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Hustle Culture Is Killing Your Business

Apr 04, 2022

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  • Why old industry standards will keep you stuck
  • Lessons from my father
  • Detaching your worth from success
  • The consequences of hustle culture
  • Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure
  • Why you’ll never earn worthiness
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  • What’s YOUR Unique Success Archetype?


Hustle culture is killing your business. 

That is an OLD, outdated, way of thinking that keeps businesses stuck and families starting to fall apart.

Growing up I used to watch my dad work 100 weeks and there was  always a scarcity mindset at home when it comes to money. Too much month at the end of the money.

When money was coming out of the bank there was tension.

He was always trying to calculate how many more hours of overtime he could put in to earn the desired amount of money he needed.

How much he earned was dependent on how much effort he put in, so this idea of having to work more to earn more was something that was really apparent to me.

Whether it's music emphasizing "the grind" or "hustling" or in sports about "outworking your opponent"... you hear it everywhere!

You can achieve from this mindset, but if your are not fulfilled it can cause things to start to fall apart.

Hustle culture is a SCARCITY mindset.

Scarcity mindset is this idea that success is a pie and only a sliver of it belongs to you.

If this is true, you won't feel deserving of success now and so you won't go out and create it!

If you don't feel worthy of success, it's not going to happen.

You will keep working harder to prove yourself and eventually get burnt out.

You don't need to EARN worthiness. You are worthy now and have always been since the day you were born.

Think about the consequences of living in hustle culture...

You have this constant fear of what happens if you stop.

(This applies to both entrepreneurs AND employees)

What happens if I slow down?
What happens if I take time with my family?
What happens if I say NO to something?
If I stop focusing on my business, everything will fall apart!

It creates a fear within you. A fear to stop. A fear your boss is going to find out you're walking your dog during "work hours". A fear that you will miss out on an opportunity with a prospect so you are glued to your phone around your family...

All of this causes you to not be present with those you love the most and what does that do to their psyche over time?

What do they hear over time? That mom or dad doesn't love them? And does that cause resentment over time? Does it cause them to become someone different than you know you are raising them to be, over time?

You constantly feel this double feeling of  guilt because when you're working you feel like you should be spending time with your family and when you're with your family you're thinking about everything you could be doing for work...

You feel this constant state of never enough. Scarcity.

Another consequence of this is attracting MORE people who are attached to hustle culture.

When you attract people who live in reactivity vs  proactivity it can create a toxic work environment.

If you are in a recruitment business and you promote a lifestyle that demonstrates that you have to always be "ON" in order to be successful, people aren't going to want to join you. They already have a million things going.

If you are on social media out of fear of what happens if you're not, you are just causing even more lack of alignment.

This can create a values conflict if we believe we need to sacrifice more for success.

Human beings are driven by the need to gain pleasure and avoid pain.

We are typically willing to do more to avoid pain.

Ex. you would do more to prevent getting $50,000 stolen from you than you would to slowly save $50,000

This means if you value success, but also value your time and you link up success to more sacrifices to earn more - you are not going to want to succeed, even though you want to succeed...

You will feel like you want to sprint, but that you have chains around your ankles because of this values conflict.

It is NOT about hustling harder. 

It just leads to resenting the vehicle that was supposed to be your key to freedom.

Resentment towards anyone who criticizes how hard you work.... When really your spouse is just trying to say that they love you and just wants more of you, you're going to take it as they don't appreciate what you do for the family.

You will likely hear from people with money that hustle culture is the way to go, but money DOES NOT = Success.

Just because someone has created money doing something a certain way, does not mean they are successful. Money is just one of the overarching categories of life in which to measure success.

Ask yourself this:

Who has a very well rounded life AND a ton of money AND a ton of time? Who is happy AND healthy AND manages their emotions well?

Worthiness is NOT something you earn, it's something you already have.

Let go of this idea of hustle culture. You don't need to earn more pie.


If you find yourself living in this way, it may be due to the success archetype you're living in that's hindering you.

I've created a FREE quiz to help you identity your success archetype so that these beliefs do not continue limiting you!

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