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How to Reclaim Life After Kids

Dec 20, 2021

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  • Children aren’t a limitation to your life
  • How to reclaim your life and feel fully alive
  • Why I prioritize myself first
  • The greatest gift you can give your children
  • How to shift priorities
  • An EXCLUSIVE look into my personal scheduling
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Your kids are not a limitation.

Your kids are not an excuse.

Society leads us to believe that when we have children we can't continue living life the way we did before...

Everything great in my life has come from me looking at what society does and sprinting in the opposite direction.

Most of society is broke, overwhelmed, scared, and fat.

If you're listening to this right now, The Path to Mindset Mastery -


You don't want average.

You want to live a life on your terms.

You want extraordinary.


One of the greatest mistakes people make is putting their kids first.

When it comes to my top 3 priorities they look like this:

  1. Myself
  2. My Wife
  3. My Kids

I prioritize my mental health, physical body, and emotional state above anything else. I take care of myself. 


Because self care is in the service of others.

If I don't take care of myself first, I might PHYSICALLY be in the room with them, but I'm not really there.

So I intentionally set aside time for my routines on a daily basis so that when I spend time with them I can actually be present.

I challenge you to prioritize yourself and how YOU feel alive.

Make the time. 

The reason you "have no time" is because you have built up a habit of not creating it.

Time is the fairest resource of all.

Everyone has the same amount of it.

If hearing this triggers you, it's likely you're using your circumstance as a story to why you can't change, making you feel significant to have a reason of why it's harder for you.


** If that comment upset you, be mad at me. I want you to look at why it triggered you. (Likely there's a hint of truth to it. **


Lack of resources is never the problem.

Lack of resourcefulness is the problem.


My second priority is my wife.

What I often see and have done myself in the past, is prioritizing the kids over the marriage.

This is a horrible mistake!

The reason being is because your kids bring you a feeling of love that's certain. It's unconditional. You don't have to earn it or fight for it. 

Unlike your spouse, where you have to give love in order to receive  love.

Your kids love you no matter what. It's an easier way to receive love, but it's not passionate & it's not intimate.

You feel like it's a love that will never leave, but what happens when they're 18 and move out?

Most people meet their need for love from their kids and prioritize their kids over their spouse.

Then their spouse will take all of their love & energy and put it into something else like work or a hobby.

I have done this in my life.

It causes a separation, hurting the kids more than it helps them.

Kids begin to feel entitled or like something is missing or resentful.

The greatest gift you can give to your kids is the example of passionate love. 

When you prioritize your marriage over your kids you give them this example of passionate love that creates a safe place they want to come back to. They can see and feel the values being instilled in them subconsciously.

Then, without even realizing it, that becomes who they are.

That's why I take care of myself in order to create a passionate marriage. Totally backwards from what society says (who is not doing so well in this category...).

How do we actually do this?

 1. Shift in priority: look at your life to see what makes sense for you

What's the consequence of your current priority order?

2. Build your work around your priorities instead of building your priorities around your work.

Put your morning rituals, exercise, YOUR self care time into your calendar, block of time with your family and/or significant other.

If it's not scheduled, it's not a priority.

Just like money, if you don't give your time direction it will disappear.

If you don't schedule time for these things, what does it teach your kids? It doesn't teach them how to love or take care of themselves.

3. Include your kids!

We were told many times that we wouldn't be able to travel or live the life we used to until Lily (our daughter) was older and even then it wouldn't be the same.

So we had a choice to make, accept that reality OR get creative.

We love to travel and didn't want to wait 10 years to experience life's beauty so we made some shifts in order to make it work. Now we will be traveling to the UK & Ireland with my wife's parents. We get to travel with Lily, but we will also have help.


You can do all of it.


If you have a family or large commitments, don't use it as a reason not to have the life that you want.

It's an opportunity to break societal norms and choose a life by your own design.

I refuse to accept what society tells me and I DEMAND an extraordinary life.

I challenge you think in possibility instead of limitation.


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