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The 5 Master Skills You Need To Succeed

Apr 24, 2019

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  • Brad teaches the top 10 FAQs he gets about success. Watch the training to see if you're wondering the same things! 
  • There are 5 master skills that will determine if you succeed! 
  • Believing that your situation is different or special is another way of not taking responsibility for your life. 
  • Success is possible for anyone, including you! 
  • Watch the video for the full training! 
  • If you have trouble believing that you'll ever be successful or you wonder why you keep failing, this training is a MUST watch! 

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Welcome to the path to mindset mastery! My name is Brad Bizjack! I’m a mindset strategist and coach, inspirational speaker, and creator of Appreciation Academy and I help online business owners silence all the negative self-talk that’s preventing your dreams so you can finally see the breakthrough you deserve!

Today is all about how to win. And that is possible for you. It really is. You can be one of those people walking across the stage at your company’s annual meeting getting recognized for an unbelievable year with your team. Paying off those student loans or achieving financial freedom or taking your kids to Disney without having to worry. You can do that. You can become magnetic. You can have people lining up to join your team. You can create a life where you can travel and create that dream.

It’s possible for you. Can you imagine that feeling of being pulled toward your dreams instead of having to fight so hard to find motivation? Can you imagine being the person that other people are inspired by every day? Can you imagine what it’s gonna be like to feel peace and happiness on a regular day to day basis? What if frustration because you’re not where you want to be yet went away?! What if you felt like you were finally making progress? What if all those training you do on inviting or social media or leadership finally start working for you? Imagine the growth you’ll feel.

What will it feel like when you let go of all the baggage holding you back? What would it look like to completely remove negative self-talk, so you were this annoying happy regularly? Can you image?! Can you imagine what it’s gonna feel like for you when your goals don’t evade you, but instead come to you.

You absolutely can. 100% can. zero doubt. Because I’ve seen both sides and I’ve lived it. I literally remember my laptop staring at me begging me to change my life, cuz I had the tools. I had everything I needed. But I couldn’t break through no matter how much I wanted to. I just felt so stuck. And I invested thousands of dollars into figuring out how to break through. And I did. And now I shrink almost a decade of personal growth down to days, so you don’t have to wait nearly as wrong.

So today, let’s breakthrough some limiting beliefs, shall we? Here are 10 things people ask me all the time, and chances are that you’re struggling with some of these too. So I’d like to work through them with you.

The Top Ten FAQs For Success

1.) I just don’t know what’s wrong with me. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to do this…

Do you ever say that to yourself? Why am I so stuck? Or why do I keep doing this? Or how come I can’t break through? You just wish you had an explanation of why you’re stuck. And so you wonder if you can ever change. So do me a favor real quick. Look around the room for everything you can find that’s red.

Awesome. But question. How many things did you find that were blue? Zero. Why? Because you weren't looking for blue. But what happens when you look around the room and count the number of things you can find that are blue? You find so many more!

So what did that prove? If you look for red, you won’t notice blue. So apply this to the challenge of “I just don’t know what’s wrong with me.” Well if you focus on that, what do you find? More confusion. More anger. More frustration. Because when you look for red, you don’t even notice blue. So your solution is to stop looking for what’s wrong and start looking for what you want. Your dreams. Your goals. Your desires. Start looking for answers instead of problems and your life will change very quickly. More on that in a minute.

2.) My past is really f’ed up Brad. Can someone like me really do this?

There’s beauty in it. I can’t even begin to tell you how incredible your past is. I’ll show you in a minute how you can actually learn how to change what it means, but you need to see what good came out of it. Because if you stay a slave to your past, you’ll never create the life you want. You’ll always regret it. You’ll forever live in fear. You’ll always wish things would be different and you’ll never take responsibility for your life. 1 of my clients. Sexually abused by multiple people in her life. She found that those events gave her powerful intuition and deep compassion. It’s the reason for her empathy. Without those things, she wouldn’t be her. And I know it feels like there’s something wrong with you. But I’m here to tell you right now. You are not broken, and nobody needs to fix you. You just need to change the meaning to a disempowering situation. It’ll be beautiful, and I’ll teach ya how to do that.

3.) What if I’m already comfortable in my life and don’t need my business to grow?

