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3 Tips To Break Through Self-Sabotage And Stop Procrastination

Dec 26, 2018

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How much would your life change if you could get unstuck?!

What if you could finally experience that breakthrough you've been waiting for if you ended procrastination and self-sabotage?

Have you wanted your life to change so bad but you don't have the drive to do it? And even when you take action, it feels like nothing's working and you're stuck, right? I've been there. I've also had my breakthrough. So can you. 

I could name countless times that I wanted my life to change so bad but I faced procrastination every time I tried. I'd see my laptop staring at me from across the room. But for some reason, I was stuck. Even in the rare cases where I beat procrastination, my goals seemed like they were getting further away. 

I have 3 tips to help you end this vicious cycle FOREVER. What would your breakthrough feel like? More peace? More drive? More hunger? Would that be helpful? There are 3 things you can do. The first is... 

Ending procrastination forever

Do you ever procrastinate on the things that would absolutely change your life? The answer is yes. We all do. There's a way to break through.

Everything you do - literally everything - is motivated by your need to either avoid pain or to gain pleasure. 

This is the driving force behind every part in our life. If ending procrastination is on your agenda, first you need to first out what it is.

Procrastination: you perceive that taking action would be more painful than doing nothing. And you'll experience less pain by doing nothing so you avoid it.

Agreed? It's that simple. Have you ever been studying for an exam in college and you find yourself avoiding it for months. Then all of a sudden, something flips. You hit a point where you say, "Oh shit! I actually have to study." The reason is the emotional threshold of pain has flipped.

It's when you realize there's is a more painful consequence of not studying.

How do you make this emotional threshold of pain come to you immediately instead of waiting until it's too late? You use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you. 

5 questions you can ask yourself to end procrastination forever 

(Note: You MUST write these answers out or it will not work)

1.) What's an action step that you need to take (that you've been avoiding)?

2.) What's the current pain you associate with taking action? (rejection, too much time, discomfort, etc.)

3.) What's the current pleasure you get from procrastinating? (extra TV time, time with family, etc.) 

Note: YES. You are actually getting something from not following through!

Those first two questions we'll give you an insight into WHY you procrastinate. But these last two questions won't let you tolerate it anymore.

4.) What is the deep emotional pain that you'll face 2 years from now if put this off even 1 moment longer? Who do you hurt if you stay stuck? What will you miss out on in your life? What regrets will you have if you don't change? 2 years from now, what will you wish you could have been?

(The key is to get a lot of EMOTION packed reasons and allow yourself to feel the pain that's caused by procrastination)

5.) What emotional pleasure will you feel if you give it everything you've got starting right now? How proud of yourself will you be? What will your mental, emotional, financial, and physical situation look like because you took action?

This exercise allows you to feel that emotional threshold NOW instead of when it's too late. And that's just ONE of the 3 tips I have for you today. Let's move onto number 2. 

Are you stuck? Here's how to have a breakthrough! 

Once you get yourself to take action, have you ever noticed that it doesn't produce the results you actually want? Like you're pushing as hard as you can but you're going nowhere? 

You're going two steps forward and three steps back, right? The harder you push, the more your goals evade you. Even though you're doing all the right things and it's working for other people, it's not working for you! 

There's a reason. 

You are WAY too attached to your goals.  

Disclaimer: This does NOT mean you shouldn't be energetic, passionate and excited about your goals. You absolutely should be!

You're not succeeding because your happiness is dependent upon an outcome. In order for you to feel happy, you need to achieve goal X. 

This is how I approached success in my network marketing business. I'd work hours and hours every single day but no matter how hard I tried, no matter the strategy I implemented, no matter the system, NOTHING worked. 

What they don't tell you about goal setting

Imagine for a second that your big dream is sitting on top of a mountain. And right now, you're saying that when you get to the top, you'll finally feel happy. This is like trying to climb Mount Everest with a blindfold on. 

Goal setting has metaphorical setbacks, valleys, grizzly bears, ridges, false summits, detours, etc. 

Sometimes (most times), your expectations of how your goals should be going won't fall in line with your current experience. Guess what that leads to? 

  • Frustration.
  • Anger.
  • Pain.
  • Guilt.
  • Stress.
  • Overwhelm.
  • Anxiety.
  • I can keep going. 

When you live your life this way, how will it come off to your spouse, kids, prospects, team, business partners? 

