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How to Create Success Before You Feel Worthy

Jul 11, 2022

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The biggest problem with having limiting beliefs is that you believe them.

Your success will only grow to the capabilities of your current identity and what that identity believes to be true.

And identity meaning who you think you are, who you believe you actually are.

The strongest force in the human personality is to stay consistent with who you already think you are.

We're going to break through that today and elevate your identity to the next level so that you can succeed faster than ever before.

If you believe that money is hard to make, the hardest thing about that is that you believe that to be true.

Real money is incredibly easy to make, it's super, super simple. And if you have a limiting belief that says that's not true, then you look at that statement and say that's false.

So the greatest problem with having a limiting belief is that you believe it.

What we need to do is we need to shift our identity.

What most people do when they try to change their world is they start by trying to change their circumstances, their environment. They try to change the things going on in their life that are around them, thinking that those things are going to create a significant change.

What's interesting is that, typically, it's a behavior that creates that environmental change, right? When you change one of your behaviors, when you change one of your actions, the environment around you naturally changes.

Typically what allows for those two behaviors to actually work is if you adopt new skills.

So let's say for example, that you want more money. One of the behaviors that you would want to change is that you would want to prospect new people to your business. The skills that makes that possible is those skills of persuasion and sales.

If you are prospecting people to your business trying to change your financial situation, but you don't have persuasive skills, will you be able to create that change very easily? Likely not.

So what allows for all those things to happen, to adopt a skill, to change behavior, so you can shift your circumstances?

It really comes down to your beliefs.

There's two different types really, the first is global beliefs, which is beliefs about a general blanket statement, for example, men are, women are, life is, my dog is - that's an example of a global belief.

It's a blanket statement about a group of population or a large mass of things together.

But there's also rules and those rules are if then statements.

If then statements, meaning, if I grow my business, my wife will leave me. If I have money, I will be judged. Those are also beliefs.

Your beliefs influence if you will ever learn the persuasion and sales skills, which then influences if you will adopt the behavior of putting yourself out there and prospecting situations, therefore changing your financial circumstances.

But what causes our beliefs?

What causes our beliefs is our identity.

Our identity, meaning, who we think we are.

So I want to ask you, do you believe that you are an entrepreneur?

If you think about the identity of an entrepreneur or a CEO, do those identities have different beliefs associated with them?

If you have the identity of a CEO, then what happens to your beliefs?

It shifts from it's always about helping to I create my own destiny, I'm responsible for my life.

And doesn't mean you don't take some of the coaching stuff and bring it with you. But with that new belief of I'm responsible for my life, I'm responsible for my business, I create my own destiny, do you see how that would then make you learn the persuasion skills, sales skills, which would then change your behaviors, and therefore influence your environment?

It all comes down to our identity, how we identify as people, if you believe you are a coach, but you're trying to build a business, you're gonna have a very hard time.

If you believe you're an entrepreneur, and you tried to build a business, very different experience because who you think you are impacts everything.

Think about the identity of a realist.

If you identify as a realist, then isn't there more skepticism in your beliefs? There's more realism, there's more skepticism, there's more data focus.

Versus I'm an optimist, so there's more possibility in my beliefs and vision and optimism, and what am I creating?

It's completely different based on who you think you are.

If we ever want to grow and expand our life, we need to expand our identity.

If you're in a situation where you've grown to the outer limits of your identity, where you feel like you want to expand, but you just feel trapped?

When our identity expands to meet our comfort zone, our ego, the outer edge of our identity, its job is to keep you safe. But if you want to grow a business, safety and security is not the answer. You're not going to grow a business from safety and security. That's not how it works. You need to take calculated risks and be uncertain put yourself in growth situations.

Most people don't leave the ego because it's scary. They fear change they fear uncertainty, but I'd be more scared of what happens if you stay in the ego. Because you find yourself 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years down the road with the same problems, same money situation, same bad day, see what got you here will not get you there.

If you want to get to the next level in your life, it means constantly leaving that safety, constantly finding a bigger one, a better one, a brighter one, one that's more magnificent one that allows you to grow and has room for you to expand.

That takes some guts.

Take some courage.

