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If Success Seems Harder For You Than Everyone Else...

Oct 10, 2022

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If you’ve ever taken a look at other people who have created six-figure success and it seems like it’s so much easier for them, and you are doing all the same things, but it isn’t working for you – there’s a reason for that.

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The reason success seems easier for everyone else is because the energy and creativity that you put towards utilizing the existing strategies impacts everything.

There are three different ways that people look at the world.

The first way is as a worried perfectionist.

They operate with a “have-do-be” mindset, meaning they believe once they have a particular more money or more time, that's when they can take a certain action and do something different and then they’ll be successful.

This causes a lot of people to live in a lot of pain because they constantly feel like they’re on the verge of success but they can’t get themselves to take that leap.

They may even already have the strategy to change their life but their actions are inconsistent because they think their circumstances need to change before they can change.

This is how most of society operates, from the worried perfectionist paradigm.

The need that drives them is the feeling of certainty, comfort, safety, and security.

They want guarantees.

The second paradigm is the stressed achiever mindset.

These people operate from a “do-have-be” mindset.

They believe they need to be constantly in action and by doing enough action then they will have reached a particular goal and that is when they will be successful.

They feel as though if they take any breaks then everything is going to fall apart.

They are always stressed, always overwhelmed, and always thinking about work.

The people in both of these paradigms feel a double guilt.

They feel guilt when they’re working on their craft because they’re not present with those they love, and they feel guilty when they’re with the people they love because they’re not successful in their craft yet.

What these two have in common is that the “be” is at the end.

They’re focused on their changing circumstances or their skills or habits or environment – all these outer things.

They need to go inward for deeper change.

The third paradigm is the paradigm of a six-figure earning high performer.

This person operates from a “be-do-have” mindset.

This person begins with the end in mind.

They know their goals and they think about the things they would already be doing if they were already there.

They would be investing in themselves at a high level, they would be immersing themselves in environments of change, going all in on their personal growth, and giving up the blame for their circumstances.

So the real question is, “Who do we need to be?” 

We need to “be” that six-figure high performer now so that we automatically do the actions that will lead to success.

It’s the way your mind is wired. 

If your mind is wired for mediocrity and habitually going back to those patterns, success won’t happen.

You have to change your beliefs about who you are at your core and then automatically you’ll do different behaviors, learn new skills, apply new habits, and therefore automatically change.

If you're taking action, and it's all the right doing, but it's done from the being perspective of a perfectionist or a stressed achiever, you’re operating with limiting beliefs and success is not going to happen.

Even if you say you’re going to think like a six-figure earning CEO, if you don’t change your mindset you’ll just be seeing a six-figure CEO’s thought patterns through the lens of mediocrity.

You have to break those beliefs that are hiding in your mental blind spots.

This is why you need to join us for The Success Accelerator, it will change the game forever and show you how to rewire your mind.

Today is the very last day.

You're going to learn the number one success hack to quickly increase your income.

You're going to learn your unique success archetype and unlock how it might be stopping you from achieving your goals.

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