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How Money Actually Works - Part 2

Jul 31, 2023

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  • Understanding what money is and where it comes from
  • Getting ‘woo’ about the source of money
  • Learning the frequencies of emotion and their unique vibrations
  • The power of visualization and manifesting more into your life
  • Claiming your control and exerting it!
  • The key to generating more dollars with your business strategies
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Welcome back to part two of How Money Actually Works. Last week we talked about your personal relationship with money and scarcity versus abundance. This week, we’ll dive deeper into how money works and how to create more of it in your life whenever you want!


What is money? That is such an empowering question to understand because most people have no idea what it is or where it comes from.


Money is energy.


The more aligned you get with this energy, the more it allows for strategies to work for you and bring in money to your business or career. But where does money come from exactly?


A common misconception about money is that it comes from hard work and pushing yourself hard. This isn’t true. Money doesn’t come from working hard, because then anybody that worked hard would have success. Some people might argue it comes from the government, but the fact is the government is printing more money than ever before and people are still broke. So again, where exactly does money come from?


I’m going to get a little woo. If money is abundant, meaning it’s an ever flowing, ever abundant resource and it's all around you, what noun in life aligns with that? For most people, they would say God, the universe, love, infant intelligence, higher-self, source, or energy. All of these are synonyms. They do the exact same thing. And they’re all in their very nature abundant. 


I don’t label myself as overly religious, but I believe there’s something bigger guiding me. I like to connect to that energy. So, for simplicity in this conversation, I’m going to use the word energy. 


With that in mind, think about money like this. The more restrictive your energy, the less of it shows up. The more expansive you are with energy, the more it shows up. How do you know what your energy is? By knowing your emotional patterns. Your emotions are telling of your energy because emotion is energy in motion. 


Each emotion has an energetic frequency or a wavelength. The faster the vibration, the higher the emotion. The higher the emotion, the more expansive your thoughts and beliefs. That's abundance. But if there's a low vibration, you’ll have a lower emotion. The lower the emotion, the more restrictive your thoughts and beliefs are. That’s scarcity.


Think about your emotions like the frequencies on a radio dial. 


On the low end you have 88.1 and it’s the equivalent of depression (depression is a slow emotion whereas excitement would be fast).  At 89.1 you’d find deep anxiety. At 92.3, overwhelm. At 96.3? You’ve reached contentment. 


But when you get into the hundreds? That’s where you start to find real happiness and fulfillment. At the very top frequency, 107.9, you have the highest vibrations of all that exist: unconditional love and deep appreciation. Unconditional love is the energy of creation. Deep appreciation is the energy of receiving. When you are your best, you’re in those states. This is where ideas flow. This is where money is in its true state of being ever expansive and ever abundant. Money exists at the highest frequency. 


Back to the radio dial. All of these frequencies? They’re available to you all the time! It’s completely within your power to tune into whichever frequency you want, because they’re all simultaneously running in the background. This is why when you see people living in deep love and appreciation, they come up with brilliant ideas and they can make them happen! It might seem like they're superhuman, but it’s not that. They're just aligned energetically with money and abundance.


Manifestation is the physical representation of your consistently dominant vibration. If your vibration is super low, you are literally manifesting more crap to show up in your life. You’re pushing money away from you. If your energy and vibration is super high, you’re attracting more of those high vibrations into your world. And in these higher vibration states of deep appreciation and unconditional love, you’re going to come up with ideas on how to create more money whenever you want.


Let’s take this talk of money and manifestation from another perspective: visualization. When you practice visualization, your brain can’t tell the difference between an imagined reality and actual reality. This means you get all the benefits that come with living in your amazing dreams: higher energy, more creativity, unconditional love, etc. Because you’re living from that more empowered state. Visualization literally pulls the future you want closer.


Before you go and say you don’t have the time to practice visualization—you do! Every single person on earth visualizes. Most people just visualize what they don't want. Heck! Most anxiety is visualization. The important thing to remember is that you can choose how you visualize and that you can make it empowering. When you do that, you’re allowing for more money to show up. 


If you want business and career strategies to actually generate dollars for you, you need to be in this energetic alignment.


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Thank you so much for tuning in. Always remember, you’re only one insight away from a radically different life.


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