Now courage is interesting, because it doesn't mean you don't have fear. It means that you take action even though you're afraid. It means you're brave. It means you take a leap.

You have a choice to make, stay in that ego and experience a dull, achy pain or leave that safety and comfort.

One of the ways to make this less risky for you, is to surround yourself with other people who are constantly changing, so that when you leave you say, get my back through this, I'm going through a transformation, I need help.

Having the courage to ask for help.

When your identity expands, guess what happens? It will eventually come up against that ego again, and you'll have to grow even more. Then this happened when I went from employee to coach to entrepreneur to CEO, those are all four big identity leaps that I had to make.

Once I made those leaps, things started changing in my life very, very quickly.

Whatever your identity, the size of your identity impacts what you believe, it impacts what skills you adopt, it impacts the behaviors that you deploy, and therefore the environment that you create.

So ask yourself, what is your identity?

Where do you identify in terms of business?

Do you identify as a coach, do you identify as an expert, thought leader, an entrepreneur, CEO, where do you truly identify?

Not where do you want to identify, but where do you currently identify?

When you make this shift, magic can start happening.

Other people get your back during this transformation, you get their back during transformation.

Magic can happen so much faster, and you realize what you put out there and how you serve, it comes back tenfold.

But you need to be willing to leave the ego to grow otherwise, you'll be stuck for years.

You cannot change your life from the same level of consciousness that created your current life.

It's scary to do this. It's scary to take the leap of faith because it goes against everything you've known for years.

It feels counterintuitive to what's safe, it feels counterintuitive to all of your stories, everything that you've rationalized about your life.

But rationalizing why your life is the way it is doesn't change your life.

It might make you feel significant and certain and comfortable in the moment, but doesn't shift anything.

It just keeps you in the exact same spot.

So in order to expand your identity, you need to rewire your subconscious mind.

You need to rewire your mind for that next level identity. And that's what I'm an expert in helping you do.

Remember, the greatest problem with limiting beliefs is that you believe them.

Have you ever noticed that when you're around people that have the same beliefs of limitation as you, it feels comfortable to share misery with them?

If you have limiting beliefs or about money and you surround yourself with other people that have limiting beliefs about money it feels safe. It feels like home. Right? Because all of a sudden, you have a relief that you're not alone in this shit show.

But if you really want to change, it requires going against that knowledge. When you hang around with people that have different, more empowering beliefs about money, there's a piece of you, that is like, well, it's nice for them. But there's also a piece of you that says, I wonder what that'd be like?

And you feel pulled for more.

When you surround yourself with people next level of identity from where you are, you feel pulled to that level of identity.

It challenges you a little bit, but it causes the highest version of you to transform.

So there's comfort and hanging around people that believe the same things you do, this is the confirmation bias I was talking about. Greatest problem limiting beliefs is that we believe them, so we'll fight like hell to keep them. And that means we'll surround ourselves with people that believe the same things as us.

But if you're smart, and you intentionally put yourself in rooms of people that are at that next level of identity from you, all of a sudden you go, I want to create that and all of a sudden, you can start creating it.

Starts the process of rewiring your mind, that's what I'm going to offer you.

Some really cool opportunities for you to rewire your mind to be in a room full of people that are absolutely crushing it.

Remember, the greatest problem with limiting beliefs is that you believe them. So we want to create incredible success, six and seven figure success, touching lives all over the world, having true freedom, having sales role in your bank account, or in your business every single day. Having your business grow by the thousands every single week, having free time to spend with your family, you need to rewire your subconscious mind, you need to do it.

And if you don't do it, you will stay stuck in the current identity that you have. And you'll find yourself surrounding yourself with people that don't share the dreams and ambitions that you really want.

You need to get around people that are playing ball to a high level you need to rewire your mind to do that. And like I've been talking about the fastest way to do that is to take the What's Your Unique Success Archetype Quiz.

This is gonna give you your starting point. It's gonna give you a barrier to entry to this world of transformation, you're gonna be able to see what are my limiting beliefs about my current identity?

Where do I stack up in this transformation, what might be holding me back. Once you identify what's holding you back, we'll give you a plan to be able to shift that.

That's the power of being in our ecosystem.

We will show you literally had to rewire your subconscious mind for success.


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