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When Family Doesn't Come First

Nov 22, 2021

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  • The greatest failure of my life to date
  • When is “enough”?
  • Coming into alignment with the best version of yourself
  • Shifting priorities to what matters most
  • Gaining more hunger, energy, and drive
  • You are already enough
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You MUST learn to build your business around your life, instead of learning to build your life around your business!

If you don't, the relationships in your life will start to fall apart and lose the connectedness that was once there.

Learn from my greatest mistake!

You probably want success so badly because you know you are meant for more in this life. Whether that's to be the transition person in your family or just because you have an innate hunger and drive to create a magnificent life.

All of the feelings of stress, overwhelm, and frustration, ultimately come from the fear of not being enough.

So you pour more energy into your family, kids, business, wherever you are trying to feel the most success and if you're like me, you may even get addicted to the feelings that success creates...

Then one day my wife asked me "What's going to be enough for us?" and I realized that I was chasing self worth in the success of my business.

When I spent time with my family I was physically there, but mentally I was in the other room with my work still... 

It started to create a disconnect. The relationships in my life weren't as strong as they otherwise could've been.

I began noticing something was off... then I realized, the real trigger for this wake up call, that I was being judgmental towards other people's challenges. Confused as to why they weren't figuring things out sooner for themselves.

This is NOT who I am.

I am a kind, loving, caring, empathetic, person in my soul.

Janiece, my blessing, called me out on it. She asked me if I thought I was superior or better than others because of my growth and development.

Only 7% of communication is language, 93% of communication is body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice.

Of course she could tell I was judging!

Then I had this AHA moment...

I was building my life around my business, INSTEAD OF building my business around my life.

THAT is one of the biggest failures I've ever had.

We set goals for the feelings we think the goals will bring us, yet no one has taken those from us.

Those feelings are not at the end, they're at the beginning!

So I blocked off time in my calendar to spend with my family that are nonnegotiables, added in time for exercise, and inner growth time to prioritize myself.

Then, I scheduled time away during the holidays for myself and my team. Something I had never done before!

I feared my hunger and drive for the business would dissipate, but it's actually increased.

Putting my family and my own physical and personal growth first gave me the feelings I sought through success.

Peace of mind, certainty, love & connection.

AND - it inspired new creative ideas to serve more people!

Now I can feel this hunger and passion, while being fully present with my family when it matters.

I recently did a visualization exercise at a Tony Robbins UPW event where I visualized all the things I wanted in life to be successful, then imagined them being ripped away from me...

The vision didn't change - I still had all the materialistic items I imagined, but my wife and daughter were gone. I was alone.

I failed to be the person I know I am meant to be.

Please learn from my greatest failure in life and build your LIFE around your business, not the other way around.

No matter how much business you build, it's not going to make you feel like you're enough... That's your job!

When you are aligned with the truest version of you, there will be no question of whether or not you're enough.

There will always be more work, but when you prioritize your health and family - those feelings of being behind will vanish.

It's a matter of shifting values around what matters the most to you!

My hope for this episode is that you take a look at how you've been operating and prioritize what you really care about and make those things priority number one.


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