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Mar 21, 2022

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  • Measuring your perseverance
  • Remembering where to place your worth
  • Understanding and appreciating the journey
  • Success GPS
  • Top 2 lessons learned in 9 years of business
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There is NOT one straight shot to the top in entrepreneurship. 

Grit and perseverance through challenging times is what holds a lot of people back from sticking to their goals.

This can be due to the fact that there is an attachment of self worth to the outcome of a goal. When this happens, you tell yourself that until you hit a certain level of success, you're not worthy.

The problem with this is that if you don't have feelings of worthiness, you won't take the action that will lead you to the level of success you desire.

You won't show up authentically.
You won't be vulnerable.
You won't put your offers in front of other people.

Success suddenly becomes this exhausting moving target that you can never seem to get to because you won't put yourself out there due to feeling a lack of worthiness...

You are worthy now & have always been worthy.

Success is an inner game.
A game of working on ourselves to feel alive within.

Let's think of success like a roadtrip, if you're taking a trip from where you are to somewhere incredibly compelling, you're going to notice traffic when you get on the road.

There will also be speed bumps, stop signs, slower speed limits, it's not going to be smooth sailing at first...

If the speed limit is 30 mph and I think  I should be going 70 mph, I'm going to feel frustrated.

Likewise, if you go 70 mph in a 30 mph you can hit someone or cause an accident, it's not safe! So we need to honor the speed limit that we're in.

You're going to have to stop for gas and refill on the personal development that will help you become successful.

There will be rest stop bathroom breaks.

At times the weather is going to be unpredictable and you're going to have to decide whether or not you slow down for safety, keep on forward through the storm, or pull over completely.

Sometimes there will a be a construction zone that takes you from speeding down a 4 lane highway to only one lane and you're going to have to decide if you're angry about the slower route... OR are you going to sit back and enjoy the ride to the place you really want to be?

The topography is going to change. Instead of a straight shot, there will be hills and mountains. The same speed you were going before will sometimes require a harder push on the accelerator... then on the other side of the mountain you will be able to let off the gas and go even faster!

Google maps might even pop up and share a faster route available than the one you currently thought was the fastest!

All of that is part of your journey.

That metaphor is a part of The Success GPS - something that we teach about how to get further, faster.

Most people expect their travels from one place to another will be a straight shot and that is NOT reality.

There are a million different things that happen on this journey and you have to be sitting in the drivers seat saying:

"This is okay. This is a beautiful thing and I am excited for the growth it will bring." 

This journey requires perseverance.  

You have to see rejection and failure as beautiful lessons and helpful data that is letting you know what's working on your entrepreneurial journey.

If you are willing to see your worth has nothing to do with your ability to achieve success, then you will be able to clearly see faster routes when they become available.

AND - it will feel more fun!

During my the first 5 years of the 9 years total experience that has grown our company into a multimillionaire business, I've learned:

1. It's not about showing off a certain type of an attractive lifestyle to recruit clients... it's about SERVICE.

2. Sometimes we are denied our goals to find our purpose.

I used to speak as a leader in my first business for my own team members and then eventually for other leaders teams... it lit me up!

Then, eventually at a conference I was asked an important question about designing my own life and realized if I could do anything - I would teach people how to be happy.

I decided  to go all in and spent the next 4 years trying everything and anything. I failed forward making so many mistakes, but learning from them. 

When things worked, we optimized and rinsed and repeated.

It took years to see a profit, but after 4 launches we almost hit a $1 million dollars in sales this last launch.

But people only see the tip of the success iceberg... they don't see all the hard work and effort and failure that came alongside of it building the foundation for success...

For every successful entrepreneur you see, there are YEARS of perseverance. 

The only way to persevere through all the challenges is by not linking your self worth to your outcomes.

You are worthy either way so pursue your dream!

Every part of my journey taught me something beautiful, just like yours is trying to teach you something beautiful too.

You are exactly where you are meant to be in order to learn what you need to live the life you're meant to live.

If you have a hard time believing this, it may be because of your archetype. 

After working with thousands of people over the years, I've noticed there are 4 buckets that people tend to fall into based on the patterns they have - their unique success archetype.

If you're not leveraging the strengths of that archetype you will be dominated by the weaknesses.

Don't let your limiting beliefs hop in the driver seat of your life - take the quiz today!

What's YOUR unique success archetype? Take the quiz to find out now! quizzes.bradbizjack.com



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