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2 Laws That'll Drastically Increase Your Income

Dec 12, 2018
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Today won't be the traditional way that you think. Little story:

For 5 years, I was creating an online network marketing business. That was my vehicle/ my ticket for living a "life by design" (Btw, you don’t need to want to start a business for this podcast to apply to you).

I'd go and try to recruit people to it so I could help them, and so I could create freedom in my life. But the harder and harder I tried, it seemed like it kept getting harder and harder to do. It felt like people started resenting me.

I was held back by something, and I couldn’t figure out what. And to be honest, there were LOTS of things getting in the way that I didn’t realize.

I didn’t understand that my income WAS NOT proportionate to the level of effort I put in.

I’d do my invitations, share on social media, use my product, etc. But something was still off. My income wasn’t growing.

I got so fucking pissed off because I had these big dreams and it seemed like they would never come true. It started to feel like I’d always be stuck.

From applying these 2 key points I’ll talk about today, we drastically increased our income, and we’re on a path to complete freedom. If you’re stuck and you haven’t been able to increase your income, it’s possible for you too! So let’s dive right into this.

2 Laws That Determine Your Income: 

Law 1: Your Income Is Determined By How Many People You Serve And How Well You Serve Them

If you’re building an online business, ask yourself if you’re making the same mistake I did: Are you trying to PROVE that your business is legit?

If you are, STOP IT.

I'd go on these business trips and count the number of days I traveled, and I’d post it on social media thinking that if I could show "freedom," that would inspire people to join me.

It had the opposite effect. It created envy, anger, and annoyance. Because if someone's sitting there with 10 vacation days and you're bragging about your trip, it doesn't inspire them. It hurts their feelings.

When you’re trying to prove yourself, your business, or your worth, you’re only focused on YOU. You’re focused on your perception in the eyes of others. You’re focused on putting yourself in the spotlight.

I challenge you to take a different approach starting TODAY.

I challenge you to change your tune to "ADD VALUE."

Value can be anything. It can be laughs, getting a spreadsheet to your boss earlier than expected, education, inspiration. Whatever you feel can make someone else’s life better, do that.

For every post you put up, ask yourself, “Does this make someone else’s life better?” If not, why are you even sharing it?

To increase your income, you just need to find a way to SERVE more people.

Start seeing your social platform as a tool to serve, instead of a pedestal to get recognized.

Your income is 100% directly proportional to the number of lives you touch.

If you touch:

  • 1 life every day, AMAZING! But you won’t make much income.
  • 10 lives every day, AMAZING! But you won’t make a ton.
  • 100 lives every day, you’ll start earning a life-changing income.

Do CEO’s deserve to make as much money as they do?

A lot of people would argue that it’s unfair and say, “What about the hourly employee? They should earn more!”

CEOs ABSOLUTELY deserve to make more money. Why? Because they ADD MORE VALUE that effects MORE LIVES than any other person in the company. Let's make a comparison:

A.) Brand new, 22-year-old marketing analyst assistant.

Adds value by:

  • Creating spreadsheets
  • Drafting images
  • Working with one or two clients

GREAT! It's an excellent role that adds value. But it does NOT add value to a TON of people’s lives.

B.) The CEO of that same marketing firm.

One single decision can increase hundreds of companies profits by millions of dollars.

Which position adds more value? Get the point here?

Obviously, you have to work to get to that position. But how do you get to the position of CEO?

  • You add more value than anyone else.
  • You go above and beyond to get your tasks done and THEN some.
  • You go way beyond the call of duty.
  • You invest in leadership courses and seminars.

That's how you get promoted quickly. So if you want to get promoted in your job, ADD MORE VALUE THAN EVERYONE ELSE. It’s that simple.

Why Teachers Don't Earn What They Deserve

Is what a teacher does valuable? ABSOLUTELY. It’s honorable. It’s incredible. It molds the minds of young people to become their best selves. And I would absolutely LOVE IT if they got paid more.

But law #1 states that your income is determined by the number of people you serve and how well you serve them.

Are teachers serving people well? YES

Are teachers adding value? YES.

But how many people does a teacher serve?

20. 25. 30. That’s it.

So if the law of compensation says that your income is determined by the number of people you serve and how well you serve them, that explains why teachers don’t earn what’s entirely fair. Does that make sense?

It’s not a question of their value, their honor, and their abilities. They’re wonderful! It’s a question of widespread impact.

This all proves one central point:

You completely control your income.

How? Simple. Add more value to more people. If you want more success, serve more people.

Jim Rohn said, “Service to many leads to greatness. So find a way to serve the many.”

