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7 Keys To Stay Positive Through The Fall Season

Oct 31, 2018
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Imagine how incredible these last couple months of the year could be if you didn't fall into a funk.

Imagine if the weather didn't affect your mood. 

I’ve heard 3 people today ALONE complain about the weather. Kinda makes me sad because that feeling of hopelessness can be avoided. It really can. And I'm about to teach you how! 

People ask me all the time, "DUDE how are you so damn happy all the time?" It didn’t start this way. My version of seasonal affective disorder was WEEKLY AFFECTIVE disorder. I’d find myself on the couch having BAD days like 4 days a week. I hit a point where I realized that I had to train my mind to be happy.

Something you might not know yet is that:

HAPPINESS is a learnable skill. 

There’s a methodology to it. In fact, that’s my career. I literally teach people how to be happy.

So at this time of year, how can YOU bust through those limiting feelings when it seems like everyone else is down in the dumps?

7 Keys To Stay Positive Through The Fall Season:

1.) Take 100% Responsibility For Your Life

Have you ever noticed that the second fall comes around, it becomes so easy to blame a condition or the weather for your mood? But if you really look at it, chances are, you still felt this way from time to time in July.

How you feel is a state of mind. And states of consciousness can be changed.

When you make the choice that you’re going to OWN your life and stop blaming something else for how you feel, you take your power back. You feel alive again. Because you realize that your emotions are something you can do something about. So before I even share the “tips” to do this, it starts with you releasing blame for how you feel. I’m gonna give you a HUGE nugget that changed my life →


Stop looking for the weather, someone else's reactions, or your goals coming true to make you happy. NOTHING needs to happen to feel good. You can feel good for any reason you want! So take responsibility for your emotions right now. Release blame, and then you’ll be able to instill the rest of these principles.

2.) Analyze Your Peers

"If you meet an asshole one time in the morning, you met an asshole. If you meet assholes all day long, you’re the asshole." - Unknown

Wanna know what plays into you being an asshole or not? Your peer group. From now on, see your life from the perspective of a multimillion dollar company. If you run a multimillion dollar company, your board of directors affects the direction of your company. Their behaviors and decisions change how you lead your life.

So if you’re hanging around people who are negative, blame the weather, are angry, overwhelmed, depressed, or anxious, then guess what? YOU’RE GOING TO TURN INTO THEM.

How to fix this:

1.) Make a list of the qualities of the person you’d want sitting at your board of directors.

2.) Make a list of the top 5 people you spend the most time with.

And then see which people fit the bill. If they don't meet those qualities, they’re dragging you down.

"Your life is a direct reflection of the expectations of your peer group." - Tony Robbins.

So when I look at my TOP 5 PEOPLE, ZERO of them complain about life. ZERO of them blame something. ZERO of them are negative people.

It’s tough to fail in life or to be depressed when the people you surround yourself with expect you to be happy.

3.) Instill A Proactive Morning Routine

Start your day with intentionality. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? Lemme guess… check your phone.

And what happens when you do that? You start your in REACTION to other people’s needs. When most people in this world blame other circumstances for their emotions, chances are the things coming into your inbox aren’t positive.

Your phone is nothing more than a convenient organizing tool for someone else’s priorities. On top of that, think about the media. Its primary job is to instill fear – not to educate. This is the single reason I haven’t watched the news in 6 years.

You need a morning routine that focuses on YOUR mindset and PRIMING yourself with the intentionality of how you want to go about your day.

Here’s mine:

  • Gratitude - 15 minutes
  • Meditation - 15 minutes 
  • Journaling - 5 minutes
  • Personal Growth - 60 minutes 
  • Exercise - 45 minutes 

I do that before I even check my cell. And I’m not perfect at it, but on the 85% of the days that I do my routine, I’m on fire. Why? Because I start my day PROACTIVE to the life and emotions that I want instead of REACTIVE to the feelings of others.

4.) Exercise

This is simple. Exercise changes your physiology. It’s scientifically proven that you’re going to be happier when you exercise because it releases endorphins. I teach group fitness, and I exercise every day because it feels incredible. And guess who’s typically at the gym? POSITIVE PEOPLE! Not all. But most! So keep it simple. Exercise will not let you be sad.

5.) Change Your Language 

Introducing “Transformational Vocabulary.” When you start using the words, “DEPRESSION,” how does it feel? It feels heavy, right? It feels overwhelming, right? But chances are, you just feel “A little blue.”

