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Reversing Limiting Beliefs 101

Apr 17, 2019

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  • Your brain doesn't care if you achieve your goals. It only cares that you survive, so it's always looking to protect you from pain. 
  • Unless you condition your mind to focus on your dreams, you'll always self-sabotage.
  • This video explains why you don't believe you can achieve your goals the second you set them (and how to beat it). 
  • Realism is the fastest traveled road to mediocrity. 
  • Watch the video for the full training! 
  • If you ever doubt your abilities, this video is a MUST watch! 

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Welcome to the path to mindset mastery!! My name is Brad Bizjack! I’m a mindset strategist and coach, inspirational speaker, and creator of Appreciation Academy! And I’m curious, whenever you set a goal, do you like automatically know you’re going to fail? It’s like the second you even try; you just have this gut feeling it isn’t gonna work out!

I faced that for a VERY long time. I was so sick of it happening that I stopped setting goals because I already knew I would miss them.

So how do we change that? That’s what this podcast episode is about. I’m going to give you a simple strategy to actually believe you can achieve your goals. How does that sound?!

But first, let’s backtrack! You need to understand that your thoughts are always the reason.

The first thing you can do is to change the way you think. You’ve heard that. But I’m talking about REWIRING THE SUPERCOMPUTER OF YOUR MIND.

You start to tell yourself these stories, right? Money is bad. Building a team is hard. My teammates won’t do anything. I’m not enough. And if you say it enough, you start to believe it.

Have you ever told a story so many times over the years that the details of your story aren’t even real anymore? Like at a party, you tell a story so many times about something funny that happened in your life, but the first time you shared it, you exaggerated the details. And now when you share that story, you tell it with those BS details but with SO MUCH CONVICTION that you actually believe it’s true?

The same thing happens with negative self-talk. Only instead of it being a fun party topic, it sabotages your life. Let’s call these disempowering beliefs, “your default software.”

See, you go through life believing these BS stories… It creates inner conflict, and it changes the way you lead your life and your business. How many of you sometimes feel like you’re forcing people to do things. I can guarantee that it comes from your beliefs about your leadership ability. Have you ever been there sitting on the couch, just wondering why things aren’t growing, and you’re working so hard, but you have NO FRIGGIN CLUE how to fix it? Your only advice is “just keep working! It’ll happen.” And then you find yourself three months later, stagnant in dollar volume, stagnant in rank, paychecks the same or less, OR not nearly as much growth as you deserve.

To change this, YOU have to believe you’re enough before the evidence of your business ever says you're even. You have to think that you’re important. YOU have to believe that you’re an amazing leader. And that’s hard, especially when the evidence of your business is saying that you kinda suck.

You can change these beliefs by changing your questions. Write this down: better questions change your life. Better questions eliminate negative self-talk. Better questions explode your business.

Have you ever faced a point in your life where you’ve to convince yourself that you’re good enough or that you deserve something great… but you really never start to believe it. Like you WANT to believe it, but you just don’t? It’s like if you do a vision board, when that little devil on your shoulder goes, “yeah right dude!” You can BARELY hear that little devil, right?! He’s right back here, just whispering doubt and insignificance into your subconscious.

You have to change that thinking. So first, what is thinking? THINKING is nothing more than the process of asking yourself questions, right? That’s what thinking IS.

See if you focus on asking yourself BAD questions, you’ll get BAD answers. If you focus on asking GREAT questions, you’ll get GREAT answers. See the mistake I made is that I just thought I had to work harder and yeah you have to work hard but there's a point when you’re pulling 12 hour days, and nothing’s happening for two years, where you start to wonder what’s up?

Let me do an example to show you what I mean. Look around the room and count the number of things that you can find that are red. Count em up! Awesome. How many things did you find? 4? 5? 6? 10? 20? Great! But how many things did you find that were blue? None. Why? Because you weren’t looking for them. But try this. Look around the room for everything you can find that are blue! Ready go! Look for blue. Count em up! How many more things did you find that were blue? And did you see some green and pretend it was blue so that you can feel successful?!

So when you focus on what you DON’T WANT (red), those are seeds of doubt and skepticism and pain. And those thoughts GROW IN YOUR MIND like WEEDS. Remember what Jim Rohn said? “Stand guard at the gates of your mind or weeds will grow automatically!”

Ask yourself this right now. Just do it. Close your eyes and say to yourself, “Why am I not enough to build an amazing business?”

And listen to all the answers that you find start pouring out of you. How motivated do you feel when you focus on that?!? RIGHT! - NOT AT ALL! And even when you read happy, inspirational, motivational, positive thinking books, you still have that voice that says, “you’re not enough.”

So what are your limiting questions? Ever ask yourself this?

Why isn’t my team doing anything? Why can’t I get it right? Why don’t people want to join me? How come I always mess it up? Why is it so hard to lose weight? Why am I so broke?

Why do I never catch a break? Why does it always seem so much easier for other people? Why can’t I do anything right? Will I always be this stuck?