Maybe your spouse makes great money, and you don’t feel an overwhelming urge to grow your business. Almost like everything’s already taken care of. Well, the reason you don’t want your business to grow is that you’re focused on what you can get and you haven’t tapped into what you can give. What you need to do is find a mission that you’re excited to create and help people with. So go back to before you started your business. Chances are you were struggling with something. Something deep. And your business helped you overcome that. It might that you were lonely and that you didn’t have a sense of community. It might be that you were struggling with your health and didn’t feel control. Whatever it is for you, your mission is probably centered around what you’ve found through going through the experience with your product or business. Service always comes first. Motivation is will power, and it comes from forcing yourself to act. It doesn’t last long. But inspiration? That’s where you feel pulled every day. So if you’re stuck in your business because you don’t need it to work, focus on how you can serve instead of what you can get! Game changer.

4.) What if I’m always surrounded by negative people?

This is a fantastic question because you probably do have some negative nancies around you, don’t ya? Here’s the thing – your life is a direct reflection of the expectations of your peer group. So if they don’t hold you to a high standard, you won’t go very far. So you need to do a couple things. First is distance yourself from negative people and surround yourself with people that are already succeeding in an area that you find hard. And do it daily. You’re literally doing that right now by watching this video. Second, be the example. If you have a close friend that you love dearly, but brings the energy down, what if you become the example of growth for them? Live the stuff you learn instead of it just being pages in a book. Think of your life like a multinational corporation. A company like that would have a board of directors that impacts the direction the company goes. Well, I’m curious. Who’s on your board of directors? Who dictates the course of the company of your life? Food for thought. There’s no better life hack in the world than selecting your peer group intelligently.

5.) I can’t get myself to do anything no matter how hard I try. Why would this be any different?

I feel you. I lived that. I literally would sit on the couch for a couple days at a time, thinking about nothing but my business, and no matter how much I wanted to, I couldn’t get my life to change. This is different because you’re sick and tired of settling for less than you can really be. You know you’re meant to experience more than mediocrity. So let me ask you this – what does life look like emotionally in 2 years from now if you don’t change? If you keep waking up knowing that you could be more, give more, have more, but you’re not, how will that hurt and who in your life will you hurt? Use that to create enough leverage to act. The next 5 years do not have to be the same as the last 5. If you can’t get yourself to do anything, you need to learn how to beat procrastination. You need to learn how to beat perfection. You need to learn from someone who’s done it. This is different because you’re gonna draw a line in the sand saying enough is enough and you’re gonna raise the standard of who you are and what you demand from yourself. You do that, life changes very quickly because you realize that the consequences of doing nothing are far more significant than taking action.

6.) What if I’ve been failing for years? And what if I fail again?

Biography is not destiny. That means that whatever you’ve gone through in your life does not dictate your future. But it can give you precious advice on how to pursue life. In fact, life’s lessons will get louder and louder and louder until you listen. If you’ve been failing for years, have you approaching goals from the same mindset? Probably. And is that working? It’s time to change your approach. I used to stop setting goals because I never hit them. It wasn’t the goals that were the problem. It was the way I was thinking. And in fact, what’s the likelihood that in your life, you’re gonna miss some goals? Very high. I still do. And I always will. If you learn how to change your mindset about failure, you’ll realize very quickly that mistakes and setbacks are some of the best things that ever happen to you. If you go through life expecting not to fail and being down on yourself for failing, you’re literally pushing away the lessons life is trying to teach you. And this is why they’ve continued to get louder. And maybe that’s why you’re here, listening to me right now. Because you need someone to teach you how to think about your goals differently. Someone that’s done it before. Just saying. This is the new starting line for your life. Where you go from here is up to you. But it will only be a reflection of the past if you live there. Time to take responsibility for your life. Time to learn how to bust through this, my friend. Life is pretty damn amazing on the other side!

7.) Other people seem to get this easier. Why isn’t it as easy for me?

First of all, that’s not true. Any overnight success you see is thousands of hours. A lot of times we make the mistake of viewing someone’s achievements and seeing the results of all their hard work and comparing it to our procrastination. Apples and oranges. It’s not easier for them. Especially the people in the same business. Same product. Same business model. What’s the difference? It’s you. You get rewarded in public for what you practice in private. So you’re seeing the fruits of their labor and comparing to the results of your procrastination. Not fair. That’s a victim mindset.

