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The Inner Shift Required For Business Success

Mar 14, 2022

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  • Examining what you bring to entrepreneurship 
  • Playing defense VS. Playing offense
  • Faith, Fear, and Possibility
  • Channeling your inner 12-year-old
  • Reality Check: It’s on YOU to make the shift
  • Conditioning yourself to live in what could be…
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Stop bringing anxiety, fear, and worry into the world of entrepreneurship!

If possibility isn't at the forefront of your mind, than you're going to find it challenging to get ahead in business!

Do you have offensive or defensive thinking? If you're thinking about all the reasons it may not work in your favor or the judgements that people may pass on you - that's defensive thinking.

If you were playing a sport and ONLY played defense, would you win the game? NO! You want to be playing offense as often as possible.

Ask yourself this: 

Are you creating your business through the lens of possibility and what could be? 


Are you creating from a space of believing it's not perfect, it's not what I imagined, what if other people judge me, what if my family doesn't support me?

Stop playing the game NOT to lose, instead of playing the game to WIN.

My favorite word is possibility.

The idea of creating something that hasn't been created yet.

To create something that doesn't exist yet you have to see into the future... but what is anxiety? Isn't it also looking into the future?

Both fear and faith require you to believe in something unseen.

If anxiety and overwhelm are your natural responses, no wonder you're struggling to build a business because those feelings are all your customer is receiving from you.

People don't want to join for more fear, worry, and doubt when those things are already readily accessible to them in their own daily life.

Possibility is also the unknown. The future. What could be...
There is no certainty within it, except for the certainty you create for yourself.

If you continue to show up in business this way, you'll never really put yourself out there.

The higher you level of possibility and the lower your level of certainty, the more energy exists! When more energy exists, you feel more alive! When you feel more alive, you take more action & when you take more action, you get better results!

Most people aren't exhausted because of what's on their plate, not because the amount of things they have to do, but because they have no compelling vision driving them towards possibility and change.

Living through the lens of possibility makes you feel  alive each day and gives you energy!

When you have bigger, more challenging goals, that seem nearly impossible, you actually exert LESS energy, than when you have smalls goals.

Small goals just create self defeat because they are created through the lens of certainty. (Playing life NOT to lose, instead of playing to WIN.)

All that does is put you in the mindset of focusing that "today is just not another crappy day".

Small goals keep you living in self defeat, which takes SO much mental energy and exhaustion.

When you have a bright vision driving you towards your future, you exert so much less energy.

This is why you see people with incredible businesses and dreams with so much responsibility still living amazing lives. Even though they have more on going on with family, kids, multiple businesses and clients and team members to serve, they still show up with great energy, excitement, & passion!

Because they're not living in certainty, they are living in possibility and their energy isn't drained.

If you want to get things off the ground, then you need to DEprioritize certainty and prioritize possibility through trust and belief.

Here is some truth love for ya - 

No one is coming to shift this mindset for you.
No one is coming to give you a guarantee.
No one is coming to tell you it's all going to be okay.

You have to create that within yourself through the lens of possibility!

Think like a little kid, what could be in your life?

Any time you crave new & different, but look through the lens of what's "normal" - it's going to feel uncomfortable.

Being an entrepreneur is the minority. Most people don't do this so your risk profile is going to look a little different.

In order to succeed as an entrepreneur you need to think in possibility and take risks.

 Are you viewing life in the lens of possibility or certainty?

When you start to live in possibility, you feel pulled to put yourself out there more. Then, you start to get better results, which creates a stronger sense of certainty. 

In entrepreneurship, certainty becomes the byproduct of living through possibility. 

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