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The 6 Steps to Rewire Your Subconscious Mind For Success

Aug 29, 2022

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  • The success “hockey stick” curve
  • A Success GPS recap
  • Going beyond metaphors to actionable measures 
  • Accepting responsibility for your stories
  • 6-step strategy to rewire yourself for success
  • What to do if you have trouble implementing the 6-step strategy
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There are six things I did to rewire my mind to create fast success.

For the last 15 years, I have been obsessed with how to create a beautiful life for my wife and we’ve done it.

We’ve given her the freedom to decide when and what type of work she does.

We’ve built our dream house.

We’ve changed tens of thousands of lives all over the world.

We have a great marriage and we are the best parents we can possibly be.

It’s been a beautiful journey and a hockey stick of growth.

In the beginning, I felt like I was failing because I wasn’t providing in the way I wanted to.

But, once I unlocked the combination lock on my path to success, suddenly things started to explode.

I had my “ah-ha!” moment about how I unlocked that lock while planning a road trip.

A friend of mine compared success to our road trip and he said to me, “If you’re not excited about the destination, why would you drive across the country to get there?

That’s what we did on our journey to success.

First, I set a destination that made me feel fully alive, not based on what I thought I was capable of but instead to a destination that was super compelling.

The second step of this is also identifying where we are right now in our journey without any judgment.

Most people judge themselves harshly for where they are in their journey and if you do that it makes it ten times harder to change your situation.

You have to fully accept where you are so you can also accept responsibility for changing your circumstances.

The third thing I did was I appreciated the ride.

You have to find a way to fall in love with the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and enjoy the right with the people who are in your car.

This journey can be broken down further.

There are 6 things I did with all of my multi-million dollar earning clients.

The first thing was we identified a dream that moved them.

Again, not based on what we thought they were capable of but instead on what they actually wanted.

The kind of dream that causes you to become a different person.

You may have no idea how that’s going to happen but you love it anyway.

Don’t set a goal you know you can hit.

This isn’t about certainty of attainment, this is about becoming something more.

Dreams are not realistic.

They are meant to energize you and spur you into action.

If you do not have this incredibly compelling vision of the future that moves you, you are forced to focus on the problems of the present.

So you need a dream that you can focus on that really excites you.

If you think you don’t know what you want, that’s not true.

You know exactly what you want, you’re just afraid you won’t be able to have it without something else changing.

You have to set a vision that is so big that it pulls you and makes you come alive – a vision that you don’t immediately know how to turn into reality.

The second thing you need to do is awaken.

Identify, shatter, and then replace every limiting belief you have.

Figure out what are your biggest limitations and question them so you can break them.

Your limiting beliefs are the things you’ve told yourself over and over that created your currently existing life.

So you must identify those limiting beliefs, shatter them, replace them, and recondition yourself with new empowering beliefs.

Once you do that, you will view life with a whole new lens and with so much clarity.

The third thing you need to do is prepare yourself to master your emotions.

This journey is full of ups and downs and if you do not master your emotions then life is going to get the better of you and you’re not going to maintain the actions that will create success.

This means you need to know where you live emotionally and understand what are your habitual patterns of emotions.

The quality of our emotions is directly proportional to the quality of our life.

Success without fulfillment is failure.

So if you reach your dream while feeling miserable, you won’t have really reached your dream.

Prepare yourself to master your emotions.

The fourth step is driving toward your dream.

This means mastering productivity and becoming the most productive person you can possibly be.

When you master your productivity, you get more done in a day than you have in a month.

But your entire day will change too because you’ll be able to get more done in less time and have more freedom in your day than ever before.

The fifth step is to accelerate.

This means aligning yourself energetically.

Live in the feelings of your wishes.

Consider whether or not the feelings you feel on a daily basis are the same ones you think your big goal and vision will bring you.

If they’re not, they’re slowing you down.

You need to align energetically and feel fulfilled before you get there.

Let go of your emotional attachment to an outcome.

Your worth is not based on success, if it was then you’d constantly be in a state of chaos where your emotions are always going up and down.

If you know that you’re worthy either way, you can maintain steam and make success happen even faster.

The final, sixth step is rewiring fulfillment.

If you look at your life from the perspective that your life is a gift no matter where you are on your journey, then you already have success.

That is a powerful place to be.

If you think you’ll only finally be happy when you get to that big dream, you’ll never feel fulfilled even if you reach the goal.

But if you always feel fulfilled by the incredible things in your life, then you’re truly creating the big dream you wanted.

And you’ll reflect on your success and think, “If I did this, what else can I do?”

And then you start the entire process over again.

When you do these six things – dream, awaken, prepare, drive, accelerate, and arrive – everything can change in your life.

The very first step on this journey is identifying exactly where you are.

Your starting point is the lens through which you view success, your success archetype.



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