Those are limiting beliefs. It doesn’t feel very good to ask yourself those questions. I bet it leads to a lot of pain, a lot of procrastination, and you’re sitting there looking at your life frustrated with the results you’re getting! And no matter how much someone tells you that you can have success with your business, and no matter how many people say that they believe in you, and no matter how many times you see other people like you achieving big things, there’s that little voice that says “No ya can’t, dude.” Do you know what I'm talking about or am I crazy?

So when you set a goal, your dominant beliefs will determine if that goal will come true. And setting goals is nothing more than trying to create a new reality as opposed to your current reality, right? That’s what goal setting is! You’re trying to change your current reality! The gap in the middle is how you talk to yourself. And until that language is consistently really empowering, you’re going to keep finding yourself struggling to get to your goals. I know this because I lived it.

So let’s just use the limiting belief of, “why isn’t my team growing?” Ask yourself that. What happens? Did you notice your brain was actually looking for the answer?! Even if you’re incredibly successful, you start to question yourself. That is how insidious negative self-talk really is.

Something you need to understand is that your entire life can be changed by asking yourself more empowering questions! Your brain is like google search engine. It will answer whatever you type into that search bar.

So, what if you intentionally reversed it? If your responses are just like a google search engine, that means that whatever you type in, you’re going to get an answer, right?! So let’s change what we type into our mental google.

Your brain is going to look for the answer to whatever the heck you’re asking it anyway, so you might as well ask it an intelligent question that will lead you to a better life.

Asking, “Why is it so hard to build my team?”--What does your brain do? It finds all the reasons why it’s so hard to build a business, and that’s what you focus on. So you never find the answer to your biggest challenges. When you sit down to work, your brain is literally looking for every reason you’re not capable. So you don’t send the invites. You scroll Facebook. You don’t support your clients; you wonder why more aren’t coming to you. You don’t help and serve your teammates in the best possible way. You try to check in with them like your mom would in the first week of college or university to make sure they’re doing their invites. You force them to act.

And here’s what’s crazy. Some amazing people stumble across your life and fantastic opportunities to learn and grow, but because your software is running on the question of “why is it so hard,” self-sabotage steps in and you won’t even notice the incredible opportunities sitting right in front of you.

So let’s change it up. Ask yourself this question, “Why is it so easy to build my business?”

What happens? You still look for the answer. And even if you’re brand new, you find all the reasons why you can do this!

Try this! Ask yourself, “WHY IS IT SO EASY TO RANK ADVANCE THIS MONTH?!” What happened? YOU STILL LOOK FOR THE ANSWER, DON’T YOU!? And you start to focus on the opportunities, the people you could reach out to, the sacrifices you could make to BUILD your business.

Can you IMAGINE if you fill your mind with just this one step of Appreciation Academy every single day?!

Here’s the key- You don’t need to have the answer to the question you ask. You just need to LIVE in the question that LEADS YOU to the life you want. Because when you’re in the right state of mind, and you know what you want and the direction you want to go, the HOW will reveal itself. Always remember that. You don’t need to know how. That how will reveal itself. But LIVE IN an empowering question.

Write this down: Every problem you face is simply this: It’s just a question that hasn’t been answered yet.

So for your life and your business, I want you to write down all the negative stuff you ask yourself all the time, why am I so broke? Why is my business not growing? Why am I stuck? Why am I so fat? Why does my husband always annoy me? Whatever it is- go through and write down ALL of your disempowering questions. And I want you to FLIP THAT QUESTION ON IT’S HEAD!

Turn those questions into “Why is it so easy to (blank)” or “Why am I so wealthy?” or “Why is my business booming?” or “Why is it so easy to lead my team?”… or “Why am I such a great leader?!”

Want to know one or two of the questions that changed my life?! “Why am I so kind to myself? Why am I worthy of living such an amazing life?” – Life gets 100% easier when you’re just 1% nicer to yourself. Write that down!

Then what I want you to do is take those NEW, EMPOWERING questions and put them on post-it notes all over your house, record it and listen to it while you sleep, set reminders in your phone. REPROGRAM YOUR MIND and flood it with the right questions. That’s one of the steps I took to rewire my negative self-talk. YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE IF YOU DO THIS. I promise you. This is one of the things that changed my life. You’re planting NEW thought seeds, and you’re watering them daily with a question. All of a sudden, you stopped watering the disempowering plants, and you let those weeds die in your garden. Now, the only plants you water are the flowers. And within less time than you think, your garden is gorgeous. It’s blooming with so many colors and plants that give your life OXYGEN again!

So I hope you took a lot away from this podcast today! Share this on your Instagram stories and your Facebook! This can really make an impact! Share it with your whole team and if you really want to dive so much deeper into this, invest in Appreciation Academy. It'll be worth it.

So thank you so much for tuning into The Path To Mindset Mastery today! Go out there today and every day and live your life with a genuine smile on your face!

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