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#1 Mistake Most Aspiring 6-Figure Earners Make At The New Year

Jan 16, 2023

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  • Why goal setting isn’t enough
  • Reviewing your vision for 2023
  • Are YOU preventing yourself from taking action?
  • Understanding the power of aligned action
  • The 3 biggest preventers of aligned action
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  • If you’re scratching your head wondering why your 2023 resolutions are already evading you, then today’s lesson will give you crystal clarity!



Are you starting to notice resistance when it comes to your New Year goals, like staying consistent or being able to take action? There’s a reason. 

Goal setting and vision aren’t enough to achieve your 2023 goals… but by the end of this lesson, you’ll know exactly how to make 2023 your breakthrough year! 

Before diving into the 3 major causes of resistance, let’s discuss vision some more. Specifically, what your vision is for this year and if it’s big enough. Most people believe that vision is all they need to achieve their goals and dreams, but vision without action is just living in delusion. And if your 2023 dreams don’t set your heart on fire? Then you won’t have the drive to make it through the challenges that inevitably make your dreams reality. To put it more simply: You can’t sit down, dream something up, and then expect your dreams to come to you. 

You need aligned action to make your dreams come true. 

Aligned action pulls you effortlessly forward. It compels you. It’s that sweet spot of when working hard isn’t hard at all, which is what makes it so powerful. In contrast, and as an important reminder, the opposite action that uses push or will power to drive your actions guarantees burnout when you rely on it solely.

Knowing that aligned action is truly the key to achieving your 2023 goals, what is it exactly that prevents people from taking it. What is the “resistance”? Turns out, it’s not just one thing, it’s three.

1. Limiting Beliefs

To put it bluntly, limiting beliefs are what hold you back from everything you want. Until you learn how to identify, shatter, and replace them with empowering beliefs, you will always struggle to achieve your goals. Here’s an example of a very common limiting belief: making money is hard. 

If you have a limiting belief that making money is hard, it lowers any potential you try to tap into to make more money. The lowered potential ends up lowering your level of aligned action, which then shows itself in poor results that reinforce the limiting belief. Yikes!

However, if you adopted an empowering belief regarding the same example, making money, the opposite would occur. You would find your potential increased alongside the aligned action you took, and see better results, which would reinforce your empowering belief. 

Limiting beliefs will always come in conflict with your dreams. They are the stories playing in your subconscious mind that tell you going after your dreams will only lead to pain. That unconscious perceived pain does an incredible job of keeping you stuck and your goals from evading you year after year. That’s why it’s so important to rewire your mind and change those beliefs. But if you don’t know where to start, how to identify, shatter, or replace those limiting beliefs then you can use my upcoming free workshop to show you exactly what to do.  

2. Lack of Emotional Mastery

If you want your big dreams to come true, you need emotional mastery. Emotional mastery doesn’t mean you won’t feel pain or be stressed as you go after your dreams. That journey will always be filled with failures and successes that come with those feelings and others. Having emotional mastery means you won’t stay stuck in those negative feelings, because you know how to regulate your emotions as a whole. 

This skill is crucial because most people’s emotions run as a thermometer of their circumstances— e.g., when things are going good, they feel good; and when things are going bad, they feel bad—and how you feel directly impacts the level of aligned action you take. If you need a reminder of what a lower level of aligned action will give you, review point #1 above.

3. Attachment to an Outcome

99% of the world bases their feelings of self-worth on the results they get. In essence, they believe they are their results.

It is exactly why the 99% don’t have what they want.

This attachment belief holds you back from setting big goals, because there is an associated fear of not being good enough if you don’t hit them. In turn, this leads to setting “realistic” goals which neither inspire nor pull you toward them. 

You need to let go of attachment and adopt a state of detachment to achieve your dreams. 

Detachment doesn’t mean you should own nothing. It means that nothing should own you, and it is a beautiful state to live in because no matter what happens, you recognize and accept that you are worthy (and always have been). Not only that, but detachment allows you to take more action and bigger risks toward your big goals because your self-worth isn’t tied to an outcome! 

Here's the thing, most people don’t actually set New Year’s Resolutions… they set New Year’s Preferences. Until they are resolved in changing their limiting beliefs, mastering their emotions, or releasing themselves from attachment—the very things that have kept them from achieving their goals year after year—they won’t find success. And neither will you.

I intentionally placed my workshop in the 2nd half of January because, right about now, the initial zest of the new year has started to dissipate and you can more easily shift your mindset of “New year, new me,” to “New belief, new wiring,” and finally reach your biggest goals!

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