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2 Ways to Beat Imposter Syndrome & Finally Share Your Message With The World

Apr 03, 2023

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  • Why imposter syndrome isn’t actually a syndrome
  • How to get your message out to the world
  • It’s not your fault—it’s just a habit!
  • Starting with ropes instead of a helicopter
  • The 2 ways to beat imposter syndrome
  • Your fast track to organic social media sales: Digital Business Evolution Live
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Imposter syndrome isn’t actually a syndrome. 


All it is, is being a beginner. It’s self-doubt. 


And it’s totally normal to wonder what it’s going to be like to be seen by other people when you put your message out to the world. You’ll wonder if your work will be judged. You’ll wonder if your message will be accepted or rejected. That’s why we need to realize the gravitational weight of our words. Imposter syndrome makes us freeze in fear, right?


But if you come to accept that all imposter syndrome is, is beginner’s syndrome, you’ll go a lot farther faster. Today, we’re going to discuss two ways you can beat imposter syndrome and finally share your message with the world. 


We’re going to look at this topic through the lens of business, because chances are if you’re listening to this show, you have a message you want to get out to the world. Even if you’re not in business this will still apply!


What ends up happening when you live in imposter syndrome—or rather beginner’s syndrome—is that you won’t put yourself out there in the way you’re meant to. Even if you have this inner pull that you’re meant for so much more than what you’re getting out of life right now, and you want to get it out there and serve people, you can’t because imposter syndrome is a sign that you’re overly focused on yourself and the judgment of others. 


All business is, is contribution to other people’s problems. That puts it in direct conflict with imposter syndrome because of its self-focused nature and results in you holding yourself back. 


Maybe you’ve dabbled a couple of times trying to put your message out to the world, but it feels like nothing is working… even though you’re using all the same cool Instagram Reel techniques that other influencers use or spend all day in your DMs. You end up getting to a place where you hate using social media with a passion or just plain burn out from it. 


And yet, you also know that you need social media to grow your business. 


That’s what happens when you live with fear and an obsession of self. If you are living with fear of rejection, there is a focus on, “Is my message enough? Are they going to accept it? Judge it?” It ends up skewing your ability to put yourself out there in a way that your people need, and it comes from a place of exhaustion, which then leads to your mindset going south.


It's all well and good to realize you need a different strategy in place to move forward—which you do—but if you don’t change your mindset first, you’ll continue to run laps around yourself in that exhausted, burnout place. So how do you change? There’s two ways to beat imposter syndrome as a business owner and finally share your message with the world. 


But before I share them, I want you to know if you’ve been trying to create a business online or get one off the ground and it’s not working—it’s not your fault. 


You've just been using outdated strategies, things that others have told you to do, or what influencers are doing. It's not your fault that you're doing this. It's just a habit. You need someone to explain to you the right way. And when you have someone to explain to you the right way, all of a sudden, the clouds part and it becomes so much easier. 


Those dreams you have of getting your business off the ground or reaching that 6- or 7-figure level? That dream is not crazy. It’s possible. It’s your birthright. More importantly, know this: if it's in your heart, that means that it's meant to be acted on.


The message you have that people need? They need it right now.


But oftentimes we make the mistake of delaying when we’re going to share our message and help people until we feel like we have a successful business. Or a big enough list. Or large enough following. We make the mistake of thinking that success is a prerequisite to success, like, “I need to have a successful business before I bring people into my business.”


That doesn’t make sense. It’s broken thinking and won’t get you where you want to go, but that’s what you rely on if you’re living in imposter syndrome.


I’ll put it into a different perspective. Imagine your clients or prospects are in a pit. You see a bunch of people with shiny helicopters dropping baskets down into these pits saying, “Get in! I’ll carry everyone out all at once.” And, like most people, you’ll look at those people in their shiny helicopters that have what you want and think you need those results. 


But here’s the thing. Your prospects in this pit don’t care what the vehicle is to get them out. All they want is to get out. And so, if you’re in a place where you’re focused on how other people have better vehicles than you, then you’ve lost the point of business


The point of business is to get people out of the pit.


And to do that, all you need to do is throw down a rope and help one person at a time. It’s about the one life you change. And if you help enough people out, you’ll be able to fashion a ladder. And then a few ladders, and soon enough you’re making enough money to buy a helicopter so you can help even more people all at once.


But it starts with a rope. 


When you care about your prospects' transformation more than you do about the vehicle you’re using to transform them, business gets so much easier. 


Which brings me to the number one way to beat imposter syndrome and get your message out to the world: you need to shift your focus and mindset from a focus on self, comparison, and fear of judgment to a state of contribution. If there is any piece of you that's focused on yourself, you will not thrive in business. You need a mentor that will show you how to change your thinking to be able to focus on contribution. 


The second way to beat imposter syndrome and share your message with the world is that you need the right strategy.


The right social media strategy not only allows you to create demand for your offer before it's available, it allows you to talk about your offer in a way where it’s irresistible. Where people will feel silly for saying no, or even considering saying no. 


The reason I’m telling you all this is because I want to introduce to you my social media mentor. My mentor has helped the social media arm of my business tremendously, to a point where I don’t have to flood prospects' DMs with my message. They come to me. They flood my DMs asking about my services and what I offer. It’s made life so much easier.


Jess DeRose is my social media mentor. She’s a former fitness coach and school teacher turned multi-7-figure CVO. Jess has helped her clients generate $22M in sales the last few years using organic social media—and she does this in two ways.


The first is to get her clients mind’s out of imposter syndrome and fear of judgment and rejection, and into empathy and service.


The second is through actual social media techniques that grow your business in a way that allows you to serve people in a deeper way. In fact, Jess has a proven digital business roadmap to allow you to create a 6-figure business online using social media without having to rely on expensive ads or on hours of one on ones.


This digital business roadmap houses her 6-step framework that most successful online experts are using to leverage their time, help and serve more people, and build sustainable business machines that don’t need 24/7 supervision. And guess what? That 5-step framework is exactly what I use to run a multi-million dollar business!


And you can have it for free because she’s sharing it in her training program, Digital Business Evolution Live!


You’ll learn the: 


  • 7-elements of an irresistible offer
  • 3 most common mistakes that keep business owners broke
  • Mindset pivots to overcome imposter syndrome and judgment


You’ll also get an amazing workbook to follow along and a private community. This is an absolute game-changer—and it’s totally free. 


Register Here For Free: https://www.jessglazer.com/dbelivepartners?affiliate=bradbizjack


I will not promote someone who I do not fully endorse, and I believe in Jess. She has made such a profound impact on my life. Every single time I have applied what she has taught me, it has exponentially changed things in my business.


At this time, her first training is already out, but the replay is up and available! When you join, you’ll get access to the replay right away and can attend her 2nd and 3rd training live! Register today so you can get the right tools and right psychology to get your business off the ground and your unique message out to the world. 


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As always, remember; you’re only one insight away from a radically different life.



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