This happened with Appreciation Academy. I noticed that there was a challenge in the lives of the people I was trying to help. They had limiting beliefs, negative self-talk preventing their dreams. So I created a course that teaches how to break through EVERYTHING holding them back.

It’s value that so many people need. You can do the same thing.

Find a need of the people you’re trying to serve and fill that need WAY better than anyone else. Anyone can be successful. Anyone.

Being broke and being rich are both decisions.

Whatever you focus on you create. So, start focusing on how you can ADD VALUE instead of PROVE YOUR WORTH.

Then take it to the next level… Add value BETTER than anyone else. That’s how you become outstanding in your field. That’s how your income drastically increases.

But how do you add more value than anyone else and do it in a way that’s superior to everyone else?

Law #2: Your Income Is Determined By Your Level Of Applied Personal Growth.

And I say "APPLIED," because if you buy an online course but don’t do shit with the information, you’re not growing. You just wished for a miracle.

You find more value to add to others through self-study and coaching.

Traditional education will get you a job.
Self-education will make you a fortune.


Most people view courses and coaching as EXPENSES instead of an investment. They think it's the same thing as going to Target and shopping for clothes.

SMALL MINDED PEOPLE will tell you:

  • "Don't invest in personal growth."
  • "You don’t need it."
  • "We can’t afford that.”

I guarantee you that you will not find ONE wealthy, successful, and happy person that tells you NOT to invest your hard earned dollars in personal growth. Why?

People that have their dreams KNOW that the top minds in the world put their life’s work (something that took them DECADES to figure out) into a book, a course, or coaching.

Investing In Personal Growth Shrinks Decades Into Days

You should invest 10% of your income back into yourself. Because you are the most valuable asset you have.

If you lose your job, but you’ve grown, you’ll be fine. If you lose your job, but you haven’t improved, you’re fucked.

How do you feel about investing in personal growth? Do you think it’s a necessary expense? Do you think it’s something you want to do but "can't afford it?"

Here’s my advice: DO IT ANYWAY.

If you can’t afford 1:1 coaching to take you to the next level of your life, that’s precisely why you need it.

If you can’t afford a mastermind that puts you around people who've already done what you think is impossible, that’s precisely why you need it.

(Proximity is POWER. Get around people that think it’s EASY to do what you think is impossible. "Your life is a direct reflection of the expectations of your peer group." - Tony Robbins)

If you can’t afford an online course that gets you to the next level of your life, that’s why you must invest in it.

If you can’t afford your company’s convention, that’s why you need to go there. The best of the best teach you how they became the best of the best!

You can’t afford NOT to go to seminars, get coaching, or buy courses.

Trust the successful people that tell you this.

If more skills will get you to the next level, invest in learning those skills.

If a mindset shift will get you to the next level, invest in learning how to break through.

Small minded people are the ones that say, “I can’t afford that.” That’s why they’re stuck and haven’t created something or been promoted.

Discomfort Is Something You Need To Practice

You’ll quickly learn that investing your limited hard earned dollars in your personal growth is uncomfortable as hell. But something unusual happens when you step so far out of your comfort zone. Life tends to start going your way finally.

When I was broke, I attended as many conferences as I could. I got advice from a coach when I couldn’t “afford it.” I read so many books. I went to seminars. I joined masterminds. I spend thousands of dollars on courses.

And here’s the thing: It was so hard to spend that money. So many people told me it was stupid.

But without investing in those courses, coaches, and seminars, I wouldn’t have created Appreciation Academy. I wouldn’t have the impact I’ve had.

"The better you become, the less time it takes you to achieve your goals." - Brian Tracy

And you get better by investing in people who have done it before.

There’s a reason your dollars are limited. It’s because you haven’t added more value to more people. If you don’t learn the skills and mindsets to do that, you’ll never get there. You’ll be in the same spot 1 year from now... again! Same rank, same position, same title, same bank account.

So these two laws build off each other.

Law 1: Your income is determined by how many people you serve and how above and beyond you serve them.

And you learn the skills and mindsets to get you into that position with…

Law 2: Your income directly follows your level of applied personal growth.

So your starting point is simple: INVEST YOUR DOLLARS IN PERSONAL GROWTH.

  • Ask someone you look up to if they’ll coach you 1:1.
  • Sign up for that course.
  • Buy that book.
  • Attend that seminar.

You’ll never find 1 person who has their dreams that tells you that you can’t afford to invest in personal growth.

It’s an absolute must if you ever want your dreams to come true. There’s no way around it.

So whether it’s with me or someone else that you feel can better help you, take that first step and invest in your future. You won't regret it, and the money will come back 10X over again.

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With love,
Brad Bizjack

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