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Mindset Magic: Top Students Share 5 Hacks for Life-Transforming Success

Mar 04, 2024

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Today is an extra special day because we don’t just have one guest sharing the amazing transformation their life took when they rewired their mind for success—but 5!

As you read through their stories, ask yourself if you can see yourself in their shoes. In doing so, you may just find the spark you’ve been looking for to transform your own life into that of your dreams. 


Question 1: What was life for you like before rewiring your mind and confronting your limiting beliefs?

Katie Graham: Life was extreme. When things were going “as planned”, life was fantastic. When they weren’t, it would completely throw me. I felt unworthy and incapable


LC Cormier: I always knew I was made for so much more. But I was getting so frustrated and tired of feeling like I was doing everything I thought I was supposed to get me there [but not getting there]. I was so close… but I felt so far away. I was also going through a big stage of grief and healing from some losses that were very isolating. Not only that, I had a lot of doubt if I should go back to the corporate world.


Jen Lemke: Not good. I was in a hole so deep, I didn’t see any way out of it. When I switched to becoming a work at home, newborn mom I was faced with tremendous overwhelm. But it didn’t happen right away. It was over the course of 2-3 years. 

I was looking around, unable to understand how people work and have kids. 

I thought you had to choose one or the other because anytime I focused on my son, I was guilty that I wasn’t working. Anytime I was working, I’d be asking myself, why am I not with my son? 

All this time I prided myself on doing so much personal development. But I was frustrated, stressed out, and felt underwater all the time because I had so much to do and so little time. I knew I was missing something, yet, at the same time, I felt like I couldn’t achieve what I wanted because I’d already done it all. There was no chance of anything else coming into my life that could possibly work. 


Janelle LaBrie: I felt like I had so many big things I wanted to do, but no idea how to do them. And I always felt like I wasn’t enough to go after the big dreams that I had. I was very down on myself. 

I had made my happiness conditional too. I could be happy when I was earning X amount of dollars. I could be happy when I drove X car. It sounds materialistic, but those were points that I had to hit. Even when I did hit a mark, the happiness was short lived and I would think that it must be because I also have to do X next.


Maria Aponte: I was a single mom of 3 kids. The eldest of which was dealing with a lot of mental issues. Additionally, I had a very busy career in the travel industry where I traveled 25% of the year. Then I found out I had cervical cancer. It was in that moment I really learned that my oxygen mask needed to come on first. I started a self-love journey. I was doing the personal development. I was taking care of myself. 

But on the inside, I knew there was still something missing.

Question 2: Looking back, what’s the biggest lesson you learned?

Katie Graham: To embrace life as it happens. You’re in the right place because you are where you’re supposed to be. And also, to let go of expectation. Once you let go, it opens you up for so many opportunities you would have missed. 


LC Cormier: Life is happening for you, and asking myself, “What’s the lesson that I’m supposed to be learning here? How am I going to use this to propel me forward?”


Jen Lemke: Before I was always trying to figure out an answer to the problem. And when you focus on the problem, what happens? You perpetuate the problem. But now instead of focusing on the problem, I focus on the solution. I live in where I wanna go versus trying to figure out the solution to a problem.


Janelle LaBrie: First, biography is not your destiny. What has happened before does not equal where you’re going next. The path you’re on doesn’t have to be the path you continue on. The other lesson that’s been so paramount to me is that when you ask yourself empowered questions, you receive empowered answers. Finally, allowing myself to love myself like I love everyone else around me has been a huge game changer.


Maria Aponte: Life is always happening for you and not to you. This shift saw me through a really difficult time in my life, among so many other experiences. 

One year ago last week, I was living at my parent’s house because my dad was on hospice. Life happened for me because I was able to dedicate my time to helping him through the two years he dealt with chemo and cancer, because I had my own business and the flexibility. 

At the same time, Brad, you were running The Success Accelerator, and I was going to be doing an interview on it. I remember feeling so spent emotionally, mentally, physically, everything, because he was slowly declining and didn’t know how to go all-in with the interview. But something came over me the moment I went live. 

