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The Ultimate Decision for Faster Success

Feb 07, 2022

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  • Are you interested or committed to your dreams?
  • The anatomy of a great movie
  • How to set goals that bring out the best in you
  • Giving up certainty to reinforce your commitment
  • Learning to see challenges as a worthy opponent
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Are you interested in your dreams or are you committed  to your dreams? 

If you and I were to sit down and watch a movie together about a person who is wildly successful, happy, has a great family, and love life from beginning, middle, and end of the movie... would you want to watch it again?

NO! Because we one of the greatest things we are inspired by is a hero overcoming challenge.

You are the hero in your story!

You probably have some big goals and dreams that you have set for yourself, but maybe you keep falling a little short and continue to set the same goals year after year hoping this time it will be different.


There could be two things happening:

1. We likely don't expect challenge to occur

2. Our goal or dream isn't something that excites us 


Sometimes at the first sign of challenge it's easy to want to give up or let go. It's almost as if we expect challenge not to be there in life on our road to accomplishing our goals, but if you don't have challenges you can never become more!

You don't go after goals for the certainty of achievement, you go after them for the person you become along the way.

If you expect to go on this journey of growth without challenges, you're going to be very disappointed along the way.

We need to welcome challenge and see it for the beautiful gift that it is. Something that will help us progress toward the things that we ultimately want. That way when we find ourselves in an uncomfortable situation that sucks, we can trust and believe that we are being guided toward something more. 

We set goals to become something more. Well, the only way to become something more is to overcome challenges.

If you think back to that hero in the movie, they have to overcome some sort of challenge, obstacle, or roadblock if they're ever going to get to where they want to be.

Sometimes what ends up happening is that we set dreams for the certainty of achievement, which results in us toning down our dreams so we can hit them.

That is sign that you are more interested than committed to your dreams, which means that when challenge arises, it will be easier to want to give up because your dreams aren't big enough to keep you excited!

If you're interested in your dreams, at the first sign of challenge, you'll back off.

If you're committed to your dreams, you are willing to grow, try new things, and put yourself out there.

The ULTIMATE decision you need to make for faster success is are you interested or committed to your dreams!

What if there was a way to stay FULLY committed to your massive goals and dreams while trusting and believing that you will get through the challenges along the way?

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