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Are You in the Right Business?

Mar 07, 2022

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  • Asking the most important question for your business transformation
  • What happens when identity and ego collide?
  • Why it’s okay to quit
  • 3 ways to know if you’re in the right business
  • Why detaching from success allows you to grow
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How do you know if you're in the right business?

Sometimes you're denied your goals so you can find your true purpose!

There are times you may question if the business you're in is right for you so let's talk about how to discern whether it's lack of motivation and the need to realign energetically, OR should you really be in a different business.

First - are you doing the things energetically on a daily basis to allow yourself to see...

  • Are you doing what needs to be done to take care of your mindset?
  • Do you start your day in appreciation?
  • Are you filling your cup and celebrating yourself?
  • Are you taking care of your health?

Is your vision of the future compelling you and pulling you towards it instead of away from it?

If not, your brain will tend to focus on the problem and create more problems.

When you consistently look for what's wrong, you'll find it!

If you truly want to evaluate if you're in the right business, ask these questions first:

  1. Do I have a massive dream for my life?

    Something you can visualize on a regular basis and see as real, if you don't everything else can seem pointless and create exhaustion + burnout

  2. Am I taking care of myself?

    Are you....

    - Breaking the limiting beliefs
    - Being nice to yourself
    - Starting your day in appreciation
    - Taking care of your health
    - Doing what needs to be done to make sure your
      mindset is in a great place
    - Priming myself for success

For me, I had built a great business and had a huge network of people who I had created amazing relationships with. I worked really hard and got exposed to the realm of personal development and LOVED sharing those concepts with others.
There was a whisper inside of me that told me it was what I was meant to do... but I was scared to leave. I thought I would lose love or others would be angry with me.

Then, I remember sitting in a Brendon Burchard conference and he asked:

"How would it look if you were to do it your own way?"

It was in that moment that I really started to think about how I would serve people.

Take a minute and ask yourself that same question.

That answer might be what you're currently doing, but for some people, there is a calling inside of them saying they know they are meant to go in a different direction and are made for more.

If you have that pull for something  more, what happens if you don't pursue that desire?

When I decided to take that leap of faith I found out 2 things:

1. I feel ALIVE every day because I'm doing what I'm truly meant to do.

2. Those fears weren't as bad as I imagined they would be.

From facing those fears and taking that big leap of faith, I have been the most fulfilled.

And the cool thing is, when your doing what you are made to do, you feel alive & vibrant and start making money.

People buy your energy, a feeling.

You know in your heart right now if there's a message that the world needs right now from you.

Prerequisites - You have a huge vision for your life that you visualize regularly & have busted through some of those limiting beliefs and stories so you can actually feel vibrant + alive

3 Ways to Know You're in the RIGHT Business:

  • You light up each day!
  • You could talk about what you do each day for days, weeks, and months, never getting paid a single dime, and be so fulfilled
  • You impact lives JUST by talking about it!

3 Ways to Know You're in the Wrong Business:

  •  Your heart feels pulled towards something different - feeling out of alignment
  • You have this dull pain inside that you're not sharing a message that you know should because you have a shortcut for others to experience less pain sooner for something you've already overcome. You can serve others tremendously and you're not sharing that message now!
  • You feel capped... like you've already maximized your existing level of growth.

I share this message you to prompt you to ask yourself if you're listening to your heart or what's safe.

We get so attached to success that sometimes we view making changes as quitting.

There may be another version of you meant to expand so that you can share your message with the world!

Ask yourself: What does the world need from me?

Quitting is NOT a bad thing if it gets you into alignment.

Evaluate and see if your heat is being expressed in the way it's meant to be expressed.

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