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Is Instant Confidence Possible?

Sep 25, 2023

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  • Why life is rigged in your favor
  • Taking leaps of faith
  • 3 Tips for instant confidence!
  • Where to find the highest version of yourself
  • Why confidence is a choice
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Today I’m sharing 3 tips with you for instant confidence!


Confidence isn't something you earn, it's something you do and as long as you repeatedly practice it, confidence then becomes something you can deploy as you wish.


Many times when people say they don't have confidence, what they really mean is that they’ve forgotten how to practice confidence. And guess what? Everyone has the ability to practice confidence!


Confidence is a chosen way of being, not something you earn. The more you practice having confidence the more competent you become in certain areas, and the less fear you have. Therefore, the less you need to practice being confident.

This is particularly helpful when going after your biggest goals and dreams!


Let's dive into the 3 tips:



Our lack of confidence directly relates to our lack of certainty on how things will go. Which coincidentally, also points back to fear. Fear of what it's going to take to make your dreams happen, fear of being judged, of losing something important to you, the outcome, etc. Often to combat this we look for guarantees outside of ourselves with books or podcasts—which isn’t necessarily a bad thing—or seeking permission from others instead of acting


Action is where confidence truly comes from


When you adopt the belief that life is always happening for you, and not to you, confidence appears through trust and blind faith. Remember, life is rigged in your favor. Leap and you will grow your wings!



If you're in your head you're dead, if you're in your heart you're smart! 


Your brain’s job is to keep you safe and alive, to protect you, not to help you thrive and be successful. Listening to your head is acting out of fear not faith. Your brain should be a tool to help you advance… and not the one running the show.


When you ask yourself "What would the highest version of me do?" you automatically drop from your head to your heart. 


What you'll notice is that a lack of confidence doesn't exist in your heart when you're fully faithful and believe and trust and feel appreciation. That’s when confidence shows up whenever you want.



Think about a time when you felt confident in the past, feel what you felt then, see what you saw, and breathe how you were breathing. 


If you really put yourself back in that moment and relive that experience, you will instantly feel the confidence you felt in that memory. 


If you apply these from a conceptual perspective of finding certainty and taking a leap of faith and trusting, then bringing the highest version of you to each situation, and/or reliving confident moments just before you need to deploy that confidence—you’ll feel confident whenever you want. Because confidence is a choice.


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