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10 Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires - Part 1

Feb 27, 2023

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  • Exposing the secrets of self-made millionaires (part 1)
  • The trick to embracing unrealistic goals
  • Why worrying is a waste of time
  • Decoding where work needs to be focused
  • Why success is determined by how you handle uncertainty
  • The #1 thing you must eliminate from your life to generate 6-figure success
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Have you ever looked at wildly successful people and wondered how they generated wealth so easily? They always seem to have something in the works, and everything comes easy for them. On the other end of the spectrum, you may also know people who have struggled to get by for years and are constantly overwhelmed. 


In this two-part series, we’ll uncover the secrets of self-made millionaires. Because if I was able to create wealth from scratch, so can you!


The past couple of weeks, we’ve reviewed the symptoms of a mind wired for mediocrity and what happens if you don’t rewire your mind for six-figure success. If you haven’t listened to those yet, I highly recommend it. Now, before we dive into part one of this series, I have a quick announcement to make.


Doors are officially open for Rewired!


This program will show you how to rewire your mind for six-figure success! You’re going to discover how high performers achieve their goals so much faster than all their peers and with so much less stress. That way, you can make this the happiest, most successful year of your life without working more hours and sacrificing more time away from your family!


Now, let’s get into today’s content: the secrets of self-made millionaires.


Secret #1

Self-made millionaires set massive, unrealistic goals. 


One of the biggest mistakes people make on a regular basis is playing it safe with their goal setting. Even society encourages it! That’s because society bases a person’s worth on the outcome of a goal


Hear this: when you set safe goals, you won’t be inspired to take proper action let alone summon the energy or excitement to follow through when things get tough. As a result, you’ll likely miss out on even hitting that smaller, safer goal. 


You don’t set goals for the certainty of attainment. You set them to become a new person. 


Huge goals change the way you think. You need to live in the feelings of your huge goals and visualize them each day as if they’re real—even before you believe that they’re going to happen! Living in that place is what will give you the insights you need to make them a reality. 


Case in point: I remember putting this visualization into practice shortly after the traumatic birth of my daughter. A couple of months later, I got a crazy idea to share our Rewired program with thousands of people. Within six months, we generated over $800,000 in sales. Then we went on to generate another $800,000 in ten days, and after that, almost a million in five days. I’m not sharing this to impress you, but to impress upon you the importance of not setting goals for the certainty of attainment. 


You set goals to become a new person, because realism is the fastest traveled road to mediocrity. 


Your worth is not based on your achievements, but if that is how you perceive it, then you’re always going to naturally work against yourself and slow down your goals. I’m going to show you how to believe your huge goals are possible instead of what most people do: visualize the goal, visit it and live in it once, and then go back to feeling like it can never happen for you.


Secret #2

Self-made millionaires eliminate unnecessary worry from their lives.


When you’re in a state of worry you can’t come up with creative solutions, you’re not resourceful, and you shut down. Worrying is a waste of time. 


But if your mind is wired for mediocrity, worry might feel like the only way that you can have a sense of control. If you worry about something and focus on it more, then it feels like you have more control over it when you really don’t. Worry pushes away the solution to your problems and conversely forces you to spend more time with said problems. 


Self-made millionaires don’t spend their time worrying because they know their time is better spent on creating solutions. That’s not to say they pretend their problems don’t exist; they do. In fact, problems are beautiful gifts that allow you to grow. What causes people to get to a state of worry is that they think they shouldn’t have problems to begin with. 


Imagine a life where you’re able to see a problem and let go of the worry around it, so you can successfully solve the problem at hand. You’ll solve things 10x faster and it’s one of the techniques we’ll address and go over in Rewired


Secret #3

Self-made millionaires work hard on the right things. 


Now, I’m going to say something that seems contradictory in a moment, so allow me to explain what I mean! Working harder is not the key to success. If it was, anybody that worked hard would have success and that’s clearly not the case. Nor is it the amount of effort, for effort can easily be poured into the wrong avenues and you won’t get where you want to go. 


Which is all to say: when hard work is out of alignment, it won’t yield the results you want. Work such as this relies on push motivation and willpower. When those are the only means of motivation at your disposal, you’ll always find yourself burnt-out. 


You want something that pulls you. Pull motivation leads you in the right direction, and that’s where aligned action happens. Aligned action is where working hard isn’t hard work, and you’re working on the right things. Next week, I’ll show you how to identify what those “right things” are, and how to get into a state of alignment so you’re pulled instead of having to force and push yourself all the time. 


Secret #4

Self-made millionaires know how to deploy unshakable confidence.


Most people think confidence is earned over time and it’s something you gain. It’s not. Write this down: 


Confidence is an internal state that you feel in the present, based on your relationship with the future.


That’s all it is! When your future seems bleak, do a confidence check-in; how’s your confidence? Not very good! Especially when the future is focused on yourself. How about when your focus is on service, love, impact, and all the amazing things you want to create? Confidence check-in! You better believe your confidence goes up, and so does your energy and creativity. 


Confidence is a choice, and it’s all based on your perception of the future.  


You need to get to a place where you know how to choose confidence when you're in an uncertain situation. To the degree in which you can handle uncertainty, is the degree in which you can have success. And—you might have guessed it—in Rewired I will literally show you how to activate confidence whenever you want!


Secret #5

Self-made millionaires eliminate perfection from their life. 


Write this down: 70% perfect is amazing. 100% perfect is failure. 


Perfection is the lowest standard you can set for yourself because it guarantees pain no matter what you do. There are a few ways perfection guarantees pain. The first is that it always makes you crave the ‘how’ (i.e., how it’s going to all work out). When you do this, you’ll study till your eyes are ready to fall out, but never take action because you get overwhelmed by the how of it all! 


Another way perfection guarantees pain is by denying your failure. Think about it. If you have to be perfect, inherently, you cannot fail. But if you don’t fail, you’ll never thrive. There’s no way to succeed without failure! You may logically know that, but you’re still tiptoeing around the edges of your dreams playing it safe. That just means you’re playing life not to lose, instead of playing it to win. 


The third way perfection guarantees pain is by making anything you achieve never feeling like enough. You can check all the boxes on your to-do list, bounce from goal to goal, peak to peak, and it will never feel like enough. It feels like you’re chasing a ghost.


But self-made millionaires do things imperfectly. They act. 


Their worth isn’t based on their achievement because when you’re at that stage, when you’ve rewired your mind for success, you’re worthy no matter what. The outcome never impacts your sense of worth. 


How freeing would it be if the outcome of your goal never impacted your feelings of self-worth? You see, perfection is just the fear that you’re not enough or worthy. That’s why you crave the “how”. It’s why you try to avoid failure, and it feels like you’re chasing after a ghost. It’s only when you realize that you’re worthy either way, that you no longer crave perfection—and that only happens if your mind is wired for success.


If you deal with any of these challenges, you’re literally pushing away wealth—and that’s only half of them! In part two of this series, we’ll cover five more. Next week we’ll talk about what’s going on in your mind and if it’s wired for scarcity or mediocrity.


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Thank you so much for tuning into The Path to Mindset Mastery podcast, and remember, you’re only one insight away from a radically different life!




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