happened if that person would’ve just kept going? What a quarter plus a quarter plus a half? That’s right. They’d be at the top. They go a quarter of the way, but they really think this is worth it. Then they go another quarter of the way, and even though their legs are burning, they believe this is gonna happen. And then they go the other half with one really long consistent push because they believe in the mission of what they do! And then finally, the get to the top, and that boulder rolls down the other side of the hill and they’re sprinting and sprinting and sprinting to try and catch up with it, and they’re swimming in success. It’s an incredible feeling. And I’ve literally seen both sides of that hill.

I know what it’s like to struggle. And I know what it’s like to thrive. And I’m here to tell you that no matter how many times you’ve started and stopped, you CAN thrive. You CAN make this happen. You CAN succeed. Anyone can.

So start applying this right away. And have patience. It’s not about consistency for the sake of consistency. It’s about consistency in the right things. And the right things are your business action steps and your mindset.

Don’t give up before your miracle happens. Have persistence through it all because the reality is that YOU CAN have your dreams. Abandon the quick fix, lottery ticket mentality! Do you ever wonder why successful and happy people never win the lottery? Because they don’t play it! They create their own happiness and success instead. So if you want to create your own lottery, stay consistent with your actions and your mindset and PERSEVERE through it all so you can build the momentum in your business.

Failure is just simple errors in judgment made daily. And success is simply correct decisions practiced daily. That’s it. Consistency in the right stuff changes the game for you.

Don’t give up before your miracle happens.

So as we close, I have a quick favor to ask. If you’re getting value out of this podcast, I’d truly appreciate it if you’d give it a review and a rating on iTunes, and download the episodes. It helps these ideas spread to more people that need it.

Share this podcast. Share this episode with a teammate or 2 or 3. Hell, share it with your whole team! Can you imagine how much this would help them!?

And if you really want to dive so much deeper than this top level stuff and you want a step-by-step system to radically change your life, check out Appreciation Academy. It’ll change the game for you so quickly.

But either way, thank you for tuning into the path to mindset mastery! My name is Brad Bizjack. Make sure you go out there today and every day and live your life with a genuine smile on your face. Because you can.

I’ll see you next week! 

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