There are no layups in life. Life rewards those who take 100% responsibility and go after it. And if you keep thinking that your situation is worse than others, have some perspective. Are there people out there that had it FAR worse than you right now and absolutely crushed it in life? Hell yeah. If you want to play a victim role, you can look at your life and find all the reasons why you’re stuck. That’s up to you. But if you want your life to change, you need to realize that other people have it as easy as they make it. Their life is a reflection of their work ethic. And if you think you don’t have a work ethic, it’s not true. You just need to unleash the real you. And when I teach you how to do that, game over. You’ll see a whole new side of you, and it will be beautiful!

8.) I’m just too overwhelmed with everything going on in my life to make any changes.

Let me repeat that a little slower. I’m just too overwhelmed with everything going on in my life to make any changes. Can you see that that’s exactly why you need to make changes? Is overwhelm a fun place to live? Does overwhelm allow you to feel fully alive every day? Nope. When life gets challenging, it’s really easy to push away the concepts that will break you free because of the hard stuff, the overwhelm, it feels safe. It feels comfortable. It gives you a reward for staying stuck. But if you’re saying you’re too overwhelmed to figure out how to not be overwhelmed, what is that gonna lead to in life? It’s just gonna mean that you’re gonna find yourself in another year from now getting the same results. You can break through overwhelm. It’s actually effortless. But you need first to realize that if you are overwhelmed, that’s precisely why you need to make a change.

9.) I’m a procrastinator.

Nope! Not true. It’s not on your birth certificate. It’s not part of your identity. If you procrastinate regularly, it just means you’re a little afraid of taking action. That’s it. You’re not a procrastinator. You’ve chosen to put things off in the past. But that’s a straightforward fix. And you absolutely can break through. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve put things off in the past. It matters how much you’re gonna take action going forward. And your life right now is directly proportional to the way you think. That’s it. So all you need is a new way to think. You’re not broken. Procrastination isn’t just who you are. It’s just a choice you’ve made. And choices can change. I’ll show you how!

10.) It doesn’t matter how I think. My spouse doesn’t support my goals.

I see so many couples let their business get in the way of it succeeding and as the business owner, we don’t realize how much our actions play a role in that. Chances are, if you’re in a negative head space, you’re probably sharing what’s not working in your business with your spouse, right? So think about it from their perspective. This is someone who genuinely loves you. Do they want to support someone who is taking time away from the family and who’s only results (from their perspective) are causing them pain? Nope. They’ll tell you to stop. What you need to do is share the wins. You need to share WHY you’re doing this. You need to share the 1 life you changed this week instead of the 10 you didn’t. You need to share how you’re doing this so it can impact your family. You need to share other’s stories of success and include them on the beauty and drive and fire this is bringing to your life. And here’s the thing – do it anyways. If you have a feeling in your heart that something is right, even if your spouse doesn’t agree, you need to do it anyways. In fact, when I was going through this, Janiece didn’t fully support me going to conferences and putting money on credit cards to invest in my personal growth. It felt like I didn’t have her support. Deep down, she was just trying to protect me from more pain because she loves me. But I knew in my heart that investing money into my mindset was the key to my freedom. I knew it. I’ve heard, so many personal growth experts talk about it for so long. And she wasn’t on a mindset journey like I was. She wasn’t trying to build a business like I was. So when the idea of spending money on my mindset came into play, she rejected it. But I did it anyway because I knew that it would be worth it. I knew in my heart that’s how I break free. And now we have an actual life by design because I did. So if you’re not getting the support, share the wins, the whys, and the fun and do what you know in your heart will lead you to success, even if it’s not backed by them right away. You won’t be sorry.

But I want to teach you how to win. I want to show you how to absolutely explode your business, your bank account, and your life to level 100. How can you do that? How can you master this? How can you completely change your mindset? There are a few things that are an absolute must if you want to see this through and create that amazing life where you’re walking across that stage, paying off that debt, living the life of freedom that you desperately want. If you're going to escape mediocrity and feel fully alive every day, you need to master 5 things.

The 5 Master Skills For Success

1.) Emotional Response

You need to master your emotional responses. What does that mean? It means that you know how to control your emotions instead of having your emotions control you. It means you need to learn how to manage your responses to the events in your life, especially the ones you weren’t expecting. If you can learn how to stop the negative thoughts before they enter your head, game over. Can you imagine what it will be like when you learn how to love your setbacks and challenges? You’re gonna crush life so fast it’s not even funny. The bank account, the business, all of it. Exploding.

2.) Reframe Fear

You absolutely must learn how to reframe fear and use it. That’s what stops you, right? Fear. Fear of failure, rejection, not being loved, not being enough. And it leads to toxic behaviors like procrastination, perfection, overwhelm, stress, laziness, anger, and blame. If you can learn how to use fear instead of being dominated by it, you’ll take more action in a week, that you usually would in months. That’s the second master skill.

