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How to Win Right Now!

Jun 03, 2020

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    • Fear-based decisions never lead to emotional freedom
    • The importance of taking social responsibility during chaos
    • The not-so-secret mindset of successful people
    • Giving in and Giving up vs. Stepping in and Stepping up
    • Three ways to master any skill you want to learn
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How do you make sure you win (when the world is slowing down)?!

That bank account isn't going to magically increase. Those sales aren't going to magically happen (if you’re just sitting round).

You're going to be like everyone else who is struggling right now…

+You'll be overwhelmed.
+You'll be exhausted.
+You'll be paneled.
+You'll be scared.
+You'll be imbalanced.
+You'll be out of whack.
+You'll feel mentally cloudy.

If you keep it up, when this all passes… will you be proud of how you handled it, or will you teach your kids that you gave up when life got tough?!

Welcome to The Path To Mindset Mastery! My name is Brad Bizjack! I’m a Mindset Strategist and Coach, inspirational speaker, and creator of Appreciation Academy and I help online business owner’s breakthrough all the negative self-talk holding you back from your dreams so you can finally see the success you deserve! This is the weekly spot to break through everything that’s holding you back from the life you really want!

EXCITING NEWS, but I’m having a LIVE Masterclass all about swapping chaos, confusion, crisis for CLARITY, PEACE OF MIND, & CERTAINTY!

I'm going to give you my 5-step framework to help you go from surviving to thriving, so you can finally have the confidence to create the life and the business that you deserve.


Question for you: Are you winning right now?!

There’s a big hill coming up and you’re riding your bike. When you see that big hill, do you slow down?! Hell no! You speed the F up!! Right now, everyone else is slowing down, so you need to speed up and blaze over that hill and be GONE on the other side before anyone gets up the hill!

When we're living in a state of panic + worry + fear, fear-based thoughts consume us. This is where most people go wrong. Most people make decisions based on their worries instead of who they want to become. If you make decisions based on your current circumstances and your current worries, you will never progress. Fear-based decisions never lead to emotional freedom.

If you make decisions based on your bank account balance or where you are in your business, you're creating more of the same.

If we want to…

Master our emotions during chaos
Be the role model for people
Take social responsibility to spread hope and joy and love (which is our social responsibility!)

…We win by growing! We win by becoming our best selves! You need to protect your mind! Double down on your coaching sessions, training, personal development books!

In times of panic, it is so easy to push away the thing that will help you the most. Have you ever noticed that when times of pessimism come into the world, it's like we just switch off the abundance mindset and we adopt a scarcity mindset? It's easy to live in fear, but if you have an objective, look around at anyone who's thriving during this time. We are all doubling down on our personal growth. We are taking our personal growth more seriously than ever before. It is so easy when things get hard to stop doing the thing that actually helps you become successful. Think about it!

When things get overwhelming…

Do you stop reading those books?! Do you stop looking for a life coach?! Do you stop buying courses?!

YES, YOU DO!! And does that help?! No! It just creates more of the same problem.

Most people operate from a Have-Do-Be mindset (from James Wedmore). They say “Once I ‘Have’ security…once I ‘Have’ resources…once I ‘Have’ time…once I ‘Have’ money, then I'll ‘Do’ (get the coach, buy the course, go to the seminar). Then I’ll ‘Be’ that confident, successful person.

That's not how it works!

That's why most people fail because they operate out from a mindset of thinking, you need a different resource FIRST. That's not how success works. It's never a lack of resources. It's your lack of resourcefulness. That's what we need to instill…

Resourcefulness! Successful people operate from a very different mindset than most people…

That’s the Be-Do-Have mindset.

We think, what do we want to have? I want to generate $2 million of revenue by this day! I don't need $2 million of revenue first before I act. I say, “If I already had that $2M of revenue, what would I already be doing?”…

I'd have a coach.
I’d have a mentor.
I'd be investing in courses.
I'd be taking massive action on X, Y, and Z steps.

