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Entrepreneur or Wantrepreneur?

Aug 14, 2023

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  • Understanding the signs of being a wantrepreneur
  • Dissecting where business focus needs to be
  • Why I’m okay with losing 95% of sales during a launch
  • Stop waiting for motivation and take action to generate motivation
  • Are you glorifying procrastination? 
  • The importance of letting your clients develop independence
  • Top 3 signifiers that you’re an entrepreneur
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Are you playing at being an entrepreneur or are you actually being one? Today we’re going to find out. 


Unfortunately, most people who become an entrepreneur are doing nothing more than playing at being one. They’re not doing the things that will create the results they want or digging into the psychology that will lead them to their dreams. But how do you know which camp you’re in? Are you playing entrepreneur or being one?


If you’ve ever felt like: 

  • You should be farther along than you are right now
  • You don’t have the confidence to put yourself out there
  • You’ll only be happy when you get your business off the ground


It’s a sign you’re playing at being an entrepreneur. But the biggest sign of all comes when you ask yourself this one question: Are you waiting to be told what to do? 


One of the biggest mistakes I see people playing at entrepreneur make is that they're waiting for direction when they’re in the business of creation. If you are waiting to be told what to do, you're likely living in perfection, have an employee mindset (i.e., playing not to lose instead of to win), or are waiting for some certainty that you're on the right path. 


But guess what? Entrepreneurship is full of uncertainty. You have to be OK with it if you're going to be an entrepreneur. 


Moreover, you can’t wait around for certainty before taking bold and courageous action. Those who play at being entrepreneurs often get caught up in prioritizing support functions in their business. This is the wrong move. Real entrepreneurs keep their #1 focus day-in and day-out on making sales. If you notice yourself prioritizing support functions, like social media, you’re (1) playing at being an entrepreneur and (2) you’ll notice you won’t have a business for very long…


Just a very time-consuming hobby. 


You don’t have a business until it's producing revenue. 


Write this down: if you put more offers in front of more people, someone's going to be smart enough to say yes. Your job is to make as many offers as humanly possible to increase the profitability of your company. That's how you get great at making offers. A lot of people think they need to make their offer perfect before putting it out to market. But that’s not true! The best way to know if your offer is good is to put it in front of people.


If I take a look at one of our previous launches where 10,000 people came through, but only about 500 of those people bought, that means 95% of people didn't buy. 95%! 


I'm getting rejected most of the time. That’s the reality of being an entrepreneur: rejection. If you’re not comfortable with that, you’ll only ever be playing entrepreneur.  


I can’t stress enough not to let your focus stray to the wrong place, or let your fears hold you back. All that leads to is a life of glorified procrastination. Making social media graphics for hours each day, going after new certifications, or creating the most beautiful website—that’s not being productive. It’s easy to mistake this kind of movement for achievement, but it’s not. At the end of the day, all entrepreneurs need to remember this: People pay to have their problems solved. It’s your job to communicate how your product or service solves their problems in exchange for dollars. 


That's what you need to focus on.


Another huge mistake that’s a sign you're merely playing entrepreneur is taking 100% responsibility for your clients’ success. How does that make sense? Because you’re (1) exhausting yourself checking in, following up, and holding them accountable and (2) because your focus isn’t actually on their success, but how you’re being perceived. Another byproduct of taking on that kind of responsibility is that it denies your client the ability to develop the independence necessary to change their life. Not to mention you make it impossible to scale your business given the amount of time you’re investing in their success. All because you’ve instead created a culture that is dependent on YOU for transformational change.


One final mistake I see people playing at entrepreneur? Especially for the people still trying to get their businesses off the ground: getting advice from people who don’t know a thing about building a business. 


The best way to stay broke is to listen to broken people about how to get rich. Take your business advice from people who have created or are creating what you want to create. Or as my mentor James Wedmore says, “Don't take constructive criticism from people who have constructed nothing.”


After all this talk about what it looks like to be playing entrepreneur, what are some of the top qualities of being a real entrepreneur?


  1. You prioritize sales at all times. This doesn’t mean you don’t prioritize other tests in your business, it means the majority of your time is spent on getting dollars to come into your business.

  2. You don’t wait for motivation to act. Motivation is the byproduct of action. You do the work and motivation comes.

  3. Similar to #1, you spend your time on business producing activities. That means, if there are support functions that are not checked off their list, they will wait until the following day to complete them. 


All of this leads to an entrepreneur creating their own certainty. They know that when it comes to uncertain action, they must leap to grow their wings. That’s the kind of trust it takes to be an entrepreneur. Because the degree in which you can handle uncertainty is the degree in which you will be successful as an entrepreneur.


Entrepreneurship is a lonely game, there’s no question about that. But on the flip side, it’s also the greatest form of personal growth, at least in my experience. Because in order to succeed, you have to let go of all of the things that have kept you from doing it to begin with. All of this being said, there's one thing you need to do on this path to becoming a true entrepreneur that is celebrating yourself.


Celebrate yourself for going after what you really want, going after your dreams, and never settling.


I hope today’s lesson provided you with clarity and inspired you to start taking massive action today with your business! Next week is going to be an incredibly short episode… with one HUGE announcement about the direction of this podcast. I’ll see you then, and always remember, you’re only one insight away from a radically different life!



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