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3 Tips To Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Jan 30, 2019
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Who the hell are you to help people?

  • You’re not a fitness expert.
  • You don’t have a ton of business success.

What gives you the right to inspire people to join your business if you don’t already have a successful business?!

Chances are, you’ve asked yourself something like that before. 

For some reason, you don’t feel like you’re enough. You feel like an imposter.

Since you haven't created the dream yourself, you don’t feel worthy of helping others create their vision, right?

You’re building up your network marketing business and you see all the top earners in your company walking across the stage, building their dream homes in cash, and earning millions of dollars. So when it comes time to share your story, you’re going, “Fuck I’ve can’t even make $100 a week. How the heck can I help someone else?”

You want to believe that you can help people. But that devil on your shoulder goes, “Who the hell are you to do that?”

Do you ever say that to yourself?  Examples: 

  • You still have 20 lbs to lose, so you can’t help someone lose weight.
  • You haven’t seen success in your business, so you can’t build a business.
  • You wonder why the hell someone would trust you when they could trust the top earner in your company.

A couple things happen when you think this way.

  1. You lower the quality of person you attract 
  2. You don’t put yourself out there on social media
  3. If a prospect goes to a different person’s business, life is over.

I can relate.

And I’ve beat it.

I’ve found my voice.

I love my voice.

But it didn’t start this way.

Just take a step back into the common sense corner for a second.

I own a mindset coaching business. I have my online course, Appreciation Academy, which teaches people how to break through the negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, and inner conflict holding them back from success.

Who the hell am I to compete with Brendon Burchard, Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo, or Oprah Winfrey?

Why would anyone purchase something from ME when they can go to them?

You get the point, right?!

So how did I break through this?

Here are 3 tips that will tremendously help you!

1.) Tell Yourself The Truth

What is a coach?

What is a mentor?

What is a guide?

It’s someone who uses their experience to serve others.

Do you have experience with the product you're trying to sell? It's made an impact on you, right?

Since you have experience, you can be a mentor. When people are deciding who to trust, there's something you need to know. 

Your Resume Doesn't Matter. Your Story Matters.

The reason I connect with people differently than Tony Robbins connects with people is because my story is different. People will relate to YOUR experience. 

An Aside On Abundance Vs. Scarcity: 

Do you believe that if someone else “GETS” a client, you can’t “GET” a client? That’s a SCARCITY mindset. It's the idea that there's not enough. 

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Abundance starts when you realize that success is something available to EVERYONE. Not just the person that enrolls your prospect.

Just because one person said no doesn’t mean that the rest of the 7,800,000,000 people in this world no longer exist.

Abundance starts when you realize that there is plenty available to EVERYONE. So tell yourself the TRUTH.

Contribution Is The Key To Business Success

What's your ultimate goal?


What does that take?

  • Do you need a mansion before you can help someone?
  • Do you need to walk across a stage and be a top ten team to love someone?
  • Do you need someone else to give you permission to serve someone?


Imposter Syndrome: Stop Focusing On Others. Focus On Yourself.

Who am IIIIII to help them?

What will they think of meeeeee?!

IIIIIII don’t have a big business yet.

It’s your ego desperately craving attention and forgetting the whole purpose of why you got into the business. 

To serve others.

That’s why you’re in business.


Business and personal growth are one and the same. 

When you put your primary values, focuses, and intentions on making other people’s lives better, business get’s SO much easier.

Because everything is about them. 

You won’t feel like an imposter when you’re focusing on helping others. Shit goes wrong when you focus on yourself. 

You don’t need results to help someone. You need love to help someone.

2.) Interrupt Your Pattern

All the credit goes to Tony Robbins for point 2.

When you get into disempowering states of emotion (depression, anxiety, sadness, unhappiness, fear, doubt, procrastination, etc), a neural pathway is created. Without getting too far into the science, the more you get into those states, the easier it is to get back into them when things go wrong. 

"Most people have a highway to pissed off and a dirt road to happiness."- Tony Robbins 

It's easy for you to get pissed off because you practice it so frequently. 

Imagine a record playing on repeat in your mind. You need to take a knife to that record so it can’t play anymore. If you scratch it enough times, what happens? You can’t play it at all! And you have to choose a new record. 

This is called, "Interrupting your pattern." Here's how you do it! 

1.) Write down your triggers

What gets you into that state? When THAT person is calling? When you sit down to work? What triggers your suffering state?

2.) Do an abrupt pattern interrupt immediately.

