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Win With Family AND Win With Business - Entrepreneurial Parenthood Part 2 of 3

Apr 25, 2022

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  • Find harmony with values
  • The power of curiosity
  • Beating societal pressures
  • How to create a beautiful life
  • Creating an empowering home base
  • Tapping into your alignment
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There is a way to thrive in your parenting, your marriage, and your business without sacrificing what you love most in order to do so!

I took my business from $350K in sales working 14hrs a day & addicted to work, to earning $2.2 million in sales working about 6hrs a day.

It's my responsibility to make sure the word AND becomes part of your vocabulary! 

You can be a successful entrepreneur AND be a wonderful parent AND a successful spouse!

However, society isn't going to support you being an entrepreneurial parent. We are conditioned to believe working harder is how we provide for our family best so we think we always have to be "on".

If we believe this lie, we are going to link our success to being away from the things we love most and so we will subconsciously block ourselves from being successful. This creates a massive inner conflict.

We need something to come to that allows us to see if we are "on track". Your values!

When you know what your values are, making decisions becomes easy.

Successful people make decision quickly and unsuccessful people take forever to evaluate a decision and change their mind often.

All successful businesses are built on core values. When we are approaching our work and adding members to the team, we have filters we can view these things through in order to see if we are in alignment.

Do you know the core values of your family?

Sit down with yourself and your spouse to discuss what you value as family.
What do you care about?

If love, presence, fun, playfulness, are all at the top of that list, how would you act differently than what you are right now? 

This how you bring intentionality VS chaos to your parenting.

All of a sudden life will become easier. It will flow.

When you are living out of alignment there tends to be a reactive nature to your family, instead of a proactive nature.

So when you're sitting down with your spouse you might ask, "What is a value?"

A value is an emotional state that you would like to move towards OR you value moving away from.

 When you know what matters most to you, being an entrepreneurial parent doesn't seem nearly as chaotic.

When it feels more peaceful and present, you are okay to let go of it when you start your work day because you don't feel like a piece of your heart is missing or there is a void because that guilt disappears.

It's important we talk about our core values as parents, but it's also important to acknowledge that our system and society do not set us up to live this way.

Is society grooming kids to be successful entrepreneurs?
NO. Society is grooming kids to be average.

Our school system is not to create a beautiful life.

A beautiful life takes learning to master your emotions, happiness, fulfillment, leaning into your passions, wealth mastery, health & vitality... 

What does school teach you?

Social Studies, Math, Science... while learning those skills can be valuable, they are not trending towards building a beautiful life. It's trending towards getting things "right".

Society pushes against entrepreneurial parenting and going towards your passions and building your family around core values.

If you're an entrepreneur, you're a visionary! You think differently than most people! So think differently about how your kids are educated.

I'm not just talking about school or daycare, I'm talking about fostering an environment at home that allows kids to thrive in what they care about most.

Up until about the age of 12, our children lean into their unique talents and passions until society starts to tell them how to act and conditions them into believing the way to be successful is to:

  1. Sit Down
  2. Shut Up
  3. Get an A+ or you're a failure.
  4. You cannot fail.

This is what the school system grooms them to do and this continues into college and even during the employment process.

When you have a job, you're trained to correct your weaknesses instead of focus on your strengths.

As an entrepreneur, you know that correcting your weaknesses instead of managing them is going to lead to failure as an entrepreneur.

But when you double down on capitalizing your unique zone of genius, and then managing your weaknesses instead of trying to make them excellent, then all of a sudden magic starts happening!

By the age of 12 our kids are being conditioned to be perfectionists, on an assembly line, who need to aspire to get a job.

This means that if our kids are multi-passionate and curious, we need to do a good job at home of fostering and reinforcing an environment that allows them to thrive and explore.

I'm not anti school, my kids will go to school, but as a parent, I will be intentionally and hyper aware that my child will be groomed through this system. So in addition to grades, I will also be asking them what they are passionate about and what they want to lean into... and foster the shit out of that!

I will also not be punishing failure, but pushing to lean into strengths.

Step into the common sense corner - is most of society thriving? No.
Most of society is broke, fat, and overwhelmed.
Do you really want to take advice from society?


You want to take a look at the select few people who have what you really want and follow that advice and guidance.

Lean into curiosity!

Have you ever accidentally shut down your kid's interest because it wasn't in alignment with the status quo?

When your kid has unique qualities, it's a sign that they probably have entrepreneurial qualities. 

This doesn't mean that they need to be an entrepreneur in life to thrive, but it's something to take into consideration if you're planning to raise a leader.

Followers follow a culture, while leaders create their own culture.

To be a leader you need to stand out, to be outstanding, think differently.

Success does NOT need to be a big sacrifice.

You don't need to give up what you love most in order to thrive.
You don't need to sacrifice time with your family in order to thrive.

If you struggle with always feeling like you need to be "ON" and/or that double guilt when you're working that you're not with your family and when you're with your family you're not working...

I have an opportunity for you to let go of all of that forever.

Be a fully present CEO. A full present parent. A fully present spouse.

When there is presence in all 3 of those, all 3 will thrive.

I'm offering you first dibs on how to break through to that incredible level of success.

Join our waitlist for the first ever community for entrepreneurial parents who feel called to raise leaders and establish a business and a life they don't need to escape from.

You are building your business around your life, instead of building your life around your business.


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