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From Scarcity to Wealth

May 23, 2022

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  • Starting beyond scarcity
  • Changing your view of money
  • Why poor people are greedy
  • How to be wealthy before you have the funds
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You will never get beyond scared, you need to start beyond scarcity.

We’re going to talk about financial mindset, because I think there’s a huge disconnect going on between what wealth is and what financial independence is.

What most people this is that they need financial independence before they can ever feel wealthy. 

And I'm telling you wealth and financial independence are two very very different things and it's important for anyone no matter what stage of the game you are at.

What does it take to feel wealthy?

Most people will say, it takes “x” amount of dollars, it takes a million bucks or two million, or ten million. That’s what it’s going to take to feel wealthy. 

Here’s the challenge with that, don't you know people that have a ton of money but are broke

Who do you know that has money but is still not truly wealthy?

They don't feel alive, they don't feel vibrant, they don't feel energetic and grateful each day. 

This one of the biggest myths that I see in business owners, thinking that when you achieve a certain amount of dollars and cents, all of a sudden you'll feel something.

That's not how money works.

If you believe that and you keep going through your life thinking “once I make that much money”, “once I’m out of credit card debt”, “once I have a nice house or a fancy car”, then I’ll feel something different. 

What I've discovered over the course of my personal development journey, is that financial independence and wealth are two very different things.

Can someone be wealthy if they don't have financial independence?


What is financial independence?

Financial independence is the dollars and cents. It's the I can afford to do what I want, when I want, with who I want, wherever I want.

It's the life on your terms. 

And money is a beautiful thing, it allows you to do incredible things.

That's financial independence, it’s something that you can measure, it’s dollars and cents.

Wealth is an emotion. It is something you feel, it is something you live. 

What I discovered recently is that wealth is more likely to create financial independence. Wealth comes before financial independence.

So, what is wealth?  

Wealth is this idea of feeling electric, feeling alive, feeling vibrant, feeling abundant, feeling ease and peace and not worried about things.

An abundance mindset is a high-energy grateful appreciative mindset. 

And if you believe that you need to have money before you can feel that, think about the consequences of what that will do.

The entire pathway of building your financial Independence will be met with frustration and fear and doubt and worry.

And if your entire pathway of building financial independence is met with all those things, are you likely to achieve financial independence? Likely not. 

When you’re feeling doubt and fear and worry, what do you tend to do?

You likely spend money on things that don’t matter and you’re likely low energy, so you don’t take the risks that will actually create more wealth in your life.

What we want to do is adopt the mindset of wealth so that we can feel alive and vibrant  to create all the success of financial independence that we want.

I was always the guy that when I started off my personal development journey, I would always see people with things that I wanted. And I don't just mean in terms of money. Money was definitely a thing, but it was more than that. They had this vibrancy, they had this aliveness, this passion, this zest for life.

And I grew up in a house where it was always said that people with money think they’re better than other people.

I grew up in a town called Palatine, Illinois and there was a town next door called Inverness, Illinois. It had all these really nice houses. We didn’t have this huge nice house, we had a fine house but we didn’t have this huge mansion like there was in Inverness.

I remember driving by those towns, and people in my life would always say they have money, they’re the snobby people. And I always had this belief that wealth was this conflicting thing.

I thought it was this thing that would mean you were rejected by people. And I grew up feeling that money would lead to being loved.

I would see whenever there was tension in my family that it was about money. And there were fights that went on about money. So I thought that you needed money in order to be loved. And if you didn't have money, you weren't worthy of love.  And the people that had money, you were not cool, that they were bad.

I remember seeing that growing up and always having these challenging times trying to get ahead financially. I noticed I was in college, one semester I spent $7,000 on alcohol and partying and frat stuff and all that. With no regard for my financial independence. I was just going to throw money away. And I would hear these things like I’m talking about in this episode,  and be like so I can just spend money and just do what I want but it's very very different than that. 

When I got out of college, something interesting started happening. I noticed when I got promoted at my corporate job, I still didn't have any money left over. It was interesting it was because all of a sudden, I was making more money than I've ever made before but for some reason it kept disappearing.

I was like what the heck is going on? Why is this? Why is this money always gone? Why do I always feel like there's never enough? 

When I got in the business space, one of the things that I was always told was to invest in your personal growth and the immediate thought I had was I don’t have the money to do that.