The second you notice it, interrupt the pattern with something abrupt. Kill the lizard while it’s small. Don’t wait until it’s turned into Godzilla taking over an entire city! How? Here are some examples! 

A.) Change your heart rate.

I do jumping jacks, push ups, high knees. Change your physiology immediately. That alone will break your pattern.

B.) Give your disempowering voice a name.

You know when you’re in the shower and voices are bouncing around in your head like a pinball machine? You wouldn’t ever take advice from that voice if it were a real person, right? NO! Because it’s fucking CRAZY.

You need to disassociate from that voice. Give it a name. One of my clients named her voice “Gladys" (No offense to any Gladys’s reading!).

When she notices the disempowering feelings, she’ll literally say, “Shut up Gladys! I don’t have time for your shit right now!”

So not only have you removed YOU from these negative voices, but you’ve also interrupted the pattern in your mind by doing something unexpected. It's silly but it works! 

C.) Do something absolutely absurd.

When I’m on the phone with my clients, and they’re in a dark state, I’ll literally say, “When’s the last time you had an amazing, toe-curling orgasm?!”

Why do I do that? Is it because I’m interested in their sex life? No! It’s because it scratches the record! It catches them off guard. That’s a pattern interrupt!

Go jump up and down in the mirror naked and make a pig face or a donkey noise. The more ridiculous, the better. It WORKS. 

If you do all 3 of these, your life will change so quickly. 

3.) Replace the bad record with a new, empowering record.

After the "bad" record is scratched, ask yourself a question that leads you toward the life you want. You're redirecting your brain's focus.

Wherever focus goes, energy flows. So immediately ask yourself a question that focuses on your dreams. Here are 2 examples:

  • “Why do I love helping people achieve their goals?!”
  • "How would my highest self help someone today?”

Can you imagine how motivated you’d feel when you started working?!

Note: You'll have to do this multiple times. You’ve been running a pattern for years. One try won’t work. So do it over and over again until it works! 

Does that make sense? So how else can you break free from imposter syndrome?!

3.) Embrace Imperfections

I get it. “I’m not that good, and I’m afraid others will see!”

Have you ever stopped to realize that you should LEAD with your imperfections? 

Write this down: 

Perceived perfection equals no connection. 

Nobody wants you to be perfect. Most people hate perfect because it’s a red flag that screams bullshit.

Trying to be perfect is the lowest standard you could have for yourself because it’s impossible.

If you struggle with perfection, check out my blog post called, “Stop Trying To Be Perfect!” It’ll tremendously help you!

People can tell if you’re trying to fake things. Newsflash: if you’re trying to “prove” your business, it won't work.

Do you make the mistake of inflating your business results because you think it looks better to your audience?

IT WON’T WORK. It pisses people off.

I know this because I pretended my business was larger than it was to impress people. I tried it for years and I failed for years. 

I'll let you off the hook: 

It’s OKAY to not be good.

Your results don't matter. Your story matters. Your vision matters.

How to earn trust: 

Let perfection go and share a vision with people with the intention to help and serve them. 

The wrong way: “Look at my perfect life! Look at all the cool things I’m doing! Look at this cool product I use, and you should use it too! Don’t you hate your corporate job!? Yeah, you should create an income from home!”

Does that sound motivating?! NO! It sounds judgmental! I did this for years, and all it did was pissed people off.

But what if you allow yourself to be imperfect?

What if you LEAD with being imperfect?

"The flaws you’re trying to hide are the gifts that will create your freedom." - Brad Bizjack 

THAT’S what relates to people!

THAT’S what will earn trust.

THAT’S why your team will build.

It’s a bunch of imperfect souls on one common mission to live a better life.

You’re saying, “I’m NOT perfect. I’m on a mission to create X type of life! I’d love for you to join me because I believe this will add value to your life! Let’s build this together! And I promise that I’ll use my experience to help you in every way that I can!”

Your story and your vision will attract people. You lead with service and love. 

You need to understand something LOUD AND CLEAR, and if you can take away ONE sentence from this entire blog post, it’s this.

Having success is NOT a prerequisite to creating success.

You might currently be looking at it that way. I suggest you stop. Success is available to EVERYONE. It’s all in your mind. It’s all how you think.

Use the tools I shared with you today and life WILL change. That’s a promise. Dive into my other video blog posts at bradbizjack.com/blog to learn more amazing tools to radically change your mindset and your life!

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With love, 

Brad Bizjack

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