I was open and authentic and vulnerable. I think I cried a lot. It was whatever I needed in that moment to feel like I was going to help somebody else with my story to see life happening for me in that difficult time. 

The next day my dad passed away and I felt like my whole world was crumbling. And yet, I felt like my cup was already full from the day before, which allowed me to feel all the things with him and be there for my family. That was life happening for me in that moment, so that I could be prepared for what was coming the next day.

Question 3: What’s life turned into since then?

Katie Graham: I have more peace. More openness to learning. Instead of thinking that I should already know something, or have more experience, I allow myself to be more present in the moment. Honestly, just appreciating where I am and who I’m with. That’s allowed me to have the space to be more creative and create my version of success


LC Cormier: It’s been a wild ride. When I started working with you, I immediately started taking action on a childhood dream. I partnered with somebody. We got a studio space for photography and events. And then a year in things took a turn. I learned my partner in business wasn’t who she put herself out to be, which resulted in me deciding that our partnership wasn't going to work.

I walked away. Got a lawyer and left my initial investment in the business on the table ($30k) because I knew I had to. It was my best option despite the loss. But I didn't stop. I used it to my advantage to propel me forward. I didn't wait to reinvest in myself until I made that money back that I lost, I took immediate action again and put myself first. 

Days after completing the final paperwork for dissolving our partnership, I got invited to work a photography event and be a participant in a healing yoga retreat in Costa Rica. And BOOM, right away, another opportunity opened like it was just another door. 

Now I’m a traveling photographer and I'm working for people internationally and locally. I just hosted my own personal retreat this past May. I feel like the opportunities that I've been given have been a true reflection of all the work that I've done on myself.


Jen Lemke: I can only describe it as being in wintertime, and everything is gray, white, and black and slushy. Slushy and yucky, and then suddenly being in a field of bright yellow poppies. I remember the day the shift happened. I was walking my dog and caught myself smiling for absolutely no reason. I realized with delight that I was happy. 

For a long time, I had all these amazing things around me and in my life that would “make me happy” but they weren’t really. That day, my smile was for me. It was me internally that was making me happy. It changed everything.


Janelle LaBrie: My life is filled with joy, excitement, presence, and a belief in myself and what I can do. I get to help other people do that too and find love for themselves. And in turn, they are going after their dreams. So, everyday, I’m lit up. I'm excited, joyful, happy, and present and I know that I get to be happy because I am me. It’s our right to be happy, to love ourselves, and be present.


Maria Aponte: I feel like I found what was missing all along. I still go through moments of really hard times in my life. However, they’ve all led me to a next level of gratitude that’s made a huge impact on my life. 

Question 4: What’s one piece of advice you would give your former self to shorten the learning curve that would allow you to grow so much faster?

Katie Graham: Stop trying to be in a box you were never meant to be in. I grew up as a pastor’s kid. I always felt like I had to be a certain way. I had a 50-year plan. I loved certainty and planning. But with that came this box I thought I was supposed to be in. I really denied my heart and what I know I was meant to do. Once I finally let go of that, of doing it one way and conforming, and instead being my authentic self. Everything shifted. It opened up more opportunities and creativity than I’ve ever experienced before. 


LC Cormier: You already have what it takes. Trust the process. 


Jen Lemke: The best is yet to come! Even if you feel good, there’s so much more to come.


Janelle LaBrie: Have faith and keep your vision, no matter what gets thrown at you. Believe that you’re here for a purpose and there are going to be amazing things ahead of you. Keep your eyes forward and grow through what you’re going through. 


Maria Aponte: Allow the things that are happening to shape you and find the blessings in disguise. They’re there, even if you can’t see them in the moment. 

Every single person featured today is a living breathing example of what’s possible for YOU when you realize that life’s happening for you and not to you. When you shift the beliefs going on behind the scenes of your circumstances. Because it’s the beliefs going on behind the scenes that allows us to move forward through life’s challenges more effectively and with a bigger smile on our faces. 


It's my sincerest hope you can see the exponential results in their life… and know that it’s possible for you too. 


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