Then when I took a look at my behaviors, I was spending money on other dumb stuff. I started looking around and all the people that had what I wanted. All the people that had true wealth, financial abundance, positivity, love and joy. Where they were truly wealthy on the inside and in financial terms.

I started to take a look at them and all of them saw life in a very different way. Where no matter what happened in their financial circumstances, they found a way to feel alive, they found a way to feel vibrant, they found a way to invest in themselves. They found a way to see money as something that’s ever flowing, something that’s abundant, something that you can always feel

I remember taking a look at my life and I had this moment back in 2013, where I took a look at everyone in my life that didn't have what I wanted. People that were struggling financially and the common thread with them was that money would make them feel something. When I have more money, I’ll feel better. I’ll feel more alive, more vibrant, more happy.

They would always say that money was the cause of an emotion and they could feel better if they had more. And they always never had enough, they were always struggling paycheck to paycheck, even if they got a pay raise it would disappear.

The conversations around money were always tense. There were words, not necessarily really dark words like “money is the root of all evil” but they were saying things like people with money are greedy or people with with money don't understand what we have to go through, they’re different than us.

I remember thinking there was this weird vibe of tension around it. 

But then when I took a look at people that had money, there was this freedom in how they felt, how they lived, how they moved in their day-to-day life. Part of me thought, well it’s easy for them, they have money. 

But then I got to thinking, what came first? Was it the money? Or was it the feeling?

I was listening to a Robert Kiyosaki YouTube video years ago and he said something powerful that made a huge impact on my life. He said, “Poor people are greedy”.

And I remember thinking, “What are you talking about?”.

He continued, in order to become truly wealthy, you have to give something. You have to give some part of you, you have to add value to the world in some way. That’s how you truly become financially independent, how you create wealth in terms of finances. And poor people, he said, poor people always take. They’re always thinking what's happening to me? Why is it harder for me? This is my situation, it's harder in my circumstances. You don’t understand, you have money, you don’t understand my situation.

That made a huge impact on my life. I started looking around and changing the way I viewed money. I read books and I went to seminars and all this incredible stuff started to happen where I started to realize there is a difference between wealth and financial independence. Where wealth was a feeling, a vibrancy; and financial independence was measured in a bank account.

And in order to become financially independent, i need to become wealthy first. 

Now that is a counter-intuitive thought to most people.

So how do I become wealthy first?

Well if wealth is defined as the vibrancy of your emotions like if you would think about someone that's truly wealthy in all terms of word, they're someone that gives, and loves, and serves, and feels alive and feels happy. Not toxic happy, but genuinely happy.

So how do I do that?

I remember thinking, all these people that have what I wanted, they go to seminars, they invest in courses, they read books, so I started studying these things, I started studying wealth and I started investing in myself before I ever could. Before the dollars and cents made sense.

I remember, there was this one $5,000 seminar, and I was making $24,000 as a group fitness instructor, so this was literally a fifth of my income. And I remember investing in that and everyone in my life told me it was the stupidest decision I’ve ever made. They said I wouldn’t be able to survive, I could barely buy groceries right now. 

What I used to do is I would buy a course, return a course, buy a course, return a course because I wanted that success but I would get rid of the opportunity to create it because I got back to scarcity.  I got back to the feeling that there was never enough, that money was a limited pie that I had to earn which is BS.

When I heard Robert Kiyosaki talk, it shifted me. I remember thinking, all these successful people are all saying invest in yourself before you can. And so I started getting in the room with these people, investing before I couldn't. I started to rewire my mind. I started to notice that my subconscious mind was changing. I started to feel more alive, more vibrant.

Everything started to shift, I started to understand money in a different way, I started to understand business in a different way. And it changed our entire lives.

Millions of dollars in revenue. Thousands of lives changed all over the world.

It makes it easier to create more financial independence.

I used to think that money was this little pie that you had to earn and work hard for.  I realized the only thing that did, was make me feel scarce, made me feel worried, made me feel less than, made me feel like I had to be deserving of my sliver. 

But then I realized that success is this ever-expanding pie. There is no pie. Just this ever-expanding thing that everyone can have.

Once I realized that, I realized I don't need to be deserving, I didn't need to be the hard worker that always did more and more and more, thinking that would somehow create success 

Don’t you know people that work their butts off and don't have financial wealth? It's not about working harder, it's about alignment and feeling vibrant, cause then you take the action that actually creates success.