3.) Change Your Limiting Beliefs

You have to learn how to take a limiting belief, silence it, and replace it with an empowering one. You can have the biggest dreams in the world, but if you don’t believe that you can get there, it’s not gonna matter. The gap between where you are and where you want to be is feelings of conviction you have about who you are. And until you learn how to make those empowering, you’ll be stuck. I lived it.

4.) Let Go Of Resentment

Really what this means is forgiveness. Letting go of blame, anger, jealousy, baggage. And right now, it probably feels terrific to have someone to blame, doesn’t it? It feels nice not to take that responsibility yet. But doesn’t it feel really heavy? Doesn’t it feel like you’re climbing a mountain with a piano on your back? It’s awkward and so, and you keep stumbling. You can set that down. And I know you’re saying, “but how?” – Just know that you can. You can let go even when you don’t want to. You can change what the past means to you. It’s never too late to have a great childhood. And until you learn how to do that, you’ll be fighting a ghost, not able to move forward no matter how much you desperately want to. You absolutely MUST learn how to let go and mean it if you ever want those dreams to come true.

Those are the first 4. And what do all of these have in common? None of them are business how to’s. None of them show you how to use IG stories or Linked In or Facebook. None of them show inviting scripts. None of them show you how to maximize your comp plan. Because that doesn’t matter yet. In fact, one of the reasons you’ve probably been so frustrated is because you’re doing the inviting scripts, the comp plan, the social media techniques but it’s not working. And there’s a reason. It’s because you have an inner conflict that needs to be resolved.

Please understand something. Your business is a direct reflection of how you feel on the inside.

Which leads me to number 5. This is the most significant skill you master. If you master this skill, you will have a thriving business. And really, this skill is all of the other 4 bundled together.

5.) Appreciation

Appreciation is the master skill for business. What does that mean? It means learning how to love everything, including the challenges. If you can learn how to appreciate and enjoy your problems, all of a sudden, you can beat the challenges. Because you stop pushing away the whole point of life. And that’s happiness. Achievement without appreciation is total failure. Isn’t that true? You could have all the money in the world, but if you don’t love and appreciate your life, you have nothing.

I made the mistake of believing that business, success, and money would bring me happiness. And please hear me loud and clear when I say that is not true. Business, success, and money do not cause happiness.

Happiness causes success. Happiness and appreciation for every challenge and every win is how you overcome the problem. This is abundance 101. Happiness creates success.

You WILL NOT be truly successful until you learn how to be happy.

And happiness is trainable.

Appreciation is trainable.

And you have to get deep into the study of this! The way to win is to learn those skills. Continuing education with discipline and hard work. But ultimately the way to succeed with those 5 skills (emotional mastery, reframing fear, changing limiting beliefs, letting go of resentment, and genuine appreciation) – ultimately the way to win at those 5 master skills, so you can radically change your business and your life, is for someone to show you the step by step strategy to do it.

And that’s what I want to give you. The step by step strategy to master those skills.

Can you imagine how your business would change if you mastered this? Not even just your business, but your marriage, your bank account, all parts of life would explode, and you’d leave a lasting impact on the world. If you’ve been living a life that proves you’re not enough, it’s time we break through that. Business and success don’t cause happiness. Happiness creates success.

You can win at this. Sometimes you just need someone to teach you how. You and I both know that sometimes you need training or a mentor from someone who’s been through it.

I’d love to be that for you. You hear me talk about Appreciation Academy all the time. That’s how you master these things. I share it with heart and with passion for a reason.

It’s a 3 phase process guaranteed to break you through everything holding you back from success, give you the confidence you need to accomplish your biggest dreams and teach you how to finally get unstuck.

In fact, as a huge thank you for being here, I’d love to gift you 50% off the program! All you need to do is head to www.appreciationacademy.com and use the promo code "PODCAST" to get your 50% discount.

But either way, share this with your team. Can you imagine how much they’d grow if they had this level of learning on a regular basis!? It’d be a game changer.

So share it with your team, share it in your Instagram stories. Let’s help more people learn how to finally be happy so they can achieve all the success they deserve!

Thank you so much for being here with me today. My name is Brad Bizjack. Go out there today and every day and live your life with a genuine smile on your face. I’ll teach you how to do that in Appreciation Academy. See you next week!

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