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10 Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires - Part 2

Mar 06, 2023

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  • Exposing the secrets of self-made millionaires (part 2)
  • The busyness badge of honor myth
  • Contentment is another form of scarcity
  • Living a life of abundance
  • Thermometers vs. Thermostats
  • Understanding manifestation
  • Courage spikes
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Today is part two of the 10 Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires.


If you want to learn how I created wealth from scratch so that you can too, then keep reading—


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Now onto the final five secrets of self-made millionaires! Today we’ll start with one of the biggest limitations people often have…


Secret #6 

Self-made millionaires view time as an emotion.


As you grow in success, your level of responsibility will increase. Most people when starting off, haven’t reached that higher load of responsibility, and yet they’ll pride themselves on being too busy. 


Wearing busyness on your sleeve like a badge of honor isn’t going to change your circumstances. Because it doesn’t matter how much is on your plate, it matters if you want your life to change now. Time is an emotion you feel based on how you perceive what you’re doing. 


Allow me to break that down with two simple examples:


If you’re waiting in the school pickup line, time takes forever.


If you’re having an absolute blast with your husband, time goes incredibly fast.


What that means—and the point I’m trying to make—is time is slow when you’re doing something you don’t want to and fast when you’re doing something you enjoy. Think about the common denominator there. It’s the emotional state. 


If you view time as an emotion, time changes based on how you feel. And once you master rewiring your mind you get to choose how you feel! 


Stop viewing time as a thing that's scarce and start looking at it as an emotion that you get to enjoy, and you’ll be more productive. If you find you struggle with this concept and have trouble letting go of your busyness badge of honor, join me in Rewired and I’ll show you how to use your time and view it differently.


Secret #7

Self-made millionaires are financially abundant before they have money. 


This is by far the greatest gap to bridge because there’s so much societal conditioning around it and even lingering parental guidance from when you were a child telling you money was hard to make. Here’s the thing: you have to draw a line in the sand when it comes to what society is throwing at you, how the people nearest you view money, and even your own bank account.


Because if you don’t, you’ll never get beyond a scarcity mindset. 


A scarcity mindset is where you make decisions based on what you have now or what’s occurred in the past. It views success as a pie and that there’s only a limited amount of it. This is where limiting beliefs will stem from like, “If I work harder, I am more deserving. If I’m busy, I’m more deserving of my little slice of pie.”


That’s not how it works with abundance.


You see, an abundance mindset isn’t one of “limited pie”, or “or” (i.e., I can be a great mom, or I can be a successful businesswoman). It’s a mindset of more and saying yes. It’s a mindset of “and” (i.e., I can be a great mom and a successful businesswoman). 


There’s a tricky excuse that people try to make when it comes to this concept, and that’s rationalizing that they’re content. But contentment is just another form of scarcity because it’s rationalizing not embracing “more”. 


Abundance is honoring what you have and not using it as a way out of what the next level of success can be for you. Yet, it’s what most people do. Self-made millionaires don’t make their decisions based on their current circumstances; they make them based on where they want to go. 


Secret #8

Self-made millionaires appreciate all challenges that come their way. 


This attribute is one of their most powerful assets. The greatest challenge most people have is thinking they shouldn’t have challenges. But whatever you resist persists, and those problems and challenges expand and get worse. However, when you realize all problems are gifts that tend to be wrapped in pain, suddenly, you view problems as beautiful things. 


You start to honor the struggle. You don’t make it wrong. You don’t resist.


You’re open to what’s happening around you—the good, bad, and challenging—and because of that, you start to receive the insights that will allow you to solve your challenges and grow.


Secret #9

Self-made millionaires know how to be happy in the now before they get what they want.


What does that mean, exactly? They feel fulfilled and happy before they’re self-made millionaires. They’re not waiting for their circumstances to change before they feel good. 


Self-made millionaires run as a thermostat. No matter what’s happening around them, or what circumstances they find themselves in, they know how to set their temperature at a high level of emotion, so they always feel alive. This is what allows them to be happy, and when you are on track and happy you start to attract what you want.


This is how they are happy regardless of their circumstances, by being a thermostat, and it's what allows them to manifest what they want. 


In contrast, most of society is a thermometer for their circumstances. Their circumstances, finances, marriage, etc., they take the temperature of those things to measure how they feel. In other words, they assign the responsibility of their feelings on the people around them or the circumstances they are in—and it’s total BS because it’s not true.


Those things don’t make you feel a certain way, it’s how you’ve been feeling in your emotional states that has been causing those things. When you forget the cause—which is how you’ve been living your happiness—then you can no longer influence the effect—which is your circumstances and way of life. And when you can no longer influence the effect, your situation won’t change, it will intensify. 


As you can see, it’s truly your emotional state that drives and empowers you to do the things to change your circumstances and manifest what you want. 


Manifestation is the physical representation of your consistently dominant vibration. What that means is your consistent emotional state impacts what physically comes into your life. When you are at a high vibe and high vibration, you attract things in your life like excitement, passion, and love. On the opposite end of the spectrum of low and slow vibrations you’ll attract exhaustion, sadness, etc. 


If you consistently focus on what’s missing from your life, you can’t sustain the physical representation of your consistently dominant vibration. So, if you want more to come into your life, your vibration needs to be higher. 


Secret #10

Self-made millionaires intentionally take leaps of faith and courage spikes on a regular basis. 


Most of society will go through the motions of life on a regular basis. Then one day, they'll go to a personal development conference or start a program they're really excited about. That action is called a courage spike. It's where you take a leap of faith and try something you've never tried before. It's exhilarating and when you do it the results are amazing. 


But for most of society after this spike, they’ll go right back to where they were, and months will pass by before their next courage spike happens. When it’s all added up, most of society experiences only 2-3 courage spikes a year.


Self-made millionaires seek to have a courage spike every day.


That means in one week they have more spikes of courage than most people do in two years. Think about that. That’s why self-made millionaires seem like freaks of nature! Because when they see a window of opportunity they don’t wait. They don’t hold back. 


They know if they take a leap of faith, they’ll grow their wings (not that a net will appear). 


When you apply these 10 secrets to your life, it will become radically different! 


If you’ve dealt with any of the challenges we’ve discussed over the last two lessons, it means you haven’t fully rewired your mind for success. In fact, you’re pushing wealth away because your mind is wired for scarcity, worry, perfection, unworthiness, and safety. 


Better said, your mind is wired for mediocrity… and if that’s the case, how can you ever expect to create success? 


Rewiring your mind like a self-made millionaire is far easier than you might think! You just need the right environment, the right coaching, and the right immersion to make it happen. I'd love to share with you my 10 years of experience in making these exact changes in my life and shorten your learning curve to five days. This is where you learn how to create the 6- and 7-figure success story you deserve! 

Thanks so much for tuning in, and always remember, you’re only one insight away from a radically different life.


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