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The Myth About 6 Figures

Jul 25, 2022

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  • The law of income
  • Breaking down the biggest myths of 6-figure success
  • Identifying your current money mindset
  • Recognizing when you need to pivot
  • The importance and power of empathy
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The amount of money you earn is directly proportional to the amount of value you add to the marketplace.

A truth most people don’t realize is that six figures is harder to make than seven figures due to the way your skills develop and begin to stack over time.

Once you’ve gone through the process of reaching six figures earning income becomes much easier.

There are several myths about earning six figures.

First myth is the idea that once we reach six figures everything will finally be fine, which becomes a problem because in the interim of reaching this goal we develop feelings of inadequacy while putting income on a pedestal and you won’t develop your skills to get to that level.

The law of income states that your income is directly proportional to the amount of lives you touch and how well you touch them.

If you add more value to the marketplace by touching more lives you will make more money.

In reality, you get paid not hourly but for the value that you produce each hour.

The second myth is the idea that if you work more hours and focus more on work, all of a sudden you will earn six figures.

You cannot bring the same mindset and strategy that earns you five figures currently into your plans to earn six figures.

Reaching six figures doesn’t come from more hours but from the value that is added to your ideal customer or an employer during the hours that you are working.

You need to think like a six figure earner.

It’s a different psychology in how they live and the things they focus on.

Instead of thinking about what you need to do to earn six figures, you should focus on what do you need to learn and who do you need to become to earn six figures.

Throw out the old mindset and strategies of trying to get enough eyes on you, enough followers, or cold calling as many people as possible.

It requires a modern marketing strategy with a mindset of empathy. Look for the way you can provide value by having empathy and by understanding where your ideal customer is and what they want.

Next myth is that there are certain marketing techniques and business strategies that must be used.

The market is always changing.

You must pivot towards what your ideal customer needs and this requires you to let go of conformity and stop using outdated messaging techniques and business strategies.

Shift your marketing focus so that you enter the conversation where your customer is at.

Business requires marketing and innovation.

Marketing is getting people to care about you through empathy while innovation is changing based on your customers needs.

Once you get past these myths and begin adopting empathy, innovating, and pivoting towards your customer’s needs, your skills will begin compounding.

Practicing your skills over and over allows you over time to get better at sales, persuasion, marketing, leadership, tech, and then making large sales will take less time.

It’s all based on how much value you add and if you’re not adding value consistently, then you will have a hard time advancing your income.

While all of this makes logical sense, I want to make it simple for you.

Josh Coates, a seven figure earner, is hosting a free six figure marketing plan workshop on the 27th of July.

He is going to break down these myths, show you how to get past them, and how to build a “belief bridge” – meaning you can communicate with a client in a way that takes them from where they are to seeing where they want to be through your work.

I highly recommend you attend this workshop. I guarantee you that if you persist and consistently choose empathy and you innovate based on what your ideal customers need, your skills will compound and you will get to that six figure level.

It just takes a couple different mindsets and a couple different skill sets which Josh Coates is going to go over.


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