Which one of those is easier to come back from? DEPRESSION or feeling a little blue? Definitely the latter.

So when you’re talking to people, here’s my challenge for you:

1.) LIFE UP the positive emotions you share. So instead of, “How are you?” - “Oh I’m fine," Life it up! Turn it into, “I’m FANTASTIC!” and guess what? Different chemicals are released in your brain, and you start to feel fantastic.

2.) Decrease the intensity of your negative words. Instead of, “I feel depressed,” turn it into, “I’m just a bit perturbed.” GAME CHANGER. It almost becomes funny.

Your words play a HUGE role in how you feel. They signal your brain to release certain chemicals. So be intentional about your words, and you’ll notice your emotions change. It’s HUGE. It’s a game changer.

Transform your vocabulary to the feelings you want to feel. And be honest about the feelings you don’t want to explore. You’re not DEPRESSED. You’re simply feeling a little blue.

6.) Start Asking Empowering Questions

When you focus on what you don’t want, you will find it. When you focus on what you WANT, you’ll see that too.

Exercise: Look around the room for everything you can find that’s red and count. Ready go. Look for red.






How many things did you see that were blue? Zero? Maybe 1 on accident? Why? Because you weren’t looking for it.

But now, try again, only count the number of things you can find that are blue. Count em, ready go. Look for blue.

How many more things did you find that were blue!? Exactly.

Most of your negative emotions are caused by asking yourself disempowering questions. "Why am I so down?" "Why does the weather suck?" "Why is it so cold?"

You find an answer to all of those questions since your brain is merely a google search engine. It will answer whatever the hell you type in.

So to change your emotions, improve your questions.

Better questions equal a MUCH better life. Ask yourself empowering questions, like “Why is today so amazing?” “Why am I so positive today?” “Why is today such a wonderful day to be alive?” “Why am I so grateful.” Guess what’s gonna happen? You’re gonna find the answer. So ask yourself EMPOWERING QUESTIONS that lead toward the emotions you want to feel.

7.) Use The Secret Ingredient

I call this the secret ingredient. You might know it as genuine gratitude. I teach people how to live in a state of gratitude. That’s one of the main purposes of my online course, Appreciation Academy.

Most people go about life wrong. They think that happiness will happen as a result of something else. It’s not true. Happiness CAUSES terrific things to come true.

What’s so cool about gratitude is that it’s literally impossible to feel any disempowering emotion when you learn how to be in a deep state of gratitude. Impossible.

It’s impossible to feel depressed, sad, anxious, overwhelmed, scared, frustrated, alone, or any other negative or disempowering emotion when you’re in a REAL state of gratitude.

I don’t mean the “yay I’m grateful I have a roof over my head.” I mean real gratitude that you feel in your heart. REAL appreciation that I teach in my course. So, practice gratitude and your life will change. I practice it daily. It’s a skill. Not a result. And the results are pure and genuine happiness.

Here's a great blog post on HOW to be grateful! It's called, "How Tony Robbins Removes Negative Self-Talk In 2 Minutes."

BONUS: Take Massive Action

Most people wait for a lightning bolt of motivation to strike them in the ass in order to take action. That lightning bolt is never coming. You need to realize that motivation is CREATED by action. Motivation is what causes progress. Do you want to feel happy? Guess what?


Progress comes from feeling like you’re even moving one inch forward toward your goals. You don't even have to be at your goals yet! So take ACTION, and the motivation will show up.

Those are my tips for how to not only feel positive and be that beacon of hope for others during this fall time of the year… but this is part of the recipe to happiness.

So if you want to learn how to instill these in your life and make them your "default setting," instead of just a cool idea some dude talked about in a blog post, then I highly encourage you to join my online course, Appreciation Academy.

Its primary job is to teach you HOW to be happy, so you can actually create the life you want instead of feeling so damn stuck all the time. It’s a game changer.

Imagine how incredible these last couple months of the year could be if you didn't fall into a funk. Imagine if the weather or season didn't have an effect on your mood. Imagine the impact you could have if you were the POSITIVE person when most other people are in the dumps?

You just learned 7 of the significant steps to making that happen.

Thank you so much for reading and please share this content with someone that needs it! 

With Love, 

Brad Bizjack

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