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Turn Holiday Stress Into Holiday Peace

Dec 18, 2023

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  • Getting real about the holidays
  • Resetting and reframing
  • Checking in with your intentions
  • Choosing to be a thermostat
  • The “SIR” Strategy
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This time of year can be really stressful for a lot of people. If that's not you, maybe this episode will help you have compassion for those that this season is hard on. If it is you, I'm going to give you the strategies you need to navigate this time of year!


Holidays used to be one of my most stressful times of year. But now, it is one of the BEST times of year! In the past my holidays were full of yelling, stress, anxiety, worry, and money scarcity. Do you deal with any of that? 


What would happen if we reframed the purpose of this time of year? Instead of it being about the negative things mentioned previously, because when you focus on the negative that's what you create more of and attract into your life, what if you put the focus around giving, doing the right thing, activating the human spirit, and being compassionate. 


Leaning into the loving, giving, forgiving spirit within will make things better. You will start to attract the holiday peace you are searching for. Instead of feeding off the negative people around you, you are creating the space you want to be in. You control the tone of your holiday season. Once you take back control of your emotions, take responsibility for how you feel, your perception, and how you act, others may still be stuck in their negative mindsets but you have control over your environment


For example if someone says something negative to you. In the past, you may have reacted with something negative back. But now, with this new intention, you see that maybe they are hurting and they may need some love this time of year. 


Last week we talked about setting boundaries and it is important this time of year to set boundaries and to show people love this time of year when they need it most. Instead of rejecting people because of their negative mindset, try using what my wife and I do. We get AMPED UP! We change our energy so what others get from us is a much higher, positive state. We blast music, we do some exercise to elevate our energies. That way when we get to where we need to be our high energy sets the tone! 


Let's talk about the acronym S.I.R. The "S" stands for State. Create a positive state that will affect those around you and raise the energy in the room. The "I" stands for Intention. When most people go into a negative environment they are in a reactive state. Instead, what if you chose to change your intention to be forgiving, compassionate, loving, and accepting. How would the environment change? The negativity doesn't affect you and instead your energy affects the room positively. The "R" stands for Recharge. When your emotions get the best of you, and you feel the negative energy creeping in, leave the environment, recharge, and go back to the beginning of S.I.R.. Change your state, set your intention, when your energy starts to go, step away from the negativity and recharge. This is how to find your holiday peace. 


Act the way your highest self would be proud of. Don't resist. Don't push back on someone's negativity with negativity. Show them compassion, forgiveness, love, and acceptance. 

This is not about getting others to change. This is all about you having a better holiday experience with your family by changing your mindset. I hope you find your holiday peace this year! 


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