So, I'm going to get a coach before I have the money. I'm going to get a course before I have the money. I'm going to invest in myself at that level before I have the money because that's what someone who has what I want would do!

The best question: Who do you need to be now to achieve it?

This is so important because you don't go after the goals for the goals themselves…You go after the goals for the person you’ll become in the process!

So, who do you need to be, NOW?!

Someone who is…

takes risks
full of faith & hope
listens to your role models?!

What's the byproduct of doing those massive actions? You get the results! This is where most people go wrong. They make decisions based on their current circumstances. Never make decisions based on your current circumstances! Make decisions and set goals based off of who you want to become, not who you currently are. That's what you need to do! The challenge in our world is not going away anytime soon and we can either give-in and give-up or we can step-in and step-up.

Do not throw away the things that can help you the most because you're making decisions based on a fear. Lean into your heart, that feeling that your heart has. You will never be successful in business if you make decisions based on having certainty. It's impossible! You joined the most uncertain industry as an entrepreneur. You have to be okay with that level of uncertainty. You have to be okay with that!

Write this down: Never negotiate with the mind, instead listen to your heart! If you do this, the next month…3 months…6 months…YEAR…will be the greatest of your life!!

When the world is panicking, you’ll be thriving. When the world is anxious, you'll be calm.

We cannot let situations rock our boat. We can't let situations like this one dominate our emotional center. That's how you win during this time. Make decisions based on who you want to become.

My challenge to you TODAY is to take one massive bold action step NOW!

Sign up for that course!
Buy those tickets to that seminar!
Hire that coach!

This is how your life will change!! This is your time for emotional freedom. Those emotional muscles are not going to work themselves out.

3 Ways to Master Any Skill You Want to Learn!

OPTION #1) Traditional Education

Back to school! Chances are, though, if you're listening to this, you're an entrepreneur. Chances are you don't really want to go back to school and take out loans. Pretty sure if you're a business owner or professional, you don't want to do that (no judgment), but let's just say that that one's off the table.

OPTION #2) Trial & Error

You can keep going through the overwhelm. You can keep going down the same path. You can keep having inner conflict of faith versus fear. Is this really how it is or can life actually be great without actually knowing on the inside?

But you gotta be honest with yourself. Ask yourself: Is this overwhelm an effective strategy for handling the biggest crisis the world has seen in over a decade?!

I know how to bounce back (and I’m sure you do, too), but obviously that's not the best choice! In terms of how you learn a skill, there is a better way.

OPTION #3) Self-education

You can double down on your level of personal growth. Your income is always a direct reflection of the depth of your personal growth, not how much you do, the depth of it. You can follow a role model. Someone who has done it. You can follow a system. You can take it.

What took someone a decade to learn and shrink it into a couple of days. You need to find yourself a mentor. Now is the time to role model people who have what you want. Please hear me loud and clear. Stop taking advice from the 99% of people in your life that have not created what you want to create! Don't take constructive criticism from people who haven't constructed anything.

In the last couple of months, the world has been going crazy and this has been the most motivated, the most driven, and the most lucrative time in my business that I've ever had, and I can't even begin to tell you the feeling of pride and excitement and peace of mind that comes from that knowing that we don't have to worry right now knowing that we're going to be totally fine!

I'm not saying that to impress you, but to impress upon you. I started in a place with massive debt. I started in a place with massive worry. This is self-made. You can do it too!!

You just need to believe that you're worthy of success! Stop creating a wall between you and your true potential!!

I want to help you break down that wall and become who you were made to be! TOMORROW I’m having a LIVE Masterclass all about swapping chaos, confusion, crisis for CLARITY, PEACE OF MIND, & CERTAINTY!

I'm going to give you my 5-step framework to help you go from surviving to thriving, so you can finally have the confidence to create the life and the business that you deserve.


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