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How Money Actually Works - Part 1

Jul 24, 2023

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  • The importance of changing your relationship with money
  • Why you shouldn’t trust society’s beliefs
  • Letting go of worry (it never brought more money to you anyway)
  • Examining your beliefs about money and where they came from
  • [Exercise] The trick to starting beyond scarcity
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Ready for a two-part series that will completely change your relationship with money AND how to create more money? Before we deep dive into the latter and I share with you five great strategies to bring in an extra $1k a month, we first need to get into the roots of money mindset: scarcity versus abundance.


Scarcity is the mindset of ‘or’ and energy of worry and desperation. 


Abundance is the mindset of ‘and’ and the energy of peace and gratitude. 


A lot of people in life are taught that you need to work harder for money and/or need to be deserving of money. This presupposes that there’s a limited amount of money you can make or have, which can spiral into overwhelm and the need to push yourself to burnout. 


But if there’s 1,700 new millionaires created every single day that completely contradicts this presupposition that there’s a limited amount of money up for grabs. 


Most of the concepts I talk about today are going to feel counterintuitive, like that money is ever abundant. This is partly because of society’s influence. But society is broke, overwhelmed, overworked, and overweight. Society lives in scarcity—not abundance. 


Does it make sense to learn about money from people that don’t have it? Or does it make sense to learn from people who have broken through challenges with money and created wealth? (The latter!)


Speaking from the latter camp: money is not this thing you need to be deserving of. It is an ever flowing, ever abundant resource. 


You’ll find that most people get incredibly worried about money. But I want you to take a moment and think about this: when has worrying about money ever created more of it? Worrying about money does not create more money. In fact, it pushes it away.


What causes financial pressure for you? What causes you to worry or get into a state of stress about money? Now ask yourself what alleviates it? Most people make the mistake of thinking that more money will alleviate financial pressure, but that's absolutely false.


What relieves financial pressure and stress isn’t more money. It’s focusing on something different and/or reframing how you currently view money. All of this is coming around to say: you have to start beyond scarcity. And what’s the opposite of scarcity? Abundance. 


There are people living in scarcity that try to get into a state of abundance through the lens of contentment. They rationalize that where they’re at is fine and that they don’t need more. This is not abundance. That is scarcity pretending to be gratitude. It’s a way of talking yourself out of what you really want. 


if you're in a place of scarcity and you're rationalizing contentment, I want you to ask yourself what you're actually afraid of? Are you afraid of this next level version of yourself? Are you afraid of who you can become down the road? Because abundance is saying, “I am so incredibly grateful for this amazing life that I have. I'm going after big dreams and I'm going to create an amazing life on my terms.”


Another set of people are trying to go beyond scarcity based on the past. So, they relive all the beliefs from how they grew up. In fact, most of the time, beliefs that people have aren’t even their own. Think about it this way, when you come onto this planet, you’re a blank slate. You don’t have beliefs! You get them from the people giving you food and shelter and are meeting your survival needs. They project their beliefs about life and the world onto you. This becomes your source of truth because it’s associated with someone that’s kept you safe and alive. 


So, take a second and ask yourself what you believe about money?


Is it the root of all evil? Something that you can't make a lot of? That money is always tight? That people with money are greedy and evil?


What are your limiting beliefs about money, and where did you learn that from? When you realize you learned these beliefs and had them superimposed into your psychology from those that raised you, it weakens the link to those beliefs. And it allows you to set a new tone of beliefs and stories that will move you forward toward a life you actually want. 


Now, based on the goals and dreams you have, what do you need to believe to make them possible? When you identify what that belief is, you'll start to notice that it requires you starting beyond scarcity. 


But how do you do that? By identifying your deep subconscious limiting beliefs and breaking from them. 


I’m going to share with you an exercise that changed my entire life and allowed me to do this. It helped me realize what my deep subconscious limiting beliefs about money were and what I could do about them to move forward. I was told by my coach at the time to write a letter to money as if it were a person and expressing all my feelings about the person (aka the money) in the letter.


I poured my heart out. No detail was too small. I wrote about how it never came around enough. How I wished it was there in my life more. Nothing was out of bounds in this letter. 


I want you to write this letter too. Express all your feelings and get detailed. And then prepare yourself for the game changer…


After writing your letter, you’re going to pretend that you are money, receiving the letter. You’ll read the letter through the lens of being money, who is supposed to be your best friend that you have an abundant relationship with. And as you read that letter, you're then going to respond as if you are money.


When you write that response letter as money, you will be amazed as to what you learn. Because money, it was never out to get you. It was never the villain. It wanted love and to be part of your life. If you take the time to pour your all into this exercise, you’re going to identify some of your greatest limiting beliefs about money and what needs to change in your life. And then you can start beyond scarcity. 


If you want additional help with changing these thought patterns and limiting beliefs hiding in your mental blind spots, then you should check out my free eBook style PDF: Wired For Success


After working with 45k people from around the world, I’ve identified five main patterns that keep people stuck and how to help them thrive. The PDF will show you each of those patterns, and how successful people rewire their minds to create a life on their terms! It’s an amazing resource and one I’m proud to share. 


I hope you found tremendous value in today’s episode! Always remember, you’re only one insight away from a radically different life. Talk to you next week for part two!


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