So if I take a look at my life before, the consequences of not shifting this were pretty severe. 

I remember feeling like do I really want to end up like my parents? Do I really want to end up going to the same exact challenges of too much month at the end of the money, always feeling broke, always feeling less than, always feeling like I didn't have enough?

But if I shifted this, just maybe, I can become like one of those people. I could become one of the few that is different, one of the few that is that transition person in their family. One of the few that is the person that broke the chains of mediocrity, of status quo.

So I remember that there was a moment when I had the opportunity to hire a coach.  I said to myself, once I have money, then I’ll hire a coach so I can be wealthy and successful. If you think about that, that's backward thinking.

Once I have money then I'll do the very thing that would create money. Doesn't make sense.

I realized I needed to flip that. 

I looked at my life and said what do I want long term? I want to have these incredible things, beautiful homes and cars. Having beautiful things is a beautiful thing.

I want to have all these beautiful things. I want to serve people all over the world. I want to make all this incredible income. 

What would I already be doing? I’d already have a coach, I’d already be investing in myself,  already going to seminars, reading books on these topics.

I realized I need to be wealthy now. 

That was a profound thought of my life.

I need to be wealthy now.

That's my calling for you today: to be wealthy now if you're in a place where you don't have financial independence yet.

That doesn't mean spend money like an idiot. There is a science to achievement. If you spend more than you earn you will not create financial independence.

That's like going against the laws. I'm not saying spend money like an idiot, I’m saying the feelings of wealth need to come first.

And that’s what I teach people to do, how to rewire your mind on how to feel wealthy and abundant and alive.

When you do this, not only do you notice that money and success just floods you, someone told me early on that when you create success it will happen so fast you won't even realize what hit you.

The more and more I practiced this, being wealthy before I had financial independence, it happened. It unlocked and things started flying to me and all of a sudden my life just took off. A

It allowed for so many freedoms in our life, we ended up buying our dream home on a lake, we ended up buying our wonderful little car traveling the world, donating tens of thousands of dollars to charity, hiring a team, being able to help pay their mortgages. Incredible things happened.

That's possible for you too. You can have all of these things but you need to rewire your mind from a place of “I'm going to try to get to a place beyond scarcity” to a place of “I'm going to start beyond scarcity”.

When you do that, when you rewire your mind to start beyond scarcity, start in a vibrancy of wealth, all of a sudden you have more energy, more aliveness, more creativity to be able to create all of the things that would tangibly bring you financial independence.

But it starts by rewiring your mind.

If you’re having a hard time with this, if you feel like you don’t know what's going on up here in your noggin that’s keeping you stuck in some way, my challenge to you is to take our “What’s Your Unique to Success Archetype" quiz.

Chances are there are some beliefs you have based on your success archetype that are causing you to act in the way that you’re acting or feel the way you are feeling, that’s preventing you from being wealthy before you have the financial independence.

Once you identify that, once you have self awareness of what it is, you can start the process of changing it. 

Take the quiz here: What's Your Unique Success Archetype

It’ll tell you exactly what your unique success archetype is so you can see what’s preventing you from having that mindset of wealth. What’s preventing you from feeling fully alive and vibrant before you have that money cause that’s the key to creating the money.

Here is my calling for you today: Be wealthy before you have the funds.

And if you're wealthy before you have the funds, then you put yourself in a state to be able to create the funds. But if you go through your life saying I need to earn my way to happiness, you'll never get to happiness. 

If you can’t be happy or earning $1, you won’t be happy earning $100,000. You have to start at that lower-level.

Money is a magnifier of your current emotional state. So if you're scarce and fearful and tired and exhausted with $1 in your bank account, you’ll be a hundred times more exhausted with $100,000 in your bank account

What you'll find is, you'll have the money but you haven't changed the source of what's going on.

Then you’ll think more and more will make you happy but that’s not how it works. We need to be happy with a small amount and that will allow you to put yourself in a state to create the larger amount to actually have it matter. The last thing you want is to be the poor rich man.

So if you're struggling with this and you have a hard time being wealthy before your financially independent, take the “What’s Your Unique Success Archetype” quiz.

Start here.

Be wealthy before you are financially independent and you will gain that financial independence.


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