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The Solve to New Business Imposter Syndrome

Mar 28, 2022

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  • Why competition doesn’t really matter
  • Tackling imposter syndrome
  • Abundance vs. Scarcity Mindset
  • Honing in on your relatability factor
  • Pie talk 🥧
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  • If you’re tired of letting imposter syndrome hold you back, tune in and learn how to reframe the perception of your unique gifts.
  • What’s YOUR Unique Success Archetype?


Competition is irrelevant

You have a unique message that you want to get out into the world and every time  you worry about putting yourself out there or that there are people more qualified to share a similar message, an aching feeling inside of you will appear.

That feeling is the longing to grow. A sign of wanting to expand.

When we ignore those feelings fear and doubt appear causing us to say things to ourself like:

  • What if no one buys from me?
  • Why would anyone listen to me?
  • I don't have enough success yet
  • There are more qualified people to teach XYZ

All of those things are what's called Imposter Syndrome.

It's NOT an actual diagnosis....

Imposter Syndrome is just self doubt.

Everyone has self doubt. It's NORMAL.

Yet, most people blame imposter syndrome for why they don't take action or why they can't get ahead.

Yes there are other people out there already teaching in the arena you want to contribute to, but why wouldn't you teach it too

There is room for everyone to succeed.

When you view others as competition, you VS them - that's a scarcity mindset. Then you're living in fear and playing not to lose instead of playing to win.

And what I've found, is that the more successful you become, the more your competition wants to help you win.

What you'll find is if you adopt a mindset of AND on your journey instead of OR is that it becomes a lot less about competition and a lot more about collaboration.

Successful people want to help other people thrive.

There's always room for you at the top. 

People will listen to you because of YOUR story.

The message you share with the 8 billion other people in the world are going to relate to some more than others.

While you are just getting started in your business, the access to you, will be your advantage. You will have the ability to spend more 1:1 time with your clients, when there are fewer of them than when you have thousands.

Most people think they have to be at the END of the journey to serve someone... but the end of your journey is when you're dead.

Mentorship is just using your own personal experience to help someone overcome a problem.

You don't need to be further along.

You just need to be ONE step ahead and have a heart to serve.

If other people are already doing what you're doing, that is a sign that the market wants it!

Success is not a prerequisite for success.

There is not a limited pie with only a sliver for you... there is an abundant, ever expanding pie waiting to serve you!

This is why 1,700 new millionaires are created every week.

Leap and I promise you that you'll grow your wings.

If you're having some doubts, fears, or worries around this, it's probably because you have some limiting beliefs keeping you where you are.

You need to identify your Unique Success Archetype!

By doing this we can take a look at the limiting beliefs associated with your archetype so you can grow past them to get to the next stage of your personal development journey.


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