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Addiction to Survival

Oct 25, 2021

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  •  Rewiring your brain from survival mode
  • The number one addiction in life
  • Why I don’t apologize
  • A private look at a conversation with my life coach
  • Self-reflections on significance 
  • The consequences of having “problems”
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If you find yourself unable to recharge, even when you have a break, you might be addicted to survival and today's episode is for you!

I used to be addicted to the feeling of survival because I valued certainty so highly.

The weekends were too short, I was always "fine, busy, or exhausted" when people asked me how I was...

Do you value perfection or check boxes?

Do you find solidarity and community through having a challenge?

This is how I used to live my life.

Experiencing tension in my chest, not knowing if everything would be okay as the day progressed because I valued certainty too highly.

Certainty is NOT a bad thing. We all need it in our life, but are you finding it through having challenges or having faith?

When you value certainty too high, you close the world in around you in order to feel some semblance of control.

When this happens, your heart can't expand. There is no growth, no change, no thriving.

If this is you, we have to let go of this as your number one need.

It will leave you feeling:

  • Like something is missing
  • As if you're being held back
  • Exhausted
  • Unable to recharge
  • In a constant state of panic
  • Stressed out beyond belief

You're brain is a survival mechanism wired to make sure you're alive and protected. It's not wired to make you happy or bring you closer to your wildest dreams...

Until you rewire it, you will always be searching out what to protect yourself from and looking for problems.

There are people who are so addicted to checking boxes that all they do is feel stress all day long, but there are also people who can get 10x the amount of work done and not feel an ounce of stress throughout the day.

It's not because they don't have stress in their life, they gave up their addiction to problems.

Most people are so addicted to having problems that they can't seem to get ahead in life.


The greatest addiction in life is not sex, alcohol, drugs, pornography, cigarettes...


The greatest addiction in life is having problems.


We become addicted to having something wrong.

We become addicted to survival.

Why? Because when you're happy all the time people think there's something wrong with you. You're crazy!

When you're happy you get judged for being happy, but when you have problems you get sympathy, connection, and significance. 

Suffering is never in the facts, it's in your perception of the facts.

It's not about what happens, it's about your response to it.

Problems are gifts that you grow from.


Problems are the resistance you push or pull against to sculpt your character and soul.


Stress is the achievers word for scared and it's okay to be scared, but you have to realize it's all going to be fine!

It's always worked out & it always will.

Life is rigged in your favor. 


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