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Hit Your 1 Year Goals In 1 Month

Nov 08, 2021

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  •  Are you setting safe goals?
  • How to spark fresh ideas
  • Applying your “unconscious” data
  • The best question you can ask yourself to go farther
  • Capitalizing on state changes 
  • Discover insights into your work application: “What's YOUR unique success archetype?” quizzes.bradbizjack.com
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What if you could hit your 1 year goals in 1 month? 

What would that do for your life?


Too often people make the mistake of setting SAFE goals.

If your goals are realistic, that are achievable if you really put in some time and effort, then they're not big enough!

They're holding you back because they're not giving you the opportunity to become a different person.

While working with a client who seemed to be setting a fairly safe goal for next summer - I challenge her to think of a goal far beyond that with a deadline of next month.

Her state totally changed. Her heart began to race and she started to think differently, asking new questions she hadn't before on how to make this goal happen.

New ideas came to her because it was a goal that she didn't know how to hit. It was out of her comfort zone, it would require her to become a different person, and it was a goal that would force her to detach from the outcome.

Another client of mine wanted to replace her teaching income in 4-6 months so I challenged her to do it in 2 weeks. (The equivalent of hitting your 1 year goal in 1 month) Not only was she able to replace her full time income in two weeks, but in two months she doubled her full time teaching income with her new business.

Who would you have to become to speed up your long term goals and hit them faster than ever before?

You've had situations in your life already where once you decided to make it happen, it happened.

You have something in your life, where once you decided you were finding the way or making the way, there was no other possibility and you did it. (Buying a house or new car, taking on a new role, getting a job, putting your child in a specific daycare etc.)

When you made this decision, you came up with new or creative ideas that you didn't otherwise know how to do. As you applied them you started to get feedback, what worked and what didn't.... you gathered the data on how to succeed! Things took off and you achieved that goal. Maybe not in the same way or timeline that had envisioned it originally, but it happened and it was much faster than you would've otherwise.

What if you applied that to every goal you have?

People may suggest expanding the timeline to avoid the feelings of failure when you a miss a goal, but that's because people are tying their worth to the outcome.

Your worth is not based on the completion of a goal.

It doesn't even matter if you hit the goal, what truly matters is who you become in the process.

When you decided to make it happen, you call on a bigger level of resourcefulness within you and things started to change dramatically.

What do you want to accomplish in the next year? Who would you have to become to do it in the next month? Without violating your family or personal priorities and values.

Notice the state change, the energy change, the feelings in your heart, the nervousness or panic as your heart rate increases.

Anxiety and excitement are fraternal twin sisters. They both create the exact same physiological response to your body, but one focuses on what can go wrong and the other focuses on what can go right.

Fear is imagination undirected.

Faith is imagination directed.

Just try this - take your one year goal and decide to do it in a month. 

Stop focusing on all the little tasks along the way that are essentially glorified procrastination keeping you from actually hitting it and creating stories in your head that you will never be able to do it.

All it does is creates a pedestal for your goal until it seems so insurmountable to achieve when it's actually super simple.

You can do it this week or this month if you wanted to.
It's going to take a different version of you.

Who are you going to have to become to hit your 1 year goal in 1 month?

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Go find out your strengths and weaknesses to know how to shift your current mindset so that when you shrink that goal down to a shorter timeline it becomes easier to accomplish!



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