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Evaluation: Is Your Success Predictable?

Sep 06, 2021

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  • Why your beliefs are detrimental to your success
  • How to accelerate your success
  • What kind of lens are you wearing? 
  • Deconstructing the Success Cycle
  • What’s YOUR unique success archetype? Take the quiz to find out now! https://quiz.bradbizjack.com/sf/7191e922
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Everything in your life stems from your beliefs about life. Are your thoughts disempowering you and holding you back, or empowering you, leading you to thrive faster than ever before? Your lens of the world directly impacts your beliefs about business, money, relationships etc. The way that you view your life radically determines what you believe!

We learn about why some people seem to succeed faster than anyone else with so much less stress, while others continue on a downward tailspin of constant overwhelm.

There are 4 main archetypes, or the lenses of which people view the world, that determines someone's speed of success. Figuring out your archetype will help create the self awareness of what is influencing your success. I have created a Success Profile that will show you exactly how you approach success and whether or not these qualities are hurting you or serving you!

Your beliefs dictate the potential you tap into, that influences the action you take, which influences the result you get, and that then reinforces the belief you already have. You can't try to change your circumstances without changing your beliefs first. A belief is nothing more than a feeling of certainty so nothing will shift without first changing those core beliefs. Go take the Success Archetype quiz right now to find out your unique approach!



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