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Is Your Mind Actually Wired For Mediocrity? Here Are The Symptoms (And How to Change Them)

Feb 19, 2024

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  • How the power of understanding leads to action
  • Symptoms that define mediocrity *this list may be triggering
  • The cons of social conditioning
  • Why and how 6-figure high performers are wired differently
  • Investing in your personal growth—the right way!
  • Rewiring your mind like a 6-figure high-performer
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  • Are you living life through the lens of mediocrity? Find out in today’s training by reviewing the symptoms of a mind wired for mediocrity.



Six-figure high performers are wired differently than most of society, and today, you’ll learn the differences that define them and the simple action to take to start rewiring your mind for success!


To understand the differences found in a high performers’ mindset, we’ll first walk through what’s called symptoms. These symptoms are the telltale signs that your mind isn’t wired for success but mediocrity. Knowing and understanding them will allow you to act and create the results you want in life. 


Please keep in mind as we go over these symptoms in the context of scenarios and situations, and you find yourself relating to them: it’s not your fault. It’s merely conditioning, and together we will break through it because you are meant for so much more than a life of mediocrity! Another important note to bear in mind; this list may be triggering and as such, it’s important to go through this process without looking at it through the lens of self-judgment. 


Let’s begin by examining simple everyday scenarios, and the thought processes and feelings that arise which are symptoms of a mindset wired for mediocrity:


Scenario 1:

When you look at your laptop screensaver and your vision board pops up, you see words like $10,000 and $100,000 a year! Pictures of your dream vacation at Disney World or the Amalfi Coast. It’s the same desktop screensaver you’ve had for the last five years and because it hasn’t come true, you start to question yourself and if it’s really possible for you.  


Scenario 2:

You wake up at 5AM, feeling stressed and rushed (even if you don’t have anything on your calendar) and speed through your morning personal development routine, disregarding your kids and husband in the process. It’s as if you’re in a constant battle between overwhelm and guilt as you struggle to split your time with what is most important in your life: spending time with your family and running a successful business to support your family.


Scenario 3:

You wake up at 3AM worrying about how you’re going to pay the bills, so you login to Chase.com from your phone and do the mental math to make sure you have enough to pay the mortgage. All the while, you’re desperately wishing your husband would wake up and comfort you. Instead, you suffer in silence and start your day totally exhausted. 


Scenario 4:

You intend to take a quick peek at your Instagram DMs and reels to see who has responded to your posts, but it’s nothing but crickets. What was supposed to be a few minutes, turns into 45 minutes as you get sucked into the profiles of several successful six- and seven-figure earners in your space who are sharing their transformation. You want so badly to be happy for them, but there’s a voice in your head that questions if you’ll ever be enough. You know the answer is yes, but you don’t believe it and live in a constant state of comparison


Scenario 4.5:

Living in a constant state of comparison drives you to perfectionism where you’ll say to yourself, “I’m going to do a massive amount of work! I’m going to invite 150 people today to join me!” Except you get overwhelmed, and to interrupt that pattern you binge watch TV and guilt settles in. You find yourself staring at your laptop at 10PM lost to an inner conflict of caring so much, but not seeming to care enough to take the action that will lead you to success. You slip into a depression… and then get mad at yourself for being depressed. The anger kick starts your need for perfection again which inevitably leads you to burn out. 


Scenario 5: 

You’ve been trying to build your business or get promoted for the last five years, but every year you wind up with the same income, same rank, or same title. Slowly but surely the business that used to bring you so much joy now feels like a chore. You start to resent the very vehicle that you used to think would bring you freedom. 


Scenario 6: 

You start each day with a list, and always manage to check off the little things first to clear off space. But by the time you get to the most important income producing activities you’re out of time, exhausted, or living in fear that you didn’t get them checked off. Even on the days you do complete your entire list, you can’t help but notice a nagging feeling that none of it was enough. 


Scenario 6.5:

You feel as if you’re constantly chasing ghosts. Even with a sale hitting your bank account here and there, you fall back to old patterns of not feeling like you’re not enough. When you look around your life, your career feels mediocre, and your business isn’t taking off. You’re surrounded by people who have settled for what they don’t want. A piece of your soul knows that you should be one of the few who make it, but you’re so held back by the inertia of mediocrity that surrounds you, all you can do is look at life and think it should be different. 


Scenario 7:

It seems like other people have it easier, and no one understands your situation. But even when something changes, it doesn’t feel like enough. Chances are there are parts of your past you blame for your current level of success. And so, you do what most people do to try to change this: you read 10-15 minutes of personal development books a day. Except when all is said and done, you still feel stuck in a 2-steps forward, 3-steps back dance. 


Scenario 8:

You change your schedule to give yourself more time to work but find yourself still wondering where your entire day went and feeling exhausted more than usual. Your fatigue leads to a lack of motivation, and you actually start procrastinating more and setting smaller goals. Until one day, you stop setting goals altogether. 


Scenario 9:

Your quick fixes, like Googling “top 10 Instagram trending strategies”, fall flat. Your audience isn’t listening, and worse than that, you’ve been sacrificing hours away from your husband and kids pretending it will all be worth it. But your income just gets lower, and your spouse rolls their eyes at your dreams now. Even your children are sporting a sad look in their eyes wondering when they’ll actually get to spend time with you, and for you to be off your phone. 


Which of those scenarios felt like a glimpse into your life? Be honest with yourself, because today it’s important to face the cold hard truth: 


If you don’t change and learn to rewire your mind for success, life isn’t going to get easier. 


The scenarios and symptoms you face will only get harder. Because if your mind is wired for mediocrity, how can you ever expect to create six-figure success? Keep in mind, this is not your fault. 98% of society operates in mediocrity. It's cultural conditioning! 


The difference with high performers is that they’re part of a select few that look at what most of society is doing and sprints the other way! They invest heavily into their personal growth because they trust it’s the only way to reach six-figure success. They take incredible risk because the pain of mediocrity is far greater than the pain of failure. 


And perhaps most importantly; they never make decisions based on their current circumstances.

They make decisions based on their dreams.


When you rewire your mind like a high-performer, you instantly get clarity on the six-figure income path you deserve—without having to sacrifice more time away from your family. So how do you make that switch to a high performer mindset? It might seem straightforward, but unfortunately, it’s not so simple. You can study high performers all day long to copy them, but if your mind is wired for any of those symptoms above, then everything you see will be tainted by the lens of mediocrity. 


The next solution you might come to is investing more heavily into your personal development. You’ll work crazy hard for the next six months and save to invest in yourself—but that would be a huge mistake because you’re saying that your circumstances need to change before you change. You’re saying you need your symptoms to be cured before changing the source of your symptoms. 


So, I’ll say it again, until your mind is rewired for six-figure success your current default wiring will always cloud your judgment. 


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