Even though you can see your goals sitting on the top of the mountain waiting for you to take it, you'll never get there because you keep holding yourself back.

If you ever want to evade the Grizzlies, navigate the detours, and appreciate the scenery around you on the way to the top, you have to take your blindfold off.

You must appreciate the journey or your goals will never happen

If you take your blindfold off and let go of this death grip on success, it becomes way easier to summit your mountain.

You can make a choice right now.

You can decide that instead of your happiness being dependent upon your goal, you do it for the journey instead.

Quit looking for the answer. The journey is the answer.

When your happiness is based on the journey instead of the summit, you appreciate:

  • every setback
  • every bit of wildlife. 
  • the detours.
  • the storms
  • the valleys
  • the summit

...because every step becomes rewarding.

If you kept living with your happiness dependent upon a goal, you'll never feel like accomplishment is enough. You'll never be fulfilled. 

Achievement without gratitude is total failure.

Learn to work for achievement because of the GROWTH you'll experience and the PERSON you'll become. Not the goal itself. The goal itself is a fun byproduct. 

The journey is so much easier because the emotions you feel are nothing like the frustration and overwhelm you felt before. When you do it for the growth, you feel: 

  • passion.
  • enthusiasm.
  • drive.
  • hunger.
  • contribution.

And lemme tell ya. It's a HELLUVA lot easier to be a great spouse, business partner, teammate, goal-setter when you have THOSE emotions every day.

With this new mindset, will you be more or less likely to: 

  • solve a problem?
  • be a great spouse?
  • earn more income?
  • get promoted faster?
  • build a great business?

"Trade your expectations for appreciations and your life changes in an instant." - Tony Robbins.

So instead of expecting yourself to be "there" by now, what if you just appreciate where you are? Because you're already there. Because the journey IS the answer. 

You are EXACTLY where you need to be to learn the lessons you need to learn to create the life you want. It is not wrong that you're in the spot that you're in. You're supposed to be in this spot right now. 

Life gets so much easier when you don't put conditions on your happiness.

Which brings me to my third and final tip: 

How to speed up the process:

You don't need a reason to feel happy.

You have everything you need right now to feel happy.

There's one master skill that makes letting go of attachment so much easier.

This one skill will:

  • change your entire life.
  • help you see opportunities out of nowhere.
  • make life amazing every single day. 
  • help you solve any problem you face. 

Genuine gratitude is that skill.

Don't get me wrong. I used to think gratitude was a crock of shit for such a long time. I used to think it was just for hippies and tree huggers.

I don't mean the bullshit gratitude where you say, "yay I'm grateful I have a roof over my head." I mean REAL gratitude.

Step into the common sense corner for a second. If you're God, The Universe, whatever you believe in, etc. are you gonna give someone MORE if they're not grateful for the life they currently have with LESS? Are you going to give more gifts to someone bitching about their current circumstances? Or someone who loves what they already have?

You increase the amount of good in your life by loving the good you already have.

If you want more but you're not happy with less you will never get there.

I'm not saying don't strive for more. I'm saying feel content with where you are because where you are right now is exactly where you need to be.

Gratitude is the answer.

I can't show you how to feel genuine gratitude via blog post. But I can point you in the direction of a video I did to show you how.

Click here to learn how to experience genuine gratitude (even when you don't feel like it). 

Your life WILL change when you practice gratitude daily. That video will show you how. Gratitude is the gateway to everything awesome. It makes you magnetic. 

All of a sudden, your brain flips from, "What am I doing wrong? to "Look at all these things that are going right," and faster than you think, MORE of what you want shows up in your life.

You'll start:

  • appreciating your life (even the tough parts).
  • seeing new opportunities for wealth and business growth everywhere.
  • noticing prospects you didn't see before. 
  • saving money and investing in courses, seminars that change your life. 
  • exploding the intimacy in your romantic relationship. 

Gratitude is the entry gate to an amazing life.

When you live in gratitude, releasing attachment to your goals becomes so much easier. And when you're not attached to your goals, procrastination and self-sabotage melt away. Gratitude is your starting point. 

Everything preventing you from your dreams disappears. 

So where do you go from here? 

Did you find this helpful?

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It is life changing.

It's your "on switch" to make this way of thinking an everyday part of your life. Your dreams will become so much easier.

Make sure you share this blog post with your friends. It's making other people's lives so much better. Talk to you soon! 

With love, 

Brad Bizjack 

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