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How Was Thanksgetting?

Nov 29, 2021

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  • Sharing my daily appreciation practice routine
  • Exploring expectations surrounding the idea of giving thanks
  • Are your walls keeping you safe or imprisoning you?
  • The secret to making a magical life
  • How to make an “Abundance Sandwich”
  • The “Woo Woo” factor 
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Give what you want to feel, and you'll automatically feel what you gave!

Today we analyze our expectations around the idea of giving thanks after last weeks holiday.

Instead of feeling stressed or upset around unmet expectations, let's talk about how to create a mindset that allows us to holiday the rest of the holiday season with grace, passion, and excitement.


When you think about your experience last week:

  • Were you stressed out more than you were happy?
  • Were you overwhelmed more than you were thankful?
  • Were you judgmental more than you were accepting?


One of the greatest mistakes that most people make are expecting to GET, before they ever GIVE.

Example ---> MARRIAGE

  • Often times people will withhold love expecting their partners to change BEFORE they give love

And because they have been hurt or experienced some kind of pain before, they close up instead of opening up out of fear of getting hurt again... which makes sense why people put walls up. There is no blame for that.



"The walls that you put up to keep you safe are actually imprisoning you."


They keep you safe, sure, but also keep out everything good.

Instead, consider adopting this principle that I have adopted into my own life. Life will get much easier, very quickly, when you practice this daily:


Give what you want to feel, and you'll automatically feel what you gave!


When you truly take the time to appreciate your incredible life, you end up finding that the story you told yourself about the stress, worry, overwhelm etc. really isn't as messed up as your head tried to convince you that it was!

Everything seems a little lighter and easier.

Today I want you to imagine what areas in your life you can practice more appreciation.

Make your self and abundance sandwich - create the mindset of   unconditional love and the mindset of appreciation in order to feel the feelings of abundance in your life!


Do you focus more on what you're getting out of life or what you're giving to create life?

When you focus more on giving without any expectation of what you will get in return, THAT is where the magic starts to happen.

Think of appreciation as a state. A feeling of awe.

Let's focus on the connection to this feeling.

Breathe deeply and put your hands on your heart, then focus on 3 things you are greatly appreciative of.

  • Past memories - relive moments you have already experienced that bring you great joy
  • Existing blessings - what is creating genuine appreciation today that makes you feel blessed
  • Future goals - see your future goals as done and picture them through the lens of appreciation, feel them as if they have already happened

You chase goals for the feelings they will bring you when you accomplish them, but you can FEEL those feelings NOW.

When this happens it sends you soaring into creativity on how to make them a reality.

Magic starts to happen when you live this way.

If you have a hard time doing this or notice that the same challenges or problems keep showing up, it may be the way you go about trying to create change in your life.

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This quiz will show you why you struggle with finding and/or staying in a deep state of appreciation.


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